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Glenn Klausner

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My interest in mediumship significantly increased after several unique experiences following my dad's death in May 2001.  Since then, I have consulted with several mediums to learn more about the process and to observe different levels of ability.  Glenn Klausner is, without a doubt, the most REMARKABLE medium I have had the pleasure to meet.  The messages he relays are extremely specific, detailed and accurate.  None of the vagueness and generalities I have seen with many others.  Glenn's skills are fine tuned and he expresses himself with clarity, compassion and just the right amount of humor.  One (of many) areas that he covers with incredible precision, is his ability with names.  Unlike many mediums who are only able to convey such things as "it begins with a 'T'", or "it has a long 'a' sound", Glenn can often provide FULL correct names.  A few examples from my readings include Paul, John, Carol, Brian (whom he correctly referred to as "the spirit's son"), Michelle, Jennifer, Victoria (whom he correctly said goes by "Vickie"), Buddy (whom he correctly said "has a different legal name"), and Etta (which he spelled for us).  When my mom and I had our first reading with Glenn, shortly after my dad passed, we both truly felt a sense of connection with my dad.  It was amazing, inspirational and immensely healing. We know we are only two of many many people who sincerely appreciate the wonderful and beautiful gift that Glenn shares.

In Love and Light,
Kim T.
Orlando, FL

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I was a radio news director, anchor and talk show host from 1969 until last year when I became a media coordinator for a county agency Fort Myers, Florida.  I've known Glenn for a number of years and conducted a series of interviews with him as well as having him on the air, live. 

I know some people are skeptics and/or believe the psychic phenomenon is some sort of scam.  My experiences with Glenn, professional as well as personnel, show that is not the case.  Glenn's ability is real, his talent unquestioned.  I know for a fact that he's told me things that no one else knows and he did the same thing on the radio with listeners.  He's incredibly articulate and intelligent.  He's the real thing.  If you doubt, get a reading yourself. 

Dave Barry

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Dear Bob,

I am writing this letter to you in regards to my reading with Glenn Klausner. I am  a local business owner in Cape Coral, Fla, owning several restaurants in the area. I had never had a reading with a psychic- medium before, but had always wanted to do so. 

My father, who would turn 80 yrs old (also Glenn's B'day I later found out) was visiting me, and i took him to see Glenn as a surprise. He was open to it, but went in as a skeptic, as I think many people do. 

My father and I were in hopes of connecting with my mother, who crossed over thirty years ago. I am the youngest of three living children by my parents, and had a sister who died at birth. 

We connected with my mother, and it was awesome, Glenn knew things that no one could have POSSIBLY known. My daughter, who also died shortly after birth also came through, giving her name and details, just like my mom did, and we now know they are together. A very good friend of mine who committed suicide also came through, and prompted me to contact his family afterwards, who have since also had a great reading with Glenn. The most exciting thing to happen was when at the end of the reading, my dad's father came through and let him know he loved him, when my dad had not had a good relationship with his father, and really did not think his dad had cared.  

Many details were given to us, and it was a life-changing experience. I have told many people about Glenn and will continue to do so, as i feel his gift can help many to deal with losing a loved one, by learning that they are still with us, even if not in the physical sense. I would also like to say that Glenn is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and he is in my prayers always! 

I would be happy to give you more details in regards to my reading if you can use them to benefit Glenn in any way!
Sincerely yours,
Kat G.

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Dear Mr. Olson,  

I am very happy to see that you are profiling Glenn Klausner. I first had a reading with him in March, 2001. I heard him on KRQ radio in Tucson and felt compelled to call. I didn't tell anyone. I had never talked to a medium before but my 18 year son died November 27, 2000 from a gunshot to the head and I had many unanswered questions and the police did not do anything even though there were many discrepancies in the other boys' stories.

I was prepared to be disappointed but just in case I asked if I could record the conversation and Glenn had no problem with that. At first the reading was general and I was ready to be disappointed then Glenn mentioned the nickname Ray had for his brother "Eightball" and said that there was another boy that was like a little brother and to tell Brian "you're perfect just the way you are". Brian is a friend, the same age as my younger son who was born with no arms. 

