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Carole Lynne
Boston, Massachusetts
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Carole Lynne

Psychic Medium

Bob Olson:What label or description do you give yourself when a stranger asks what you do for work? 

Carole LynneI use the term “medium” or “psychic medium” as for me the two terms mean the same thing.  I am a person who uses psychic energy to do mediumistic work.  I communicate with those who have passed over into the world of spirit.

Bob Olson: When did you first recognize that you had this gift? 

Carole LynneAs a small child I had frequent conversations with a very spiritual energy.  I felt directed by a Supreme Being.  As a teenager I realized I was extremely psychic and in fact was tested along with a friend of mine by the American Society for Psychical Research in New York for what is called ESP (extra sensory perception) However, my images of spirits did not begin until later in life. First I saw the spirit of my beloved dog and next I was the image of my best friends grandfather standing next to her refrigerator.  Then I saw another dog. At this time in my life I was also studying Reiki and every time I performed a Reiki treatment I would see images of loved ones in spirit that my Reiki client could identify.   I did not know what was happening to me. When I spoke about my experiences with friends someone said, “maybe you’re a medium.”  I said, “What’s that?”  The rest of this story is an incredible story too long for this interview. All I can say is that my mediumship bloomed; I felt “called” to do the healing work of bringing messages to people from their relatives in spirit. My whole life has changed.

Bob Olson: When did you begin doing this work professionally?

Carole Lynne: I began giving readings on a professional basis in about 1997. I do not remember exactly. I gave free readings for quite sometime as my skills unfolded and as I got used to doing readings.  When I realized that I must start giving up my other work as a singing and public speaking coach in order to be available to do mediumistic readings, I had to start charging professional rates.

Bob Olson: Have you had any formal training or instruction for this work?

Carole Lynne: Yes I have. I decided to go the “educational route” with mediumship. I believe strongly that the gift of being able to communicate with spirit is a gift from the Creator of All That Is and cannot be taught to anyone. However, those who have this gift can benefit a great deal from studying with some of the most experienced and greatest psychic mediums in the world.  I was fortunate to be able to study with the American Federation of Spiritualist Churches and the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted in Great Britain. I hold credentials with the A.F.S.C. as a certified psychic medium and licentiate minister.  I am an award holder with the Spiritualist National Union of Great Britain in mediumship and pubic speaking. 

My education has evolved into the following lifestyle: My job is that of a psychic medium doing readings for the general public. My religion is Spiritualism and I donate my time to give demonstrations in churches and for church fundraisers.  Religious tolerance is one of my strongest beliefs, and I NEVER try to convert anyone to my religion. I read for people of all faiths and for those who do not choose to be part of an organized religion.   

Bob Olson: What other educational degrees, certifications or learned skills do you have that help you in this work? 

Carole LynneI am a graduate of the American Theater Wing of New York City. I worked in theater in my twenties and these performance skills help me a great deal when I am asked to do demonstrations of mediumship in front of large audiences. 

I am also a graduate of Lesley College. I was part of their independent study degree program. I wrote a book as part of my college work. Improving my writing skills helped me to get a publishing contract with my book and CD “Heart and Sound” published by Red Wheel/Weiser.  It is a spiritual book of affirmations, prayers and chants. The user can sing the chants along with the CD.  I feel that this spiritual work helps me as a psychic medium because I always want my mediumship to be grounded in spirituality.   

Bob, when you ask what other skills help me as a psychic medium, I guess I would have to say that forty years of working with people either one on one or in groups as a singing and speaking coach, has given me a great understanding of people. I feel very comfortable with people and LOVE bringing them messages from spirit.  (I also love animals very much and their spirits often show up in my readings!) 

Bob Olson: What is your intention or motivation for doing this work? 

Carole LynneWow, what a great question as I think “intention” is the most important thing!  I am motivated to work as a psychic medium because I CAN reach the spirits of those who have passed on.  I don’t know how I could turn my back on that gift.  Quite frankly, there are not enough evidential psychic mediums to go around.  So, I feel that if I have that gift, I have to make myself available to people.  I am impressed every time I give a reading with the healing that takes place. The spirits I am talking to are overjoyed to be able to communicate with their loved ones who are still living, and those who are living are healed as they receive communication.  The lives of those who get readings often change for the best. To be honest Bob, before spirits starting appearing to me, I did not believe in an afterlife, much less that we could talk to spirits.  Coming to understand that “life continues in spiritual form after we give up our physical bodies” has changed my whole view of reality. I want to share that gift with others.

