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If Angels Could Guide Us Directly, Psychic Medium Jennifer Farmer Reveals What They'd Say

"An Intuitive Reading with Jennifer is not focused on contacting deceased loved ones, but rather on receiving ANSWERS and GUIDANCE from both SPIRIT and ENERGY. An Intuitive Reading assists us in dealing with our personal and professional concerns from all levelsphysically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually."  ~ Bob Olson


If you are new to my websites, you might not know that I was once a steadfast skeptic when it came to psychics and psychic mediums. I was skeptical about pretty much anything related to the paranormal. I certainly didn’t believe that anyone had the ability to read our energy, as psychics claim. And, like most people over a decade ago, I had no idea that anyone even claimed to communicate with spirits. It wasn’t until 1999 that I stumbled upon my first psychic medium and my entire world changed.

As a former private investigator, I was instantly intrigued with the extraordinary evidence I’d received in my reading to indicate proof of an afterlife, so I was inspired to investigate psychic mediumship further. And, as a recently published author, I was looking for a subject on which to write my next book. Having been blown away by this reading of spirit communication, I chose to investigate and write about psychic mediums. Little did I know this pursuit would consume me for the next decade, possibly the rest of my life.

Now, more than eleven years later, I have continued to research and write about psychic mediumship and have tested hundreds of psychic mediums across the globe. I’ve learned a wealth of knowledge about spirits and the afterlife, including a wide array of information from the accumulated experiences of the gifted people I’ve tested, interviewed and investigated. Today, Magazine,, and have all resulted from my work in this area. in particular is a site I created for my list of personal favorites—the psychics and psychic mediums I personally recommend as extraordinary and outstanding. My recommendations are based on who gave me the best readings. I started this list in 2001. However, as time has continued, my standards for what makes a psychic medium extraordinary and outstanding have increased, so it has become increasingly difficult to get on and stay on my list. Hence, as of today, I have not added anyone to my list for two-and-a-half years.


This article marks a special event because I have finally found someone who has met my standards and qualifies for my recommended list. I am especially pleased and excited to introduce you to Jennifer Farmer, a single mother, a lively and kind-hearted young woman, and an incredibly gifted psychic medium with abilities that are slightly different than anyone I’ve recommended thus far.

What most excites me about Jennifer’s reading style is that she integrates both “psychic insight” with “spirit communication” for an information-packed reading that gives us answers and direction from both sources. What she calls an Intuitive Reading utilizes both her ability to read energy (as a psychic) and her ability to receive messages from spirit (as a medium) to provide us with the desired guidance that we seek and might not trust from our own intuition.

In a normal reading with a psychic medium, we are generally given messages from deceased loved ones as evidence that they have lived on in the afterlife.  Most people go to psychic mediums in order to connect with a loved one who has passed.

In a normal reading with a psychic, on the other hand, we are generally given messages about ourselves based on information the psychic receives from our personal energy field (aura) or Universal energy. The psychic might typically tell us something about our personality, about the issues with which we are struggling, and then proceed to give us future predictions on how those issues will turn out.

While Jennifer Farmer is a psychic medium who can provide both types of readings individually, I am recommending her for an Intuitive Reading, which integrates both the psychic reading and the mediumship reading into one. This is an area of strength that really makes Jennifer stand out from the rest.

An Intuitive Reading is not focused on contacting deceased loved ones, however, but rather on receiving ANSWERS and GUIDANCE from both SPIRIT and ENERGY. An Intuitive Reading assists us in dealing with our personal and professional concerns from all levels—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


I first became aware of Jennifer because she’s passionate about her work. By that I mean she is out in the world sharing her gift with the public. Jennifer can frequently be seen giving demonstrations at new age fairs and body, mind & spirit expos around the country. She makes personal appearances at private events, offers psychic and mediumship development circles, and even provides group meditation sessions so that people can meditate together and so she can teach people how to meditate on their own. On Mother’s Day, for instance, Jennifer shared her gift with a group of mothers who wanted to make their day extra special.

When a psychic medium is out giving readings to people in front of audiences, it’s obvious that they have a certain amount of confidence in their abilities. If you’re not good at giving readings, you tend to stay out of the public eye and only give readings for one of those psychic or medium hotlines—the kind where they don’t even use their real names, but prefer nicknames of flowers or planets. Not Jennifer Farmer, she is constantly in the public eye, helping as many people as she can and using her real first and last name.


Jennifer listed herself on my newest online directory for psychics and psychic mediums,, so she fell upon my radar screen when I first created that resource in early 2007. As a result, I watched to see what kind of feedback I’d get from the public about her, just as I do with all the psychic mediums listed there. Since that directory allows the public to write testimonials about their readings for each psychic medium, it allows me to see which psychics and psychic mediums receive the most positive reviews. Jennifer quickly received one of the highest number of positive reviews on the entire directory, so I kept my eye on her.