Over the course of the reading many things came through that only I knew and things that I didn't know about Ray's friends that were verified later. Near the end of the reading Glenn told me I didn't need to contact him for any more readings, that Ray's spirit was so strong that I could communicate with him on my own and to believe the signs he would show me. Glenn was right about just about everything. 

I consider Glenn a friend and feel that my son directed me to him. A few months later I called Glenn to set up another reading for my birthday and while we were chatting my son came through with a warning regarding his death and communicated through Glenn for 20 minutes. Glenn did not charge me for this time and the reading on my birthday was wonderful as well. I email Glenn occasionally and let him know things that happen with my son. I hope more people get to know him and experience the peace of mind in knowing that your loved one is still with you even after death. 

Sherry O.

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Dear Mr. Olson, 

I would like to share my experience with Glenn with you. I was referred to him by a wonderful friend of mine who had lost her daughter, who also as my friend, I went for a reading as a total skeptic, I wanted to believe but felt it was far fetched. I only gave Glenn my first name, nothing else. My husband and I went in together, (my husband being the more of a skeptic then myself). My husband had lost his father suddenly a few years prior. Glenn made us feel very comfortable and he was just like us a "normal" person, I wasn't sure what I expect. 

In Glenn's reading, the first spirit that arrived was a man named Dave, which this blew my mind because, he was my sisters boyfriends brother who had recently passed from an accident. He was using me as a conduit, and I was more than happy to forward the messages to his family and come to find out Glenn was right on and said things only his family would have known. I still was unsure because I didn't know enough about this man to know if what Glenn was saying was true. But then Glenn hit on SOO many personal things, with my children and my siblings and family members, again things only I would have known. 

My friend who had passed came through also, which was a complete joy. The real heart stopper was when my husbands father came through, Glenn describe him to a "T" I was amazed in Glenn's ability!! My husband who was a complete non believer was in tears, tears of joy and tears of pain, things that were tuff for him growing up between his father and himself were finally resolved! 

I have since had another reading this time quit longer, and even more amazing than the first. I would like to share one thing from that reading with you than I will end my letter.

This friend of mine that passed was a 17 year old young lady, and she skipped school one day, and her and her girlfriend were at my sliding glass door knocking and waving and smiling at me, i was upset with her and told her she needed to go to school and she said we missed the bus and if you let me stay I will order a pizza for us!!! So I reluctantly let her stay. 

Well during the reading Glenn said, Kristina (my friend) is telling me a knock knock joke. She is knocking on a sliding glass door. I said no Glenn, I know what she’s doing and it not a joke!! He said ok maybe you will understand this then, she is showing me the little Cesar's pizza guy, "you know the pizza pizza guy". Well that confirmed it all for me, I had told no one about this day and what had happened. 

I no longer doubt what’s on the other side. I know that all my friends and family are with me and they are very much still "alive" and well!! 

Glenn is a true blessing and he has brought to my family what we never thought possible and that’s closure and another wonderful few moments with those we love. 

I am sure you will receive many more letters praising Glenn. Thank you for your time. 

Love and Blessings:
Rae S.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Glenn continues to literally blow me away with the details he gives in readings. His phone readings are as accurate as his physical readings. He not only described my brother physically but his personality came through also. 

Glenn has not only comforted me and guided me but he has given me details no one could possibly know. His validations are incredible and he is the most loving, kind person I have ever known. His messages are accurate and meaningful. I have been to Glenn 4 times and could never pay him enough for all he has given me. My mother has been lifted out of depression by his readings.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dear Bob: 

I met with Glenn in his office in Ft. Myers, FL.  I was nervous about going but wanted to do this for a long time.  My sister crossed over in 1982 at age 29.  I have always tried to communicate with her but haven't felt successful in accomplishing this.  My hope was that he could bring her spirit through for me. 

