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Client Testimonials...

Cheryl Anne McGill

Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Healer and Teacher

I have received 11 readings from Cheryl Anne McGill, and she is phenomenal! I call back to schedule every month or two, as her insights and predictions are truly astounding! Cheryl Anne exudes kindness and compassion, and does not mask the truth. She has a keen ability to see inside a person’s heart, revealing many possible outcomes. She is spot on accurate, and I highly recommend her to anyone searching for a true “seer”. ~Karla Piper, Michigan

Cheryl Anne is incredible...there is no other word for her. She asks for no information and literally "nails" the reading every time. Her Medium gifts are extraordinary, as she has connected with many of my relatives who have crossed over, describing them in great detail (things she could not possibly know). She even connected with a pet of mine who passed! Worth every penny, folks... in fact, she doesn't charge enough! Simply priceless! ~Maria Marcus

WOW! An excellent experience which continues to unfold. For me it was more than just ‘information’. It was the spirit behind the words which carried information as well. I got what I wanted/needed in the quiet aftermath of the reading & understand something now on a deeper level. Something took shape within me & right before my eyes! The words Cheryl speaks carry the force & power of spirit. Next time she does a reading for me, I will shut up & let it roll over me! ~Sarah Johnson

I just had my first reading with Cheryl. She was very professional and extremely accurate. She asked for no personal information yet was able to give specific details about myself and relationships. She even brought forth my grandfather in spirit. I highly recommend her and look forward to another reading in the future. ~ Heather Masi

Cheryl Anne is blessed with special gifts and uses them with compassion and love. She does not use any of the ploys of bogus psychics and mediums. She prefers to know absolutely nothing about your situation until her reading is complete and she allows you to ask questions you wish to have answered. She has read for me and another member of my family as well as several friends. We all found her to be astoundingly accurate. ~ Victalyn Feely

It only takes a few minutes into your first reading to know Cheryl Anne is truly a gifted psychic medium. The soothing tone of her voice and her demeanor immediately put you at ease. Before contacting Cheryl Anne I had not consulted a psychic in 30 years, and now she reads for me on a regular basis. I have highly recommended her to several people. Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with this extraordinary being. ~ Dawn Lyons

Cheryl proffers not to know anything about you. She keeps things completely confidential and is very down to earth and intuitive. She is the second psychic I have ever used and definitely the best. She uses your guides, tells you what she sees and then you can ask questions. She is very accurate and I always feel spiritually uplifted after a session with Cheryl Anne. ~ Tracy Johnson

Cheryl Anne has startled me many times with how much detail she picks up easily and seemingly effortlessly! She describes people physically and their feelings and what has happend in the past as well and what she sees on the horizon in the furture. It's completely amazing and remarkable how talented and accurate she is with hardly any information given by me! I completely recommend her to everyone! ~ Mar Robbart

I love Cheryl Anne. Her readings are not only amazingly accurate but a very healing experience as well. I have called her when troubled and she seems to heal your soul while doing your reading. One of the best I've found. ~ Jeanne Miller

Cheryl Anne Is the most amazing gifted psychic I have ever met! I am blessed to have found her! I get a monthly reading from her & each time she amazes me. Something from our last reading just came to pass yesterday! She will amaze you with no information at all from you. Give her a try you will be hooked just like me:) ~ Jean Bauguess

Cheryl Anne is truly a gifted psychic medium. I was so pleased with my reading. She tunes in very quickly and continues with lots of information. If something doesn't make sense at the moment do not discard the information because it will make sense at some point. I was blessed with many validations from Cheryl Anne. I would highly recommend her. She is incredible! ~ Sharon Leonard

AMAZING. Cheryl Anne is the first psychic I have ever met that even brought forward NAMES of people, to my surprise. I like that she is able to center herself and tune-in so well, even over the telephone. She is in such a peaceful, graceful state whether she's tuning in to the higher realms, or just communicating to professionally make arrangements. I LOVE being able to receive an electronic, digital recording, so I don't have to take notes while she's reading. So glad to have found her! ~ Marti Jacobs

Cheryl Anne is the BEST PSYCHIC that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I am blessed to have found her! She nails everything every time! SHE IS AMAZING. Give her a try you will not be sorry! Once you have your first reading with her you will be hooked like me :) I Love You Cheryl Anne! I am a psychic myself and I am very hard to read but not for her accurate information just flows from her. I get my Cheryl Anne fix every month! ~ Jean Bauguess

