Five Tips For Choosing The Best Psychic Medium by Bob Olson

My work in this field for the past 14 years has been dedicated to helping people like you locate credible and reputable psychic mediums in order to communicate with your loved ones in spirit. This website directory alone offers more than 600 psychic mediums from which to choose. But I have some tips for you, as well, that can help you choose the right psychic medium for you.

While I could write an entire book on how to choose the best psychic medium, here are 5 important tips that will help you make an educated choice.



The most important function of is that it provides public reviews from people who have had readings with the psychic mediums listed. So if you’re trying to choose between Psychic Medium A (who has no reviews) and Psychic Medium B (who has 40 reviews), I recommend going with the psychic medium who has more reviews. Since I only allow positive reviews (fully explained on the Home page), this means that each of these reviews are testimonials from satisfied clients. Naturally, it just makes sense to choose a psychic medium with lots of testimonials from satisfied clients over a psychic medium with none or only a few.

If you’re hesitant to depend upon reviews from perfect strangers, I suggest getting a recommendation from a friend or relative whose opinion you trust. If your best friend saw a psychic medium and got a fabulous reading from her, that’s a whole lot better than choosing a psychic medium’s name out of a hat. I always recommend that people ask their closest friends and relatives for recommendations, especially people who think like you and share the same likes and dislikes. If you and your friend are complete opposites, however, or you don’t respect any of her choices, then I wouldn’t use that friend’s advice on choosing a psychic medium. But if people comment on how similar you both are in your tastes and interests, then it’s probably safe to bet that you’ll have the same taste in spirit communicators.

With this said, there is one caveat. Since your friends and relatives, and the people who have written reviews for, are likely not experts in psychic medium ability, you might feel safer choosing one of the psychic mediums whom I have personally tested and approved. I’ve tested hundreds of psychic mediums since 1999 and have analyzed these readings by comparing the poor readings from the mediocre from the extraordinary. This is how I came up with my 15-point test AND why I now teach psychic mediums how to improve their readings based on what I call my “Critical Criteria For Giving Extraordinary Readings.”

So if you’d prefer to get a reading with one of my “tested” psychic mediums, this list is posted on my other website resource, Just be sure to read my articles about my own readings with each psychic medium listed there in order to decide which psychic medium best resonates with your personality and reading style preferences. No psychic medium is for everyone, which is why I’ve taken the time to write about all my readings. You must read these articles in order to choose which psychic medium is going to be the best fit for you.


Psychic mediums charge different fees that range from $25 for a one-hour reading to $350 or more. I assure you that more expensive does not necessarily mean better, just as famous psychic mediums are not necessarily better than unknown psychic mediums. I’ve had some great readings from psychic mediums who had only a few years experience and others who charged very small reading fees, so you are not at a disadvantage just because you can’t afford a high-priced reading with a well-known psychic medium.

The only argument that can be made for choosing a high-priced psychic medium is that their fee suggests they are popular enough to be able to get that fee. Said another way, my experience is that psychic mediums generally go up on their fee only after they have built a large enough following. This involves the principle of supply and demand, so the greater the demand for their services, the more they can afford to charge, because they will likely lose clients who can’t afford their higher fee.That said, a mediocre psychic medium could get his own reality show on TV or end up with a New York Times bestselling book, which would increase the demand for his readings just due to his newfound fame, in which case we might have a mediocre medium charging hundreds of dollars for a reading. It happens.

There are two arguments that can be made for famous psychic mediums being better than unknown psychic mediums. The first argument is that the psychic medium was good enough to impress someone in order to become famous in the first place. The second argument is that the psychic medium’s fame has brought her more clients and, therefore, provided her with a lot more experience. Experience giving readings is the best teacher—practice makes perfect, as they say—so a psychic medium who gives fifteen readings a week is likely to be better than a psychic medium who only gives a few readings a week.