When I called Glenn I requested a reading.  I did not tell him any information. I did however, carry a picture of her in my purse and I wore her wedding band that day. He immediately began communicating with a father figure who was standing right behind me. He explained to me in very vivid description what this man looked like. He stated he was smoking a pipe and the smell of the tobacco was so strong it was choking him. He kept asking me can't you smell that Diane. At the end of the reading he had me stand where he was sitting and I actually did get a strong swiff of cherry pipe tobacco. I got goosebumps. This man he was describing was my sister's father-in-law. My sister was standing next to him and joked about how he was going to be the spokesperson today since he never got much of chance in the living world to speak his mind. He would relay messages for my sister. She stated so many accurate things. She told him about the four D's (my siblings Donnie, Dale, Debbie, and myself), my horse was mentioned, my granddaughter, the fact that our father had put weight on (big stomach) and that my mom keeps the coffee all day and keeps reheating it.  She mentioned that her husband had remarried and she knew he had four children. She also thanked us for her view from her grave site. She stated she does not live there but comes and visits only when we are there. She stated she receives the letters that are left on the gravestone. Glenn also explained to me that my sister did not die from her illness but a head injury when she fell. She had a sharp blow to the head in her fall from her seizure. 

I was amazed at all the things that came through and felt a sense of letting go after all these years.  I think I was finally at peace with my sister's death.  When I am out walking at dusk now I talk to her because she told him that was the best time to reach her.   

Thank you.
Diane C.

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Bob Olson,

I called Glenn in February 2002 about 6 months after my best friend passed away at 30 years old after a battle with Lupus and only a week after another girlfriend passed away from an asthma attack. At this point I was at my wits end to make sense of the recent happenings and got his name from a friend. I read all of John Edwards books and was hoping to experience a reading but I had never heard of Glenn. To my surprise I got an appt. shortly after calling his office. I was very nervous but ready. I only gave Glenn my first name and no other information as I wanted to make sure that what he would tell me would come from him and whomever was coming through and not from me. 

Immediately my two girlfriends came through and Glenn hit every detail on the nose for our entire hour reading. He told me when and why both of them passed, their names and a tremendous amount of details about them and all of our lives. They spoke of my son and husband my best friends family and her two small children all the while the only words that came from me were slight uh-huh's and yes's and no more. I was amazed in the information he was telling me and believe beyond a doubt that the only way he knew this is simply because my friends were speaking to him. There is no other explanation. He had no time to trace my initial call and to do research. I called and he had a cancellation and my appt. was only 1/2 hour after I spoke with him. 

The work he does is simply the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. People like Glenn bring hope, joy and peace to people that have lost loved ones and are looking for something to help them make sense of the "why's" we ask, especially when they die so young. I have 6 pages of notes that detail our entire reading and there isn't one piece of information that was inaccurate. He told me things that I didn't know, but that my friends validated only days later. He is absolutely terrific in the way he uses his wonderful gift. I have wanted to call him so many times but wanted to wait a few months between readings because it would be very easy to make it a habit and it's not exactly cheap! After loosing a best friend, knowing there is someone who she can contact and speak to me, it's hard to not call but at the same time I know she's there and we will speak again soon.

I rave to everyone I know about Glenn, some people think I'm nuts but I could care less, he's given me peace during the most difficult time in my life. You've got it easy being Glenn's agent, I doubt you'll have to do much work as his work speaks for itself!

Thanks for your time,
Kristen G.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I am so glad Glenn found you to help get his readings to everyone. A friend of mine who lives in Ft. Meyer had a reading and my deceased son came through. They were very close friends.  When she called me with the information she received in his reading, I cried. My son was 24 years old when he decided to take his own life. There has never been a closure since there was no reason for such a beautiful, intelligent, sweet popular young man to do this. He had everything in the world to live for and yet he chose to leave us. After hearing what was said in Glenn's reading, my heart felt relieved. I knew I would never have my son back but I realized that he is happy where he is. I then called Glenn myself and had a telephone reading hoping to hear from my son. Thank God, my son did come through. We talked on the phone for over an hour and everything Glenn said was exactly right. I was amazed at the information Glenn gave me. He had a great connection with my son. He described how my son looked, stories about when he was alive, and an amazing miracle on how he is living though my little grandson. Glenn Klausner deserves to be right in the running with all the top mediums. He is truly God sent. I would be glad to give any testimonial anytime for Glenn. I typed our conversation (reading) and read it regularly. Glenn is not only an excellent medium but he really cares and it comes through on his readings.

Donna S.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dear Mr. Olson,

I read your testimonial regarding Glenn Klausner and, since I've had readings with Glenn, wanted to affirm and confirm your assessment of this remarkable psychic medium.