I have to say that the reading I had with Cheryl Anne was one of the best reading I've ever had. The details she mentioned about my mother, dad, and co-workers were so accurate it was scary. My only regret is that I wish I had purchased more time. I will definitely call her again. ~ Cheryl Martin

Prior to my reading I wrote 4 words on a paper regareing the 4 issues I hoped Cheryl would speak about. After the reading, I realized Cheryl addressed all 4 issues and in the order I wrote them down! Cheryl is a genuine and gifted psychic and a blessing to those for whom she reads. ~ Sandy Vaughn

Cheryl-Anne is the most AMAZINGLY GIFTED psychic medium I have had the privilege to be read by. She has made highly ACCURATE statements about myself and my life on multiple occasions without asking for any information ahead of time. Cheryl-Anne is warm and cheerful in her readings, but she doesn't sugar coat the truth, which I respect. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Cheryl-Anne to those who want a soft, but honest, touch and wish to know things only a true psychic can shed light on.
~ Matthew Archer

I had my reading with Cheryl Anne on Saturday, and I have to say- she is delightful. My reading was a positive experience. She touched base on several things, and cleared up alot of questions for me. Thanks again Cheryl Anne! ~ Camille Gannon

ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING ONE OF THE BEST! SO RESPECTFUL & PROFESSIONAL A MUST SEE!!! This is my second reading with Cheryl Ann, She is Truly a Genuinne Spiritual Psychic Medium, everything she told us was accurate.. she is so Amazing give her a try you will not be disapointed ~ Ray McCuaig

I had never had a reading before, and although very spiritual, I was a little sceptical. Cheryl made me feel relaxed, and loved by my guides. Everything she told me was from my mother, and my guides. There is NO way Cheryl could have known the things she told me without my Mom. I truly believe that she is a messanger from the other side, and works in the bright light of God for the good of all people who seek her advice. I will be talking with her again. ~ Tom Brown

I think Cheryl Anne is very talented. She delivers readings with compassion and intimate knowledge. I am looking forward to our next reading! ~ Laura Mitchell

Cheryl Anne is truly gifted. I felt immediately comfortable with her. She was dead on with her readings. There was geniune compassion and concern in her voice. I would very highly recommend her to anyone. I will call her again soon. ~ Margaret Tweel

I can't begin to express the comfort and healing that Cheryl Anne gave me with my reading. After listening to my recording, I counted 17 direct "hits" and confirmed 5 more after talking to other members of my family. Cheryl Anne's gift has been a true Godsend for me. ~ Sheila Pafford

I dont know where to start because 500 words is not enough to describe Cheryl. She is so gifted and accurate. I can't say enough good things about Cheryl. WhenI met Cherryl I know it was a gift from God. At that time I have had so many losses in my life, Cherryl was accurate on everything she told me, I didn't have to say a word, she knew. What stand her apart she really cares. You are just going to be amazed about the things she is going to reveal to you. She has been a blessing in my life. 
~ Marie-Pierre Nailor

I received one of the most spiritual, gifted readings from Cheryl Anne. She is highly developed, spiritually grounded, and heart centered. She comes from that genuine place that catapults her to spheres of consciousness and connectedness to bring you answers you seek for direction or in crisis. She gave me details such as names, places, and events, and her reliability is confirmed by her readings. You will be in awe. ~ Belinda Waters

Cheryl Anne was my first experience with consulting a psychic and I was astonished by her amazing and genuine abilities! She told me things relating to my life that she could not possibly have known and provided insight into future events. Cheryl Anne projects a loving, calm, healing energy. I have now had several readings with Cheryl Anne and consulting her has enriched my life enormously. I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone! ~ Regina Long

Cheryl Anne is not only incredible accurate but 100% professional, confidant. Cheryl helped me to locate my failures and finding immediate solutions. I felt as my best friend was talking to me. Cheryl is sweet, respectful and charming. But most important of all, she is really blessed by God to help others and she does it with a lot of LOVE! Thank you Cheryl for being a wonderful person, please don’t stop helping us, we really need you. ~ Grace Bilbao

Cheryl is an amazing psychic medium. She makes you feel very valued as a person. Everything she said was extremely accurate and very detailed. I felt much better after the reading. I would definitely recommend Cheryl to anyone seeking a psychic reading. ~ Penny Farnell