High reading fee or low reading fee, famous or not famous, nothing is more important than raw, natural talent. And just like musicians, writers and artists, some psychic mediums have more raw ability as amateurs than some psychic mediums who have been giving readings for twenty years. In fact, the majority of the psychic mediums on my personal recommended list were virtually unknown when I first met them and none of them were famous at that time. So I know that there are many extraordinarily gifted psychic mediums out there giving readings part time and charging affordable reading fees. Many are listed on this directory.

So choose a psychic medium with a reading fee that is affordable to you. You don’t want to get a reading in order to alleviate the anguish of your grief only to create new stress due to financial struggle caused by the reading fee. It’s not necessary and it’s not worth it to overextend yourself financially in order to communicate with your loved ones in spirit.

If money is real tight for you right now, you might want to look for a Spiritualist church in your area. I’m not personally a member of one of these churches, but they are a great place to learn about the afterlife. Most Spiritualist churches are managed by psychic mediums and usually have a psychic medium as its pastor. They even offer classes on psychic and medium development, so they are training tomorrow’s spirit communicators. And many of these students are quite gifted.

Many Spiritualist churches offer what’s called a Mediums Day a few times a year where you can get free or low-fee readings from psychic mediums associated with the church. Most of their Sunday services even include a psychic medium demonstration where a medium stands at the front of the church and gives random readings to people in attendance that day. And sometimes the psychic medium giving the demonstration is an esteemed guest from England, Scotland or elsewhere. I know many teachers from Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England (a school for psychic mediums) are frequent guests in Boston area Spiritualist churches. Just do a Google search for “Spiritualist Church” and “your city/town” to find a church in your area. You can also visit this website for a partial directory:


While phone readings are becoming more and more popular these days, many people are still unsure if an in-person reading might be better. I’ve found that psychic mediumship works equally as well on the phone as in person. I actually prefer phone readings because the psychic medium is not distracted or influenced by my physical appearance, clothing, jewelry (wedding ring, for instance), body language or facial expressions. The less the psychic medium knows about me, the easier it is for them to push their intellect aside and focus on what they’re getting psychically and mediumistically. Plus I don’t have the cost of gasoline, tolls or parking to add to the reading fee. And, best of all, phone readings give you a lot more psychic mediums from which to choose, since you can get a reading with anyone in the country or even the world. The absolute truth is that I’ve had some of my best readings over the phone.


I’m often amazed how few people actually take the time to do any research on a psychic medium before they book a reading. I think we sometimes forget what it was like twenty years ago when we didn’t have the Internet we know today, which provides us with instant access to a plethora of information. In fact, you can learn a lot about a person just by visiting their website.

First off, you want to find out if the psychic medium you’re considering has a website. I personally hesitate to pay for a reading with someone who doesn’t have a website because, to me, it’s a sign that they might not be committed to this calling. If they have a website, especially if they have a professional-looking website that doesn’t look like their eight-year-old son designed it, it improves their professional image and makes them at least appear to be a viable prospect.

I then look to see if their website is one of those free websites anyone can get overnight. If it is, it usually has a button or link at the bottom from the company that hosts it, which reads something to the idea of, “Get Your Free Website.” From where I sit, a free website is a red flag that this person might be here today but gone tomorrow. I personally don’t want to give my credit card number out to anyone who might disappear overnight. A fly-by-night scam artist has personally ripped me off and it wasn’t a fun experience. So I lean on the side of caution and recommend that you do the same.

If the psychic medium has a professional-looking website, I then look for a photograph of the psychic medium. Sometimes their photo is shown on the ABOUT page, if not the HOME page itself.

If there’s no photo, it concerns me. It makes me wonder why they don’t want to show their face. Do they feel guilt or shame about something they’re doing? Are they not fully committed to their work? Are they hiding from the FBI? Even if none of these are the case, I personally prefer to rule out all the red flags of warning when choosing a psychic medium to lead my sacred experience of spirit communication. Call me over-cautious, but I’m old fashioned and prefer to see who I’m doing business with. And I believe we can learn a lot about a person energetically simply by looking at their photograph. As a result, a photograph is a must for me.