Because of my directory, Jennifer and I had occasional contact. But, one day, when I was struggling with a project and was very close to throwing in the towel because of some silly excuse I was making, Jennifer “coincidentally” called me even though I hadn’t heard from her in a long time. It was a Sunday morning, so she left me a voice message. Here’s what she said:

“Bob, this is Jennifer Farmer. I was meditating this morning and thought of you as I was given a message. I don’t know who the message is for, but I know I’m supposed to deliver it to you. The message is: Your spirit needs you to do something, so stop making excuses and just do it. I hope you understand it.”

Jennifer’s phone call couldn’t have been more timely. Her message got me back on track and saved me from destroying something that was important to me on a spiritual level. I was amazed at her accuracy and timing on the matter, as I had just spent hours contemplating my concerns the night before.

Months later, I happened to have the opportunity to experience one of Jennifer’s Intuitive Readings. Even better, my wife, Melissa, also got a reading on the same day. This gave me the unique opportunity to listen to two of Jennifer’s readings, both my own and Melissa’s.

Jennifer has a very organized method for conducting her readings. I learned later that she tries to cover the following areas, depending on how much time is available and what information comes through: spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, professional relationships, personal relationships and relationship to money.


From the first thirty seconds of my reading, Jennifer totally zeroed in on the exact issues I had been dealing with in my life. I told her nothing. She knew precisely what I had been struggling with personally and professionally. She then gave me profound advice on how to deal with those issues.

Since readings are only about an hour long, I appreciated that Jennifer didn’t beat around the bush. It was like BAM, here’s what the problem is… BAM, here’s what you need to do about it… and BAM, here’s what spirit has to say about it to help you. 

Most of the information Jennifer was getting came from spirit. But if I had any questions, or if something that spirit said didn’t make sense to me, Jennifer would use her psychic ability for more insight or added clarity. It was very cool.

Here’s exactly how the reading started:

“Bob,” began Jennifer, “I’m being told by spirit that this reading is about clearing your head. I see that you’ve been going through a dry spell in terms of inspiration. Spirit tells me that your energy has been low because of it. And they say that you need to find a way to pick up your energy while in between discoveries that renew your passion.”

Jennifer was dead-on accurate. I had recently talked with Melissa about this exact issue. Since founding Magazine in 2000, I had been testing spiritual experiences with a wide array of practitioners and writing about those that were the most amazing. Yet it had been a long time since I’d felt the passion of a new spiritual experience and I missed it.

Jennifer continued, “You also have some big projects that you need to get off your plate. You need to finish some things you are working on. In order to move forward, you need to complete what you’re doing now. And it’s important that you do this soon. Do you know what I’m talking about, Bob?”

I did know what she was talking about. At the time of that reading, although few people knew about these projects, I had a lot of work on my lap. I was editing a documentary that I had filmed two years prior. I had just filmed a new, although smaller, project that now needed to be edited. I was ghostwriting a book for a client who was anxious to get it written. And I have five websites that require a lot of my time. Jennifer Farmer couldn’t have been more right. I needed to finish some of these projects before I could add anything new to my workload.

Jennifer then offered some advice. “Spirit is telling me that there is a natural ebb and flow in both inspiration and writing. They say that because you are belligerent about constantly working so hard, they have shut off any incoming experiences so that you can finish these projects and make room for something new. Once you have created more space in your life, the flow of inspiration will return. In the meantime, just keep writing as if journaling. This will help you keep the energy flowing.”

Jennifer continued, “Bob, they keep telling me that you’ve been belligerent about taking time off from work. Why do you push yourself to work so hard? This is an old pattern that is coming back in. It’s been passed down through generations of men in your family. But it’s something that you need to change. Work smarter, not harder. And take more time to get grounded. You’re so in your head.”

“Does Melissa garden?” Jennifer asked. “They’re showing me her in the garden.”

Melissa was gardening at that exact moment I was getting the reading.

“They are advising you to work in the garden with Melissa. Feel the dirt in your hands. Ground yourself with mindless activity. It’s a good way to de-stress your mind.”

All of what Jennifer said made perfect sense for that time in my life. There was no question that I had become so busy with work and taken on so many projects that there was little time or energy left for new inspirations. My workload was often a cause of immense stress. And it has been proven to me time and again that once we free up the time and space for new people, ideas and activities to flow in, they will enter. But so long as we keep our minds, schedules and lives filled to the brim, it’s like trying to add more sand to an already overflowing bucket—there’s just no room for anything else.