Cheryl Anne is an AWESOME medical intuitive! Before my last reading I had injured my knee. Cheryl Anne asked to see if she could pick up on anything, and then said “I see tearing of both cartilage and ligament.” She tried to narrow it down to one or the other, but said she was still seeing both. I had an MRI done. When the results came back Cheryl Anne was 100% correct! The MRI showed both torn cartilage AND a torn ligament. I was AMAZED by her accuracy! Cheryl Anne, thank you so much! ~ Regina Long

I have just had my first reading with Cheryl Anne and was amazed at her insight- particularly, in reference to my dad, who recently passed away. I truly recommend her and am looking forward to having more readings with her! Thank you so VERY much!!! ~ Elizabeth Solis

I have just booked my second reading with Cheryl Anne. Having been raised with a psychic grandmother, I know the real deal when I see it and Cheryl Anne is definately the real deal. Spot on always and such a nice and genuine person. She has a God given gift and she is so generious to share it with all of us. Thank you so much for your accuracy, honesty and sensitivity Cheryl Anne. Your work is very important! 
~ Nancy Taylor

I have just had my first reading with Cheryl Anne and I can testify that she is definitely the real deal. She gave me exact names and was able to perfectly describe situations. I am blessed to have found her and I will be scheduling with her again. She has a special gift that I've never encountered in my 30 years of having people read me. ~ Nanette Weimer

I have had readings through the years, some with gifted individuals, some not. Cheryl is very gifted, and very good at this! I will definitely be back to have more readings with her. I highly recommend her! ~ Tammy Boynton

Cheryl Anne is one of the most gifted mediums I have ever received a reading from. She is a very caring person who is very easy to relate to. I have had more than one reading from her because she has been able to contact my late wife and son and show me how much they still love and support me. She is able to tell you the information that you need to know in order to continue our journey on this world. I highly recommend her! ~ Tim O'Connor

I had a great time getting a reading with Cheryl. She is gifted, sensitive,, caring and sweet. She helped me to forge a clear path and validate some things I need to hear. She left me with a feeling of excitment for the next step in my life. Thank you, Cheryl! 
~ Susan Grice

Cheryl Anne is wonderful! I had two readings and was completely satisfied. You won't be disappointed! Thanks Cheryl Anne! ~ Marilyn Sarno

Cheryl is for real - I made appointment with her prior to the loss of a loved one 2 days before our reading - she tuned in and was able to share with me a message from him giving me comfort when I least expected it - I was very grateful. I'll be back for more treasured messages! ~ Sheila Melton

Cheryl Anne is an amazing reader - Without any up-front information from me, she touched upon every aspect of my concerns and burning questions! She is always so kind and tender. Indeed, with her insight and her true rare gifts, you will gain a better perspective in decision - making. So, when you need some Divine Help - Cheryl is surely one of few readers I will highly recommend! You will not be disappointed! ^__^ ~ Jing Zhang

Cheryl Anne is truly gifted. Being intuitive myself, I was led to her for my first reading. She is unbelievable. She touched on things that I had forgotten and saw things impossible for her know. The downloadable recording of my reading was a bonus that has helped me though many rough days. Thank you. ~ Carol Virden

Cheryl Anne is the most gifted psychic medium that I have every encountered. She is so very accurate in her readings. She has given me very valuable information that has helped in numerous ways. I'll would highly recommend anyone seeking answers to contact Cheryl. You won't be sorry. ~ Darlene Richards

What a great reading! Without any knowledge about me, she immediate and accurately began reading about my most important concern, and then continued to accurately read about issues I had previously written down. I am amazed...she brought into the open thoughts that I have not shared with anyone. I did not plan nor expect to connect with the "other side", but, incredibly, it happened. I recommend her to anyone, without reservation. My mind is boggled! ~ Sandra Sedillos

Withing the first few sentences you will know. Cheryl Anne will provide you with information without direction. She is straigh forward with her readings and truely concerned with the content. I found her to be truely gifted and will return again and again. ~ Laurie Calandri

The reading Cheryl Anne provided me was helpful in many ways; she provided insight into questions I have had about myself for a long time. Her accuracy astonished me, giving me much to ponder in of the topics we discussed. This was my first reading with any intuitive on line and I am happy that I found Cheryl Anne! Thank you Cheryl Anne for the pointers and the guidance you offered to me. ~ Carole Gresham