Bob Olson: How long do your readings last and why did you choose this length of time?

Carole Lynne: My readings are one hour long.  Generally, I communicate with a number of spirits within a reading, and a half hour is simply not long enough.  I do not like to have to “turn away” those in spirit who are ready to communicate.

Bob Olson:
What can one expect during a normal reading with you?

Carole Lynne: First of all, I ask my client if they have ever had a reading before. Depending on their experience, I explain whatever they need to know about spirit communication and how it works.  Then a take a few minutes to talk about how I work. These few minutes of conversation at the beginning of a reading is a time for the client and I to get used to each others vibrations and personality.  We need to settle down and feel comfortable with each other. 

Then I tell the spiritual presence that I perceive as my guide, to start sending in the spirits who are here to communicate.   Often there are several spirits who are beginning to appear to me. I need the help of my guide to separate the spirits so that I can perceive them one at a time. 

The first spirit communicator enters my consciousness. I describe the way the spirit looks in terms of body size, hair color, and height and general appearance.  As my energy begins to blend more with that of the spirit, I am able to sense the physical symptoms of that spirit. I will then say things such as “this spirit had a problem with water retention in her last years” or “as I blend with this spirit I know that she had a problem with one of her legs and had difficulty walking.”   All of these details help my client to identify which of their loved ones in spirit is communicating.  

As I blend with the spirit, I will also get a strong sense of the personality of the spirit.  I may say something like “this gentleman, while a nice guy most of the time, had a terrible temper” or as I blend with a different spirit I might say,  “As I blend with this spirit, I sense that this was a very quiet and withdrawn gentleman most of the time.”  These descriptions of a spirits personality are often the bits of evidence that will make a client ABSOLUTELY SURE that I am talking to their loved one. While I may have a man in spirit named “Bob” there may be a number of people named Bob my client has known, but only ONE of the Bob’s has acted just the way I am describing.  

Sometimes I hear the speaking voice of the spirit and using my acting skills, will actually be able to mimic the way the person talked when he or she was alive.  Or as I blend with the energy of the spirit, I may be able to imitate the way a person walked or gestured. If I am doing a reading in person I may stand up and demonstrate the walk or gesture or on the phone, I will describe the walk or gesture. 

All of these things that I am able to describe are called “evidence of survival” and this evidence makes it possible for my client to recognize WHOM, in the world of spirit, I am communicating with.  

Once my client has identified the spirit, based on the descriptions I have just brought, then I ask the spirit what message he or she has for my client.   Some spirits just come to say hello while others come with very specific things to say.  Once I have delivered the message from the spirit I am communicating with, I thank that spirit for communicating with us, and then ask the next spirit to blend with my consciousness. 

In my readings I normally bring three to six communicators. It all depends on the reading. Sometimes there is one main spirit that needs all the time to communicate and during other readings we spend shorter amounts of time with a greater number of spirits. I can not plan how the reading goes.  The spiritual presence that works with me makes those decisions. I just do my work and try to bring in everything that comes into my consciousness. 

Near the end of the reading I ask my client to relate any questions they have about their life. I ask them to hold these questions until the end of the reading, as I would much prefer the answers to their questions to come through the reading without my having known ANYTHING about what their questions are.  However, near the end of the reading their questions have not been answered, I will then give them an opportunity to ask a question or two.  I tune into what I call “my highest guidance” as I answer questions for clients.   

Bob, thanks so much for asking me what a reading is like. I have enjoyed describing it to you. I love doing readings, as I feel so useful. Readings are something I look forward to doing.   

Bob Olson: How is a reading with you "similar" to what people see on TV when John Edward gives a reading on his show "Crossing Over With John Edward?"

Carole Lynne: Bob, I love the John Edwards show and I will be eternally grateful to Mr. Edwards for coming out and doing a show of spirit communication. Millions of people are learning about mediumship that would never hear about it. I also find Mr. Edwards to have a dignity and sincerity that I like. 