I first came into contact with Glenn well over a year ago. I was searching for a psychic medium that could connect me with my son who died in the year 2000.  One of the first things Glenn said was extremely validating to me; he used a phrase and called me by what my son used to call me. I was so surprised that I asked him to repeat what he had just said. (I have three children. My son that died is the only one that addresses me by the name Glenn spoke.) To Glenn, this was no big deal. To me it was the confirmation I needed as assurance that it was my son and that Glenn's talents are for real. Glenn also correctly identified my son's birth sign, with no hints whatsoever.

There were mysterious and tragic circumstances surrounding my son's death and Glenn hit on things that no one could have known. I only wish the police cared as much as Glenn Klausner does.

Glenn is kind, compassionate and open to even higher levels of enlightenment. He does not claim to be 100% right all the time and actually listens when you have something to say. This is very healing to a bereaved parent...we need someone to listen until it is no longer necessary to be heard.

One more thing, Glenn received messages about Sept.11th from my son in June 2001. I was taking notes during the reading and those things made no sense to me, or Glenn, until Sept. 11, 2001. I was reviewing notes in October when I came across the ones from the June reading and saw all the "pointers" to the Sept. 11th tragedy. I contacted Glenn and told him about it. He was surprised by my notes/his reading and, like all of us, upset about the events of that day. We both realized that there was nothing we could have done to prevent it, but the June reading is still amazing to me. 

There is much more I could tell you about accurate readings from Glenn, but this email is getting rather long. 

Let me close by saying that you have made an excellent choice with Glenn Klausner. He is a beautiful person that acknowledges his talent as a gift from God, meant to be shared for the good of humankind. I'm glad that you list him on your web site under "Best Psychic Mediums" because he is definitely one of the best.

Bonnie B.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I wanted to share my experience with you when Glenn did a reading for my family. For us, it was truly amazing!! He started out talking about a young boy who was in the hospital who recently got hurt. The amazing part of that was that it was my son. He got hurt that day and required him to have stitches in his chin. I was late to the reading because of this. There was no way that he could have known that without his gift because it only happened hours before the reading. 

During the reading, he said that he saw a male figure laughing about superhero's and said that he didn't know the little boy who got hurt when he was alive. The male figure, without a doubt, was my brother who passed away when he was 24 years old. My brother, as a child, loved superhero's and my son loves them as well. My brother also said that he saw my son playing with a small black dog. We have a small black dog that my son plays with all the time. Another thing that was mentioned was that my brother said that my son was named after him!! This is true.  Both my son and my brother's names are Rodney!!  My family and I, always thought that my son was just like my brother. They both loved superhero's, motor cycles and the beach. One thing that Glenn said was that if you sat the two of them face to face that they would be a mirror image of one another. Glenn has never seen my brother or my son (our reading was over the phone), however, if you put them face to face the both have a beauty mark on the opposite sides of the cheeks, hence the mirror image. We always thought that they looked and acted SO much alike that we often thought that my brother was a part of my son in some way. Glenn told us in our reading that my brother said that he in fact was a part of him and lives through him. This just confirmed was we always thought!!

The main reason that we contacted Glenn is to find out why my brother killed himself. Through Glenn we were able to find out why!! For anyone who has lost a loved one in such a horrible way can relate to the not knowing why. My brother explained, through Glenn, how he did it and gave us an explanation of why. Glenn never knew how my brother died, so it was amazing that he could tell us that. 

Talking with Glenn was the best thing that I have ever done!!  He told us things that NO ONE would have known without knowing us personally. We (Glenn and my family) never met face to face or ever talked to him until the day of the reading. He didn't want us to elaborate on anything, he wanted to tell us what he was seeing. He gave myself and my family a piece of mind that we have not had in 13 years!!  For my parents, well, it was almost like a HUGE weight was lifted off of their shoulders and that they could finally move on with their lives.  I think that it also helps them to know that my son Rodney has a lot of his uncle Rodney in him. I thank God everyday for that discussion with Glenn. 

Nicole B.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I would like to tell you a little bit about my experience with Glenn Klausner. 