The information ~validation was undeniably accurate. She told me about a child that passed & about an experience I had when I was pregnant. I never told anyone. It was like a weight was lifted off me. Accurate with the date my mother was to pass & so many things. This last reading, my 3rd, she told me my mother was messing with my t.v. She also was hitting on a phone number with alot of 9's in it. Right on target, funny, honest, genuine, phenominal & the best. ~ Linda Hendrick

Cherylannes' prices are still phenomenal. . Her fee for a reading is extremely reasonable considering all the time and energy that she gives. Including preparing on her own time before and letting go of it all after. I felt awful when she was feeling my pain though. I am sorry about that. Thank you again. May God continue to watch over and bless you as help others with your beautiful gift. God Bless! ~ Cheryl Minew

A lovely spirit! She is kind, nurturing, grounded & accurate! I really appreciated that she explained how she worked and that it did not count towards your time! I really want to have a daughter and she picked up on her energy and got her middle name right. I have never mentioned to anyone what her name was. ~ Julie Seibert

I had my first reading with Cheryl Anne the other day and I was amazed as to how she knew with her first word to me what I was looking for. She knew things that no one else could know. Things I never spoke out loud to anyone. I am so grateful to have found her. I would recommend her without reservation - for I know she will help you also. ~ Kathy Zimmer

Just had my first ever phone reading with Cheryl Anne and I have to say it amazing. She picked up on so many things. Acurate date and facts she could not have known if she was not the real thing..I am setting up a follow up reading as soon as I can. It is like having another sister, she is caring and grounded and helpul she is the best!!! Thanks Cheryl Anne!!! ~ colleen kennedy

Had my 2nd reading with Cheryl, and it was wonderful, she is so encouraging and kind, I recommend her to anyone. She has really helped me in important issues, Thank you Cheryl Anne. ~ Cheryl Medeiros

Cheryl Anne is by far the most accurate psychic I've encountered. She knew the most private and regreatable heartbreak about my children who didn't make it here. She identified how both my parents passed and I didn't ask. She even knew about my husband's feelings and intentions. Truly remarkable! ~ McKenna Fitzgerald

I've had numerous reading with Cheryl Anne. She told me of times, places, and events. She described loved ones on the other side right down to the shoes they wore daily. She described to me a hanging chime is had purchased and that my deceased husband was showing it to her to let me know he is around me. ~ AMANDA LANGSTON

Cheryl Anne is just wonderful. She needs no information from you and delivers again and again. Both my husband and I have had readings from her and she has been able to give us the guidance and direction we were looking for. The accuracy is overwhelming and we'll definitely be back. Thank you, Cheryl Anne!! ~ Beth Thompson

The universe has a strange way of connecting certain individuals to assist us within our journey of life. Cheryl Anne is incredibly intuitive as well as compassionate. Her reading was very accurate and informative. However, the best quality she portrays is her honesty. I really enjoyed speaking with her and would highly recommend her services. Definitely on of the best psychics around. ~ Christina Satiro

I had a psychic reading today from Cheryl Anne. She is incredibly kind-hearted and very soothing. What she said confirmed so much for me. Thank you so much! ~ Deb Culotti

Thank You SO Much for such a grand reading! I will be in touch soon for another reading. I will pass your information on to others who will want to contact you themselves for a reading. Sincerely, Christina LePage ~ Christina LePage

My reading with Cheryl Anne was incredible. I was simply amazed by how much information she gave me that was so accurate. My reading with her was a truly positive experience and I will be contacting her in the future again! ~ Kelly Leicht

I had my first reading with Cheryl Anne a few days ago. I was really impressed with how accurate she was. I just wish we had had more time so I could have recieved more guidance into my future life. It was wonderful to hear from my son and to hear once again that he's fine and loves me. I hope to read with Cheryl again in a few months. ~ Susan Danker

You said that my brother would be asking me for money. He called like 2 days later. I was laughing to myself, couldnt he have waited a little bit; my husband was emotionally attatched to a property that he and his boss own, which to my complete surprise he is; that I'd be pregnant again even though I have 4 kids already. I am!. Thank you especially for encouraging me to continue healing work. I wish you good health and respect your advice and kindness. ~ Lari Ann Yamsaki

Cheryl Anne was very kind and sweet and accurate! So much of what she said validated some things that have been going on and other things helped me look forward to the future. I will be back! Thank you very much, Cheryl Anne. ~ Lisa Brown