The next item I check on their website is whether or not they are doing any public events. If they do, they’ll usually have a page on their website that lists their events that might be titled CALENDAR or EVENTS. It’s a good sign in my opinion when a psychic medium gives demonstrations of his or her ability on stage in front of a live audience. This indicates a level of confidence in their ability, especially considering it’s a lot more difficult to please a crowd of people than it is a private client. So public events where a psychic medium is demonstrating their ability adds some credibility in my book.

I also look for links to articles that have been written about a psychic medium by a newspaper or magazine journalist. You can usually find these on their website on a page titled MEDIA. I write this knowing that 99 percent of journalists have no expertise in psychic medium ability, so their opinion isn’t any more valuable than your aunt’s or neighbor’s opinions. But journalists tend to choose a psychic medium for a profile article “after” doing a little research on the psychic medium, research that they will often explicate in the article. Therefore, in this way, these articles might teach you something extra about the psychic medium that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

I also look at the MEDIA or CALENDAR page to see if radio or television talk-show hosts have interviewed the psychic medium. If so, this too is a sign of confidence and credibility since it’s always more difficult to fool an audience than it is a private party. And experienced talk-show hosts can usually smoke out a phony, which is why it’s also a good sign if you see that the psychic medium has been invited back to the radio show or TV show.

The next piece of valuable information that I hope to find on a psychic medium’s website is video, which could be found on the MEDIA page, a VIDEO page or just about any page on the site. There’s nothing more revealing to me than watching a psychic medium in action. Videos provide a good sense of the person’s personality and character, reading style, manner of speech and attention to detail. The quality of the video alone is revealing.

Sometimes there might be video footage of an interview on a local TV station. Even though we might not see the psychic medium giving a reading, we still gain a lot of information about the psychic medium himself. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is like a short biography.

A psychic medium’s website will most often tell you their reading fees, as well, usually on a page titled SERVICES or READINGS. I personally prefer to see the same fee for every type of reading they offer since I consider the fee representative of the value of their time and talent. Some psychic mediums charge more for a mediumistic reading than they do for a psychic reading, but I personally don’t get it. In my mind, they’re just undermining their psychic ability when they do that. Why would their time, or even their talent for that matter, be worth less with a one-hour psychic reading than with a one-hour mediumistic reading? Who knows? But don’t be surprised if spirit communication is the most expensive reading listed.

You can now probably understand why looking at the psychic medium’s website is enormously helpful. This is why I’m disappointed when a psychic medium doesn’t have one. But even if you’ve gone through their website, don’t stop there. It’s a good idea to Google their name along with the word “psychic.” You might find additional information about them on other websites. Be sure to do a Google video search or search on If you search them both, you’re likely to get the same results.


My focus here is on psychic mediumship, otherwise known as spirit communication. So if you want to communicate with your deceased loved ones in spirit, then what you want is a reading with a psychic medium, not a psychic. Psychics (aka intuitives) obtain information from energy, including your personal aura and the Universe. Psychics are helpful with guidance around personal issues with which you’re dealing (relationships, finances, career, physical or emotional issues), and some offer predictions.

Psychic mediums, on the other hand, obtain information (messages) from people in spirit. They receive messages from dead people who are now in the spirit world.

Spirit communication is known as mediumship, hence the word “medium” in psychic medium. Technically the phrase “psychic medium” means that the person is both a psychic and a medium. There’s an old saying that explains that all mediums are also psychic but psychic are not mediums. Over the last few years, however, I’ve found that more and more psychics are recognizing an ability in mediumship, probably due to the popularity of spirit communication in the last decade—it got psychics to give mediumship a try, and they found they could do it.

So psychics tend to focus on messages from energy and the Universe and psychic mediums tend to focus on messages from spirit. Therefore, if you want to talk with your deceased friends and relatives on the other side, just make sure you’re calling a psychic medium.


I hope this was helpful to you.

My warmest regards,
Bob Olson


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