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Carole Lynne
Boston, Massachusetts
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Client Testimonials...

Carole Lynne

Psychic Medium

As you read the following testimonials from Carole Lynne’s clients, you will learn about the many different sacred experiences Spirit brings to a reading. 

Karen reunites with her biological grandmother in spirit and receives a warm hello from her brother.

"The reading, "I should say reunion", was amazing!! The first spirit that came through was my grandmother Muriel, whom I have never met, since I was adopted. So the true test of spirit came when my birth mother Beverly confirmed everything Carole said about my birth grandmother. Carole even got Beverly's name and Beverly confirmed to me later everything she said about her mother was true. 
The second spirit that came through was my beloved brother, whom we lost in October, 2003. Ironically, he facilitated the reunion with my birth mother, Beverly, ten years ago for my thirtieth birthday. First, Carole nailed his personality, which is to say the least, so funny, sarcastic, and teasing. She got that his death was an accident; she also was able to name of his former friend, who had died before he did."
Karen Zeppa

By having a reading, Lori gave her father in spirit a much-needed opportunity to speak.

“First let me say that Carole not only hears the spirits, she seems to see them. She began my reading by describing the person physically, enabling me to recognize who was coming through. (She said that she had visions of this spirit as well as another before we even came). She was even able to tell me that he was a heavy smoker because she could "smell" smoke on him. The spirit was my father who had smoked 4 packs a day. The message he gave me through Carole was something that I needed to hear and I think he had been waiting for the opportunity to pass along. It brought such healing to me and I think to him too. During our session she brought through about five or six spirits.” 
Lori T.

Sunny’s cat Elvira came through during Sunny’s reading

"…..when Elvira came out of your mouth I was beside myself with joy. She was my best friend..nothing like a cat. She was truly human and I loved her so much. I would kid my husband and tell him I loved him "almost" as much as my beauty girl. She adopted me several years ago. She came to our house one rainy, stormy night and cried and cried to come in. I had always wanted an all black cat and had even gone to the animal rescues looking for one but never bonded with any of them. She was meant to be with me and vice versa. We could communicate without even speaking a word."
Sunny S. 

Indra sent an email after attending a group reading Puerto Rico

"It was amazing! You communicate immediately with my dearly mother, game details about her that no other person knew about it, her favorite color, the preference for the orchid flowers, the day she passed away, and many more details that really amazed me in a wonderful way. It was only 10 minutes with you, but they were the best ten minutes ever! Everything was worthy! You helped me to relieve some of the pain I had since they both died."

We thank Spirit for helping find a wonderful dog named Cheyenne (plus, yet another husband is converted LOL) 

"….I only told you that we had a lost dog. You stated that you do not do this sort of thing and you were hesitant, but you said that you tuned in to a "pick up truck" and that the dog was caught between a couple of trees and could not move. My husband has a large pick up truck with distinct sound, the dogs know it well. You said that the dog could either see or hear the truck and my husband had driven by her, the dog was not that far from the road. I did not tell you before that about the attached cable. Anyway, I went & retrieved my husband from a renovation that he was trying to finish and told him of our conversation. He is very negative to psychics, etc. He agreed to another search and we had some big powerful flashlights and we went all over……I heard a howl deep in the woods. I told my husband to stop and we checked it out. The dog (at first we thought it was a coyote) kept barking and howling….We had to cross a stream and a river to get to her and sure enough it was Cheyenne. She was tangled up between two trees and could not move. She is fine now, but if we did not find, well I can't even think about how awful that could have been. The first thing out of my husband's mouth was that he had definitely made him a believer in (his words) this medium stuff."
Eric & Katherine Gadpaille 

This client now knows that the spirit of her mother is with her and that we truly survive death.

"Thanks again for the reading today. The information you gave about my mom was just so right on, but I didn't have a chance to tell you how amazingly true it was. Your description of her today, down to the physical and basically everything you said about her, really hit a home run. I was most touched when you said she felt sorry for not being there more for me, but that she had a physical problem. I understood this at a very young age, and forgave her for it many years ago, but it was still nice to hear this and I believe this provides the "evidence" I need that she really has survived death and it's not just my imagination when I feel her with me. And it really struck me when you said she is here more for me in the spirit world than she was in the physical world - because I feel her loving presence every day of my life, and she constantly makes me laugh when I hear myself repeating the silly little things she used to say."
Dianne H. 

When Michelle checked with her mother about some evidence she did not understand in the reading, she found Carole Lynne to be absolutely correct. 

"I had a reading with you this past Tuesday and I just wanted to tell you that I got immense satisfaction from it, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I know a couple of people that expressed interest in speaking to a medium, and I highly recommended you to them. I also recommended your book! I told them that I felt you came across as a very warm and caring person, which made the experience of the reading even better. I verified several things you mentioned that I wasn't too sure about. One was a watch with links on it that my brother was showing you. I didn't know what that meant, but when I talked to my mother, she said he had given her one just like you described and she had thrown it in a drawer because he bought it from a street vendor! I told her she should find it. I think that was my brother's way of letting my mother know he's around."
Michele S.

Media Interests

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Carole Lynne grew up in a radio and television family. Her father was the first producer of the Today show on NBC and her mother was a screenwriter. Carole Lynne was a frequent guest on radio and TV as a family member. 


Carole Lynne worked as a back on singer and dancer on many television shows.  She was also interviewed as a songwriter and recording artist on many radio programs in the seventies.  She also worked as a singer and voice over person for both radio and television commercials.  


Carole Lynne is very comfortable with media and is interested in letting the world know about spirit communication through radio and television interviews. 


Carole Lynne is temporarily not offering readings at this time.

Carole Lynne
(617) 964-0058