I lost a friend quite unexpectedly and because of the distance and situation, I had only a few facts. I was devastated and called Glenn. Not only did my friend come through but so did a couple of my relatives. The reading contained information that was known to few people as well as many messages and validations. I was able to tell my friend things that I had wanted to say and was able to hear what I so badly needed to hear. After the session I felt peace and a beautiful sense of love. Glenn is a kind, compassionate and giving man. The readings were full of love, understanding, humor, and encouragement. I felt blessed not only by the love from beyond but also for finding Glenn Klausner! 

Lori K.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I just wanted to write a few lines to tell you of my experience with Glenn Klausner. He is a most gifted psychic medium, and through his wonderful readings and loving soul, has become a special friend. 

From the very first contact with Glenn, I felt like I knew him all of my life. He told me things about my loved ones that only I would know, and made many helpful suggestions during some difficult situations.

Anyone who has a reading with Glenn will definitely get a genuine feeling of well-being and contentment, with a release of all worry and anxiety and feel safe in the knowledge that their loved ones are safe and in a wonderful place on the "other side," a place filled with love and contentment.

I cannot say enough about Glenn, and I highly recommend anyone getting a reading with Glenn. They will truly be glad they did. With all sincerity, I will gladly speak with anyone through email that has any doubts at all about Glenn. He will truly change their lives for the better.

Josephine H.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hi Bob,

My name is Becky Whitaker. I have had two readings with Glenn Klausner. Both readings were unbelievable. I have validated most of everything he has told me. Some things validated themselves. 

To give you an example: The last time I talked to Glenn, he told me my Dad was showing him a picture of a boy dressed in camouflage. For my son's birthday last year, we gave him a camouflage birthday, and bought him a camouflage outfit. That very same day that I talked to Glenn (two months after my son's birthday), my mother stopped by my house with some pictures that she had dropped off to be developed, and had forgotten about them. When she went to pick some others up, the man behind the counter asked her if she wanted her others that she had never gotten. When I opened the pictures my heart skipped a beat, there was my son dressed in his camouflage! Talk about validation! 

Glenn also said that my Dad was taking him down a long remote road to a long white house, and the lawn was very green, my Dad was sending a message that we needed to check the sprinkler system.  I said, my house is white, but little, and doesn't have a sprinkler system; my mother's is beige. Glenn said, "No, it's not your house or your mother's." All I could think about was the mill my Dad spent 25 years at, which had a long remote driveway, a beautiful green lawn, and a big sprinkler system that he was in control of. Since my Dad has been gone, I have always complained about the sprinklers always being off. That evening, I called my best friend and told her what Glenn said. She called her Dad (who had worked for my Dad), and told him, "Mr. Anderson said you need to check the sprinkler system at the mill". And his response was: the fire hydrant had went out that morning, and he had been working on the sprinkler system all day long!

Glenn also told me to tell the son-in-law my Dad said happy birthday. My Dad only had one son-in-law---my husband, and his b'day was the next day.

Glenn is amazing, he has an incredible gift, and he has changed my life.  I now know for sure that there is life after death, and I no longer fear the unthinkable. If you need to know anymore let me know. I have plenty more to tell, Glenn is my favorite subject. 

Take care,
Becky W.   

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The first time I called Glenn was about 6 months after my new boyfriend had passed away from a drug overdose. I didn't have closure to his death and calling Glenn was kind of scary. Before I got on the phone with Glenn I lit a candle, took my boyfriends picture and said a prayer. When I called I couldn't believe all that Glenn was telling me.  He described him to the tee, said his name and told me things that only my boyfriend and me knew about. It brought so much closure for me and made me understand that death isn't the end, that it is truly just the beginning.

Since then I have had a few readings with Glenn where I have spoken with my Grandfather, uncle and my boyfriend again. ALL of his readings were very accurate and as time went by all the things that he talked about make more sense to me now. He actually predicted I would meet the man I am getting ready to marry in 3 months. Thank you Glenn for lifting my spirits and helping me understand that there is truly life after death. 

Christine, Tampa FL

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I had a reading with Glenn about a year and a half ago. It was more than I expected. He blew my mind with the information he gave me and the things he knew about my life and the people in it. I will be calling Glenn again for another reading. Glenn is a super guy and an awesome psychic. I have recommended him to many people and will continue to do so!



Glenn Klausner