Cheryl Anne, was wonderful, she gave me information that is very very important, it could make the difference in a life and death situation, thank you so much Cheryl, she also answered questions that I wanted answered without even telling her the questions, she is amazing, I set up another appointment already. Thanks Cheryl Anne 
~ Cheryl Medeiros

Cheryl Anne was wonderful!! Did my homework before scheduling a reading with her and have to say, Cheryl Anne was dazzling and left me spellbound with the details she shared. Truly gifted and blessed. I would recommend her, and in fact, have done just that with family and friends. I only hope she'll have a little time left in her busy schedule to chat with me again. Cheryl, can't thank you enough for your insightful reading. God Bless You!! ~ Karen Wilkins

Cheryl Anne, I really enjoyed my reading and talking with you. I felt very at ease and comfortable. You where very informative and accurate. I wish you much success on the radio and with your CD, keep up the good work. My only regret is that the time went too fast. God Bless. ~ Robyn MacAllister 

I had to postpone my first scheduled reading because of work issues. I know there is a reason I had to wait for my reading. I was not dissapointed! All the information I received from Cheryl Anne, was accurate and informative. I will ask for her to read for me again. God bless you! Christoval ~ Christoval R. Moreno

Cheryl Anne is amazing. I received my reading via gift certificate from a friend, and I have to say this was one of the best gifts I've ever been given. Thank you Liz and thank you Cheryl Anne for sharing your God given gift with me. ~ LeAnne York

My second reading with Cheryl Anne is as amazing as the first. My Aunt and Grandfather came through from the other side, and I am so grateful. I finally feel calm and complete in my heart with regard to my dear Aunt. Cheryl Anne, thank you! I recommend, without reservation, this amazing, kind-hearted woman to read for you. She is the real deal, folks. ~ Sandra Sedillos

CherylAnne blew me away w/ her dead on knowledge of my life. She was very kind and empathic She gave me usefuland much needed guidance to move beyond my situation. Info given helped to open my eyes to things I didn't want to see. She gave me the courage to see it thru. I have already booked my next reading. My 1st reading ever was resounding and made me a believer. Cheryl Anne, many thanks. I have to do the hard work, but I now have the tools. God bless you. ~ Penne Niemeyer

I can't begin to say enough about Cheryl Anne, she is extraordinarily gifted, amazingly accurate and wonderful to communicate with - she has such an honesty and humility about her! I am so grateful for her guidance and the sense of peace that I get after having a reading with her. Thank you, Cheryl Anne, Thank You! ~ Taina Eng

Cheryl Anne has a pure gift. Her melodic voice, and gentle spirit immediately creates a union of safety between you and her. I found her to be incredibily insightful - and completely got what was happening in my life immediately and offered wonderful advise. I highly recommend her. ~ Terri Kravetz

I recently had my 2nd reading with Cheryl Anne and will be back for more. She picked up personality traits, physical description and answered my questions almost before I could ask them!! She is a blessing and has been a huge help to me when I have needed her most. And how she sends you a recording of what was said at the reading as part of the service is helps to hear it again abg get the info clicking in your head...I will be back again count on it!! thank you!!!! ~ colleen kennedy

I've had 3 readings from Cheryl Anne within the past 2 years and each time I'm blown away by her accuracy & specific detailed information. After each reading, I want everyone I care about to talk to her & see for themselves. Sometimes there are a few things that I don't understand or didn't make sense during the reading but usually it makes sense later. She's also very honest by not trying to speculate when she doesn't know the answer. I highly recommend her! ~ Ricki Bockus

Cheryl Anne is an extremely gifted, very accurate, and compassionate reader. She has a clear psychic talent and impressive healing energies. She is a FIVE STAR PSYCHIC all the way!!! Cherly Anne, thanks for sharing your considerable talents. It's an honor to get a reading from you! ~ Ariel Lewin

My reading with Cheryl Anne was informative and comforting. She amazed me with some specific information that came through. She is professional, compassionate and caring. I experienced a profound sense of peace when the reading was done. I have listened to the recorded session several times since, and still find information in it that I missed the first time. I will be returning. ~ Karen Hart

I love Cheryl Ann. She never judges me on what is going on in my life and I appreciate that very much. She cares deeply about her clients. She told me about something in our last reading and it happened the very next week. Thank You Cheryl Ann and I will have you read for me again. ~ Mary Maruca

This was my first reading, and I don't know why I waited so long! Cheryl was incredibly accurate and professional. I felt so comfortable with her and her abilities-AMAZING! I would recommend her to anyone curious like myself and look forward to working with Cheryl in the future. Thanks again:) ~ Jennifer Harding

