How to Spot a Fake Psychic Medium or Scam Artist

“How do you spot a fake psychic medium or scam artist? I spell it out for you in this video report. This might be one of the most important videos I’ve created, as many people have been scammed out of thousands of dollars. Don’t be fooled again. I explain how in this video.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

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Today I’m going to talk about how to spot a phony, fraud, or scam artist.  There are certain ways you can spot them, but let me start by just saying, there are not as many fakes out there as people believe.  Yes, they exist.  This is why you’ve got to watch out for them.  This is why I’m doing this video.  But there are not as many as some skeptics would like you to believe.  But let’s just talk about the worst case scenario, the scam artists.

Now, there are really two types of scams that are the most common, that you’ve really got to watch out for.  The first is more prominent than the other.  It’s just called “curse removal.”  This is such a typical scam.  It plays right into peoples’ fears, and this is why it works.

Here’s what they do:  In most cases, they are looking for psychic junkies for the most part, all right.  So they’re looking for people who come back regularly, who are sort of easy to take advantage of and a lot of times what they’ll do is –   I’m going to teach you how to spot a fake in a moment but, they end up giving readings to someone and the person doesn’t recognize them as a fake.

As they get the first reading, second reading, third reading, maybe fifth reading, maybe 10th reading; they are learning a lot about this person just because of the questions that they ask, the conversations they’re having with these people.  Maybe even after the reading, they might talk to you a little bit and they’re learning things about you.

Really what they’re looking for – first of all, the want to know how vulnerable you are, how easy it might be to take advantage of you, but they’re also looking to find out how much money you have.  They’ll try to figure out really how much money you have saved, how much money you have in the bank.

Then what’s going to happen; and this might happen at the first reading, it might happen in the third, it might happen at the ninth or 10th.   Once they figure they’ve gained your trust and you really think they’re a legitimate psychic or medium, they then tell you that you have a curse on you and the reason you’re not making the money that want, the reason why you’re having financial problems, or the reason why you’re having problems with your career, or the reason why you’re having relationship issues and that you can’t find your soul mate is because someone put a curse on you and all they need to do is remove that curse for you and your life is just going to be magical and you’ll live happily ever after.

However, to remove that curse, it’s going to cost a lot of money.  If they already have a sense of how much money you have, that could be anywhere from $600 or $800 to $2,000 to I’ve heard as much as $20,000 something dollars that they had taken advantage of people with this curse removal scam and had people actually go – and this is what they often try to do – you wire the money to them.

They don’t want a check.  They don’t want to do it through a credit card because you can get a chargeback on that.  They don’t really want any trail; they want you to wire the money to them.  They’ll give you a reason why they want you to wire it.  They’ll come up with all kinds of reasons why it should be wired and not you write a check or do a credit card.  And then they’re just going to take that money from you and you’ll never hear from them again.  They’ll disappear.

So that’s the curse removal.  I just want to say, there is no curse.  You do not have a curse on you.  There are no curses, and they don’t have the ability to remove them.  First of all because they’re not true.  You don’t have a curse on you.  Second of all, they don’t have some special power that allows them to remove curses from you.  So don’t believe in it, don’t fall into the fear.

I understand why people fall for it.  You know you think about it, someone has just told you there is a curse on you and all they have to do is remove it for you and everything is going to be ok.  It’s easy to think back like, “Oh yeah, I’ve had a lot of problems lately.  I got fired from my job,” or “My husband left me.”  All of these different things that are going through your head and it helps to convince you that, “Oh, well now it makes sense. I had a curse on me, that’s why things have been going so bad.”  It has nothing to do with poor choices in your life, right.

So it’s a great way to understand all the bad things that have happened to you.  But the reality is, it doesn’t exist.  People can’t put curses on other people.  And certainly for the same reason, no psychic or medium can remove a curse for you.  So don’t fall for that scam, all right.

The second one is a little more delicate.  It’s called “spell casting.”  It’s a little different than the curse removal.  In this particular case, they will tell you that by paying them a certain fee; they will put a spell either out into the universe or usually on another person in order to get that person to do something for them.  So they might put a spell on your ex-husband to cause him to want to fall back in love with you.  Or maybe some gal that you’re head over heels about, they’ll put a spell on her so that she’ll fall in love with you.

Other people have told me that the psychic or medium said that they would put a spell on a potential employer so that you could get the job that you want.

There are all sorts of reasons why people put spells – or sometimes they just put a spell out into the universe so that abundance and prosperity will come your way.

The same thing; this is a classic, very typical scam that people are pulling on people.  The amount of money that they charge for this spell casting ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  Don’t fall for it.

Now, there’s a little caveat to this.  There are some people who see spell casting – they’re not doing it as scam artists, they see it, they’re using the phrase spell casting to really mean to help you set intentions.  And intention setting is a completely different thing.

Intention setting is about basically doing a ritual or saying a prayer; just putting out your desires to the universe so that the universe reflects those desires, that thinking, that mindset back to you, so that life happens the way you want it to.  Intention setting is like the Law of Attraction kind of stuff.  If you’ve read or saw the movie The Secret, you know, this is really what that was all about – intention setting.

