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Glenn Klausner

Psychic Medium

Glenn Klausner is an extraordinarily gifted psychic medium. While many psychic mediums love to be compared to television’s celebrity psychic medium John Edward, Glenn's readings are quite similar: fast, accurate and right to the point. The client testimonials on Glenn's website describe his readings as “life changing,” “insightful” and “dead-on,” and describe his personality as full of warmth, kindness and compassion--everything one could ask for in a spirit messenger. 

Glenn Klausner first discovered his psychic abilities in communicating with Spirits at the age of four, and by the early 1990's he became a professional Spirit Medium. He has since been interviewed and/or featured by the following media: ABC, CBS & NBC News, XM Sirius Radio, Hay House Radio, Jane Magazine, The Washington Post, The Colorado Daily, Ft. Myers News Press, and many more. To see full list of media: Click here

“My reading with Glenn Klausner was filled with accurate and detailed messages about my life, family and friends that Glenn could never have known. He gave me messages that have never come through before in any other reading (a difficult achievement). What I loved about my reading with Glenn was how he got right to the point, never wasting a moment of my time with vague messages or guessing games. He has an incredible rapport with the spirits who seem to know that he wants his messages clear and to the point. It was a great reading that filled me with a wonderful sense of peace afterward!”

~ Bob Olson, editor


To Read Glenn's Frequently Asked Questions On His Website Click Here

Media Interests: Television, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Internet, Other


Glenn Klausner