My first reading with Cheryl Anne gave me a sense of peace. She is very gifted, quite accurate, and a pleasure to communicate with. Her caring, honesty, and humility came shining through. ~ Jan Scofield

cheryl, was great she accurate she new everything that was going on with me i will be back soon for more thank you cheryl  ~ james horne

Truly the best psychic ever! She is also a caring person and very accurate. CherylAnne is a medical intuitive also, the only one I have met. She is honest to a fault and doesn't use "props" such as tarot or any cold, scripted reading techniques. Don't waste your money on others when CherylAnne is available. ~ Tracy Johnson

I just had my second reading from Cheryl. I just cant start to explain how accurate she is with her readings. She hit the nail right on the head. A very nice and caring woman. Thank you so much. ~ Randall Buzard

I have had many readings over the years. I very much enjoyed my time with Cheryl for she truley makes you feel comfortable and completly at ease. I felt she was quit accurate and validated most of my concerns. Time will tell the rest. Very much appreciation! ~ Elaina Siegfried

I had my first reading today and found Cheryl Anne to be authentic and gifted. The guides came forth and what she communicated was relevant to my situation. The reading was both reassuring and uplifting. I look forward to another reading in the not too distant future! ~ Janice Stoltzfus

My reading with Cheryl Anne was lovely. She is supportive, caring, accurate and professional. She is a great person to talk to if you are at a crossroads or are just curious about your life. ~ Vanessa Woodman

She is AWESOME! Have had reading with her before and shes very accurate. She is also gifted and communicates well. I will do another reading with her most definatly. 
~ Jeffrey Head

This was my second reading with Cheryl Anne, and is is great. He was very to the point an accurate. She offers insight and advice. She is very gifted and would recommend her to anyone. I plan to use her again. ~ joe Grand

Cheryl Anne was caring, honest, and really seemed to care about me as a client and a person. She was very supportive and her reading was relevant to my situation and she really made me feel calm and at ease. I look forward to having another reading with her in the future. Cheryl Anne is definitely the real deal and I highly recommend her! ~ Adam Timmons

Cheryl Anne seems to know me like a personal friend would, although I do not know her at all outside of the context of the reading services she has provided to me. I find her readings extremely comforting on a soul level, and her accuracy is mindblowing. Thank you. ~ Caroline Farnham

Cheryl Anne is no doubt a top reader of the many I have contacted over the last 45 years. An exceptionally warm and articulate person, who puts you immediately at ease, but doesn't "sugar coat." Accurate without prompting, she hit upon professional questions I had immediately and gave accurate descriptions of deceased relatives who "came in" with health advice on loved ones. I was given positive, helpful guidance and feel just like I made a new friend. ~ Bill Seaton

I had a friend of 30 years that was a "true" psychic, so I know whether one is "real" or not. Cheryl Anne is the real deal. So far I have had 7 readings with Cheryl Anne and her ability to give an accurate reading is amazing. I didn't want to give a review until I could see for myself how accurate her readings were. If you have ever thought about getting a reading from a psychic, that is dead on with her readings, and extremely sensitive to you and caring, Cheryl Anne is the one for you. ~ Christine Rayburn

This is my second year to have a reading with Cheryl Anne, so I was obviously pleased with the first one. Last year, both my husband and I were read and her accuracy proved itself over and over. We watched throughout 2008 as all of her predictions came true. She even knew exactly where we were moving to! What a kind-spirited and truly gifted lady. We'll be back. ~ Beth Thompson

I had my second reading with Cheryl Ann yesterday. She predicted a move for us in 2008 that happened, and identified a health issue for me that could have been very serious if I had not spoken with her. Fantastic person, accurate, and caring. I'll be talking with her again. ~ Bob Thompson

My first reading of 2009 with Cheryl Anne proved to be as amazing as the readings I had with her last year. She had predicted several things with regard to my career focus and to a need to move my residence. I feel so thankful for her gift; her kindness is palpable and the reading was incredibly affirming and accurate. ~ Sandra Sedillos

My first reading with Cheryl Anne was simply amazing! She didn't fish for any information, she started pinpointing aspects of my life that needed clarifiction right away. She truly is gifted not to mention extremely friendly, compassionate and friendly. I can't wait to read with her again in the future!! ~ Kristin Miller