To answer your question about how a reading is “similar: to that of John Edwards, I would have to say that we bring the same kinds of evidence: physical description, personality, names, shared memories.  

Bob Olson: How is a reading with you "different" to what people see on TV when John Edward gives a reading on his show "Crossing Over With John Edward?"

Carole Lynne: Well, of course an obvious difference between a reading with me in person or on the phone and a reading on the John Edwards show is that in my readings, we are NOT on television.   In a one to one reading with me or even in a group reading or public demonstration, there are no lights and cameras and so of course the environment is totally different than having a reading on the John Edwards show.    

I would also say that I was trained not to ask questions of the person receiving the reading until I had given a lot of evidence.  I like to give five to ten pieces of evidence before asking if anyone recognizes a spirit.  For me, this makes the recognition of a spirit communicator very credible.  I do have to say that even though John Edwards seems to ask more questions than I do, that he DOES get incredible evidence and I have great respect for him.

Bob Olson: What instructions do you give new clients before a reading?

Carole Lynne: I ask clients to be open to whoever communicates from the world of spirit and to whatever they have to say.  As a psychic medium I have no control over who shows up and what they say.  And of course, I ask my client to relax and enjoy what is going to be a beautiful spiritual experience.  I tell them that if they can be open to the energy and vibrations that both of us can feel during the reading, it will be an experience they will never forget.  

Bob Olson: Is there anything about your gift or abilities that is unique from most other psychics or psychic mediums?

Carole Lynne: I tend to be very good at blending with the personality of the spirit communicator.  I can often describe the way the spirit treated various members of the family.  I do bring names, but feel personality traits are even more evidential than names.  

I also feel that I am a very good resource person.  Some people who have readings want to learn more about spirit communication and I am good at pointing them in the right direction, based on where they live and what their needs are.  

Bob Olson: If you do events, seminars, workshops, lectures or retreats, tell us about them. What are they like, how often do you do them and how do people benefit from attending them?

Carole Lynne: I LOVE doing large demonstrations of psychic mediumship. People tell me that my demonstrations are relaxed, evidential and sometimes humorous.  It is important that we bring laughter as well as tears when we greet our loved ones in spirit.  I consider it an honor to work for spirit in demonstrations and I feel that those in the congregation or audience receive healing. I also receive healing as I bring messages from those in spirit. 

I do demonstrations regularly at Spiritualist churches, spiritual bookstores and centers and for large audiences in a concert hall or hotel convention facility.  You can read about my events on this web site (bob please explain how) or you can call 617 824-4220 and listen to a tape that will tell you about any events for the next few months.  Clients can also email me at and be put on an email list for future events.  

Bob Olson: Do you do phone readings, in person readings or both?

Carole Lynne: I do both in person and phone readings. I also read for groups of twelve people (I call this a message circle) and for family groups.  People should just call me and tell me what their needs are, and together we will work out the details, depending on the situation.  Sometimes the readings are in my office and sometimes I travel to read for groups.

Bob Olson: How does one contact you to set up an appointment for a reading?

Carole Lynne: Just give me a call at 617 964-0058 or email me at  I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Bob Olson: Is there anything you would like people to know about you or your gift that we have not yet discussed?

Carole Lynne: I am very excited about my NEW book about psychic mediumship that will be published in the spring of 2003. While I can’t reveal the title now, I can tell you that spirit insisted I write this very educational book about spirit communication.  I hope you will be carrying this book on your website, Bob. Let me also take this moment to say how much I enjoyed reading YOUR book on mediumship. I am also excited about my friend and co-worker Rita Berkowitz who has a book coming out fall 2002. It is exciting to have so many good books coming out about spirit communication. We NEED all these new books, as many people do not know enough about how spirit communication works.  

I mentioned earlier that I am author of “Heart and Sound” a book of affirmations, prayers and chants that anyone can use as a spiritual practice. This practice of saying affirmations is changing my life, and I want to bring this spiritual work to more people. It is available through your local bookstore. Just ask for “Heart and Sound” by Carole Lynne.


Carole Lynne is temporarily not offering readings at this time.

Carole Lynne
(617) 964-0058