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Cheryl Anne McGill

Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Healer and Teacher

Cheryl Anne McGill is originally from Ontario, Canada.  She currently resides in NC, USA.  She is well known for her natural born gift and highly developed skill as an international evidential psychic medium, medical intuitive, psychic consultant, teacher and healer. 

Her readings are jam-packed with highly descriptive details as evidence of continuity of life.  Cheryl Anne describes herself as ‘simply the messenger’.  She interprets information she receives through her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairgustance.  The information she receives is given to her from her Guides, her client’s Guides, Angels, Spirit, and from her client’s own energy and vibration.

She delivers readings solely by telephone on an international level and prefers to know nothing about a client prior to a reading other than his/her name.  This, she insists, keeps readings clear and untainted. 

As a young child, she was bombarded with information from Spirit.  Over the years, she has developed the skill necessary to place and keep boundaries intact with regard to Spirit communication.  These boundaries are necessary, as she says, “to keep the timing of the information I receive under control” and “to able to function on the earth plane”. 

As part of keeping the boundaries intact, Cheryl Anne entered into a contract with Spirit.  She offers her client’s name in observance of this contract and as signal that she has permission from her client to give a reading.  She emphasizes repeatedly the importance of not violating psychic boundaries of any individual, not only for the benefit of the individual, but also for her own psychic protection. 

Cheryl Anne works only in a positive mindset.  She firmly believes that we are all interconnected and that working in a positive mindset is essential for the highest good of all involved, including Spirit. 

As a psychic consultant, teacher and a healer, she educates her clients about universal truths.  She believes there are many universal truths.  As a medical intuitive, she interprets the information she receives and provides insight beyond sight from the energy form within and around her client’s being. This, she insists, aids in understanding dis-ease and the healing process.  She adamantly refuses to accept the belief that an individual who experiences dis-ease is to be blamed.  But rather, she fully accepts what she refers to as contracts that an individual enters into, to learn life lessons.  She always reminds her clients that she is not a medical doctor.  As such, she encourages her clients to seek the advice of a trained medical doctor should the need arise.


Cheryl Anne is a Registered Nurse, and holds a degree as an Assaulted Women and Children Counselor Advocate.  She also has a Master in Business Administration and is currently working on a Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences and is studying the Tarot, Qabalah, and Archetypes.  

Cheryl Anne assists law enforcement to help locate the missing and/or murdered as a psychic detective. Although, she insists that most law enforcement agencies will not come forward to share that they currently work with evidential psychic mediums.  Cheryl Anne firmly thinks this will change over the next 5 – 10 years and predicts that evidential psychic mediums will become employees of most law enforcement agencies.  

Each week, world-wide listeners can tune in and listen live to Psychic Channels and Insight Beyond Sight with Cheryl Anne on A1R radio, the Ask 1 Radio Network.  Cheryl Anne co-hosts Psychic Channels on Monday's and hosts Insight Beyond Sight with Cheryl Anne each Tuesday.  Both radio shows can be
heard via the internet on I-Tunes, and on syndicated AM and FM radio stations coast to coast.  Cheryl Anne has fabulous guests each week, discussing a variety of topics.  She also opens the phone lines for live readings.  

Cheryl Anne offers 1 hour readings.  All readings are self-scheduled by her clients through her online calendar which may be found by clicking on the Purchase A Reading link on her web site:

As a Psychic Consultant, Cheryl Anne offers a four part seminar called ‘Developing Your Mind’s Eye’ to assist individuals to develop their intuition.  She believes that every person is intuitive; however, she also believes that the intuition must be developed as a skill for most, and that not everyone is well suited to be a professional psychic or a professional psychic medium.   

Pre-release orders are currently being accepted for Cheryl Anne’s CD ‘Developing Natural Alignment, Alignment and Healing of Your Chakras Using Mind, Body and Spirit’.  You may order the CD by visiting Cheryl Anne’s Product Page link on her web site at

Media Interests: Television, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Internet, Other


Cheryl Anne McGill

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