This was my first reading with Cheryl Anne. It was very accurate and detailed ! She is a great person ! I am very fortunate to have found her on this site. She told me things that I know she didn't know about me before the reading ! I have had many readings but I have to say this one has been one of the best !! I will definitely contact her again :) ~ ilona kovacs

Cheryl Anne validated my aunt with her initial. She said exact words my aunt used to say when she was spelling her name. She also gave very exact details with my job and the changes that are going on. She is such a blessing. ~ amy hawkins

Today was my first reading, ever. Cheryl Anne was very professional, accurate, and descriptive. She was able to describe happenings in my life as well as loved ones both living and those that have passed over. I am so thankful that she has chosen to share her gift and will schedule more readings in the future. ~ Kimberly Lowery

Cheryl Anne is not only the most gifted individual that I have met in the intuitive arts field, she is also the most kind. You will enjoy the time you spend talking with her, you will get pertinent information and direction and you will recommend her to your friends and colleagues. I feel very lucky to have found her and you will as well. 
~ Penny Jorgensen

I have had psychic readings before and today was the first time I had a reading with Cheryl Anne. My husband passed away a couple months ago and I had many concerns as to did I do right by him at the end. Mainly, we did not want a vent but I let them do it. Cheryl Anne helped me with those issues and by the end of the reading I really felt ready to let go and move forward . ~ Marjorie Hagarty

I truely enjoyed my reading with Cheryl Anne. This was the second one that I have had with her. She informed me of changes that were going to take place in my life career wise and romantically. She also described what was going on in my life presently and some of the past experiences I have had. During my reading 3 of my loved ones came through. I must say, I was extremely shocked but happy. I look forward to having another one in the future. ~ Traci Stevens

I've just had my second reading with Cheryl Anne McGill and it was as thrilling and satisfying as the first! I have had previous readings with other mediums. One was too fast and another was too slow! And, like in the story, Cheryl Anne was "just right." It is hard to see how there could be a better psychic medium anywhere. I found my 2 readings with Cheryl Anne to be most satisfying, and I'm already planning my third! 
~ JoAnn Derden

I have getting readings for years. Cheryl is authentic. Cheryl gave me more information within the first 10-15 minutes than others I had within the last 10 years. Cheryl did not need or ask me any information to start my reading. She answered questions, I wrote down before the reading, without my asking her. Before I could send this testimonial, things she predicted started happening, today-2/12/09!Try Cheryl, you will be satisfied. Cheryl, thanks. ~ Audrey Ringold

Cheryl, thank you very much for the reading! I appreciated all that came thru for me regarding my relationship. I am going through a very difficult time with so much uncertainity and you have helped my heart feel some ease! You tapped into my situation so quickly without any information from me! My heart truly appreciates it! Look forward to speaking to you soon and hopefully with some good news! Take care! ~ Vaneet Parmar

Cheryl Anne is the real deal! I had my first reading ever in October and she knew so many things about myself and my family. Some things she said that I could not make sense of, have suddenly just went off like a lightbulb over my head. She said many things make sense later and she was right. She is very compassionate. I cannot wait for my next read! ~ Wendy Sutphin

Cheryl is so wonderful and accurate. She has really helped to bring answers to so many unanswered questions. I have had numerous reading with Cheryl Anne and plan on having many more. Cheryl doesn't ask you for information, she gives it, in accuracy. Thank You Cheryl!! WE LOVE YOU!!! ~ Darlene Richards

I've had several readings with Cheryl Anne, the first one in '08 after my dad passed away from cancer. She gave MEDICAL details regarding his passing that only I knew. Her gentle words and spirit allowed me to accept his death and know he is ALWAYS with me. We had a reading not even 5 days ago and already I've had confirmation on things she addressed! Cheryl Anne is a God-send and I look forward to more readings! God Bless You!!! ~ Liz Solis

I have just had another reading with Cheryl Anne and, once again, was astounded by her clarity and accuracy. In a prior reading, she informed me that I would have to deal with someone at work who was stealing from the company, and even explained the physical appearance of this person. She was dead on, right down to a [visible physical ailment] that the person has. It was amazing. She is ethical and highly compassionate. A true blessing to the spiritual community! ~ Maria Marcus

I had my second reading with Cheryl Anne today. We talked about my deceased mother. Cheryl Anne said she saw many needles around her. This is true as she was a lab technician all her life. Cheryl Anne also that she saw "fear" around her. This is also true as she was an Agoraphobic or what they now refer to as panic disorder. I will continue to have my readings done by Cheryl Anne. ~ Marjorie Hagarty