And some people take it so far as to create a ritual out of it, so they might sell you a candle so that you light the candle and when you light the candle and you’re watching the candle burn, you’re thinking about the things, the intentions that you want to create the life of your desire.

This is different. I don’t agree with it.  I don’t agree with any kind of spell casting, but if people are trying to sell you a candle for 7 bucks or 15 bucks, these are not the scams that I’m talking about with the spell casting.  The thing with spell casting is we cannot – nobody, can exert their will upon someone else’s will and cause them, force them, even influence them to do something that they’re not willing to do.  We all have free will; nobody can influence us in that way.

At the same time, we can set intentions.  We can set out desires out into the universe and hope that our spirit guides, the universe will help to create the life that we desire, the life that we’re imagining and asking for in those intentions, and that’s completely different.  If someone is trying to help you with a ritual, you don’t need the ritual.  But if someone is trying to help you with, let’s say, candle burning or something like that, you don’t need a special candle that’s for prosperity or for love or whatever it may be.  You don’t need it, but if it helps you to take the time and sit back and think about that intention, then that’s not a bad thing.  But don’t’ confuse the two.

Anyways, those are the two most common scams.

Now getting back to fakes.  Again, not as many as people think there are out there, but they do exist.  The problem is, it’s very difficult for most people to recognize a phony, fraud, or scam artist if they’re not real familiar with getting readings from psychics and mediums, from legitimate ones.

So I’m just going to tell you a little bit about what you can watch out for.  First of all, they’re going to ask a lot of leading questions.  Some people call this fishing or cold reading.  They’re going to ask you a lot of questions that they shouldn’t be asking.  Really, the best psychics and mediums are telling you information and the only question they should be asking you is, do you understand the information that I’m telling you?

So they can ask you that question.  They want to make sure that you can acknowledge the information that they’re giving you so that they’re on the right track and that you’re understanding everything.  But they shouldn’t be asking you like, “Who has cancer?”

Like that’s a very leading question because most of us knows someone who has been diagnosed with cancer in our life.  When you ask an open-ended question like that, you’re going to think, “Oh wow, that psychic is really good.  They knew that somebody in my life had cancer.”

And then you go and tell them who that is and they’ll use that information that you tell them in order to make the reading better.  That’s what the fakes are doing.  So the first thing is they’re going to ask a lot of leading questions.

They’re also going to have a lot of misses.  Now I talk about hits and misses, hits meaning things that they get right; misses being things that they got wrong.  There’s going to be a lot more misses and very few hits, and the hits that they give you are not going to be compelling hits.

Now compelling hits, these are things that the psychic or medium cannot possibly have known about you because they don’t know you, they’re a stranger to you.  They’re giving you information that they couldn’t know and the more detail the better.

I often use an example I had in the very first reading I ever had the medium said, “You father’s coming through.  He’s telling me that one of his proudest moments was when you played a solo on your saxophone in the middle school band concert.”

That’s a great hit right.  It’s a very compelling hit.  I did play the saxophone.  I did play a solo.  There were only two solos in the middle school band concerts and I was one of them.  So these are not just things that you can say to anybody and get them right, these were very detailed, very compelling and you’re not going to get that from the fakes.  They’re going to have a lot of vague generalities.  So they’re going to tell you things like, “I know that you’re at a crossroads in your life.”  Who isn’t in a crossroads in their life, right.

Now again, some legitimate psychics will tell you the same thing, because we are all probably at a crossroads in our lives.  So you’re going to hear that from legitimate ones, but you’re going to get a lot of vague generalities from the fakes, so that’s what you’ve got to watch out for.

It’s like, “What is this?”  Like, there’s nothing detailed.  No names, no dates, no details, places that I’ve been to, places, memories that me and my loved one had.  Like there’s nothing that they’re getting right; it’s all very vague stuff.  That’s what should put you on the alert that you might be dealing with a fake.

Then the last thing I’ll just say is when the psychic or the medium, the fake is giving you information and it’s wrong, because they’re going to have a lot of stuff that’s wrong because they’re fake, you’re going to let them know, probably in a nice way that it doesn’t make sense.  “No, that doesn’t make sense.  No, that’s wrong.”  So their response to these misses are really going to be what teaches you that they are fake as well.

So the phony frauds and scam artists are either going to ignore what you said.  They’re going to ignore that you’re not acknowledging these messages.  They’re going to get flustered by it.  They’re going to get angry because you’re telling then, and they’re going to maybe become argumentative with you, tell you that you’re wrong and that they’re right.

So these are the kinds of things that you can watch out for.  Again, it’s very difficult to tell a fake unless you’re very experienced with legitimate psychics and mediums, but those are just a few things that you can watch out for.  If you think you’re dealing with a fake, just don’t get readings from that person.

So I wish you a lot of luck.  Stick with people who you learn from – referrals, people who you know who are good, people who are endorsed, people who are in the know, people who have tested them like me and others who sort of write about their best readings.

You know, on, we have reviews on there.  We have thousands of reviews from people who have readings. If you see that someone has 150 positive reviews about their readings, chances are those 150 people are not all wrong.

Anyways, I hope this is helpful to you and I wish you luck.  Bye.


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