Today I had a one hour reading with Cheryl Anne and I was thoroughly impressed. I do not give cues to a psychic, and even without "hints" from me she touched on everything I needed to discuss. I hope if you are feeling like you need to make some sense of your life you will allow her to help. ~ Mike Horton

I had my first reading ever today with Cheryl Anne and was very pleased. I wasn't sure what to expect and she explained everything to me and made me feel very comfortable. She provided me with a lot of relief with regards to some burdens I have been carrying. I would highly recommend her to anybody, especially my friends and family. I can't wait to talk with her again. ~ Kimberly Tavernier

Cheryl Anne is a caring soul who gave me a wonderful reading! She gave me insight to personal issues ocurring in my life , including messages from loved ones that have passed on, and future trends to come. I look forward to speaking with her again! 
~ paul vet

I had another reading with Cheryl Anne today. She is very compassionate when communicating what she sees and makes is clear that this is what your guides want you to know. After you talk with her for a few minutes its like talking to an old firend.. its very comfortable. Her accuracy and clarity is spot on and I look forward to my next reading! Thank you for what you do! ~ melissa sullivan

Today I had my first reading with Cheryl Anne. I gave her no personal information before the reading started. She was very accurate in regards to issues I am currently dealing with in my life and offered helpful insight. She also was able to give me some peace in regards with two painful issues that she saw from my past. Cheryl was very compassionate and it was like talking to an old friend. I will be contacting Cherly in the future for another reading. Thanks Cheryl Anne. ~ Pam MacKenzie

The opportunity to speak with Cheryl Anne came to me at exactly the right time and offered exactly what I most needed to hear in order to move forward with some very difficult decisions. Many details were so precise - there is absolutely no way Cheryl Anne could have known so much about me, my current situation, and my relatives. I am a strong believer now and recommend any skeptics seek out Cheryl Anne to make their own opinions. ~ Angela Self

The reading was very, very helpful. She knew nothing about me but described my situation perfectly. She gave general and specific insight. She described my mother (deceased), even with her funny quirky qualities which told me she really was hearing from my mother. I would definitely contact Cheryl Anne again. ~ annette perry

I had my very first session with Cheryl and I found her to be very kind and easy to talk to. She picked up on several themes going on in my life and when I asked about my guides she picked up on one that I have been aware of for awhile. I wish I had booked an hour reading....Next time though:) She gave me hope in situations I've been fearful about and advised me on other aspects of my life. She was very professional and I look forward to future readings with her. Thank You Cheryl! 
~ Mohini Raum

Wow! Cheryl Anne has a wonderful gift and is making a real contribution to those who ask for her to do a reading. Her readings are both sincere and accurate. I am amazed at her ability to name specific people and activities that are in my life! You will not be disappointed!~ Denise Sands

I have had 3 readings with Cheryl. Every time I talk with her the information I'm given is SO dead on! The answers are so specific to whatever is going on in my life. It's just amazing. I've never really a reading with a psychic that was as detailed and relevant as the ones I have received from Cheryl...which is why I keep coming back! And just as a side note, the information on one of the readings she gave me saved my mother's life so I will always sing Cheryl's praises! ~ Tioneka Parker

Cheryl Anne is TRULY AMAZING. I had my second reading with Cheryl today. Cheryl's ability is like no other. She definitely is the best psychic I have had in over fifteen years. She reads without asking any questions and is VERY ACCURATE. She does not need your birthday or any ASSISTANCE to get to the point. If you are skeptic, try Cheryl, I think you will truly be please and satisfied that your money was well spent. 
~ Audrey Ringold

I had my very first reading with Cheryl and it was truly amazing. Cheryl touched my heart and gave me closure to my brother passing and that ment the world to me. I didn't have to tell her anything and she already knew me inside and out. I honor and respect her work so much and I want everyone to know she is a gift from GOD! Thanks for making my heart whole again!!! ~ Joy Atkinson

I have used Cheryl Anne's services 3 times in the past. We have had a professional relationship for 2 years. I do consider myself a natural skeptic, but her accuracy of projections has amazed and startled me. I highly recommend her services and will be calling on her again in the future. She does not make broad general projections that are impossible to be wrong; her gift gives her the ability to provide accurate pinpointed timely information. ~ Richard Gimbert


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