By this point in the reading, I was already enthusiastic. Jennifer was right on about everything so far. These were the exact issues with which I was dealing on a daily basis. And these were private matters to me, so I wasn’t writing about them or sharing them with other people. I can share them with you now because they are in my past. However, at the time, I wasn’t sharing them with anyone but Melissa. So Jennifer, who barely knew me and did not know Melissa, could only be getting this information from spirit. And it was impressive.

Then she really surprised me.

“Bob, what’s happening with the book?” she asked. Not that Jennifer knew I currently had a literary agent or that I had received offers from three publishers. She was simply getting the message that she needed to address “the book.” And this is where my father (in spirit) stepped in.

Introducing my father into the reading, Jennifer correctly gave me the month that my father had passed. She described a noteworthy conversation I had with him on his deathbed, which was especially remarkable of her. She described a few characteristics about his personality. And she accurately mentioned a living relative to whom he was reaching out, someone Jennifer didn’t know.

Jennifer would have provided me with more evidence about my father if I had asked, but that’s not what this type of reading is all about. An “Intuitive Reading” is about personal and spiritual growth. It’s about receiving direction and answers. So I only wanted to hear my father’s messages of guidance in reference to the issues Jennifer had addressed, not evidence of his continued existence.

Interestingly, I could easily tell from the words Jennifer conveyed that it was my father who was delivering these messages through her. Our deceased loved ones all have an identifiable vernacular and a handful of words or phrases that they used frequently. Jennifer did this so brilliantly that I had no question it was my father who was passing along his advice.

Here is what my father in spirit conveyed through Jennifer:

“Bob,” said Jennifer, “your father says that you tend to like being alone. You’re a private person. But he’s insisting that you need to understand that people like hearing what you have to say. They are inspired by what you’ve learned. Don’t protect yourself so much. This means you need to write more. You need to speak in public more. And you need to get moving on some things. Your father is saying that you need to take action and have your book finished by December.” And then Jennifer began laughing at how demanding my father was being. Jennifer has a wonderful sense of humor.

Once again, everything that Jennifer relayed from my father was correct. I am very private. I do tend to retreat inward. And I haven’t written any articles or spoken in public in a while. Like so many writers and speakers, I tend to forget that anyone cares to read or hear what I have to say, which is easy to do when you spend most of your waking hours working in front of a computer.

My father is also correct in saying that I protect myself. If you’ve ever written a book or article, and especially if you’ve ever given a talk to hundreds of people, you know what a vulnerable position that is. Yet this is why I craved the inspiration and passion that I’ve felt in the past. When I’m feeling passionate about something, I’m overflowing with so much enthusiasm that I can’t wait to tell people about it. Passion and inspiration are the motivational elixir to my complacency and procrastination.

Jennifer could never have known these things about me. My father did.

“Your father says he is supporting you from the other side,” said Jennifer. “He’s telling you to keep your head up and keep marching forward. He says that you are just like he was in life—he put his heart first. And in order to serve the world with your investigations of spirituality, you need to put your heart first and spread your message. You have to take risks to get ahead in life.”

My father was all about taking risks. If there’s one thing he taught me, it’s that it is okay to take risks, even if you fail, because it’s the risks we don’t take that we regret, not the failures. And this is where he got back to talking about my book. 

“You need to get a move on. You need to get your book done by December. And you need to trust in your own judgment and choose a publishing company,” said my father through Jennifer. And this is when Jennifer, my father and I actually talked about the various offers I had from publishers. My father was strong in his advice on which publisher to go with and why. He told me that I would get lost in the pile of authors at one publishing company, that another wasn’t aligned with my energy and to avoid them, and that my book’s success would help build the success of a third publishing company, if I chose that one. He added that my energy and philosophies were in alignment with the people at that third publishing company.

This was very thorough information, which is why I love Jennifer’s Intuitive Readings. And it all resonated with what I had been feeling on my own.

Now let me digress here a moment. Because I want to teach you that I don’t take advice from psychic mediums and I don’t take advice from deceased loved ones in spirit. What I do is “take this advice into account” as I make my own decisions, just as I would take any person’s advice into account. But I do not give extra weight to the psychic medium’s advice or to the advice of spirits. I just accept it for what it is—another opinion. Yet it is a valuable confirmation to what my own intuition is telling me.

As mentioned, what was especially cool during this reading was that the words Jennifer conveyed from my father were the exact words and phrases that he commonly used when he was alive here on earth. Keep your head up, Bob. Don’t be afraid to take risks in life. You need to get a move on. Trust in your own judgment. These were all phrases that my father repeated often when he was still here on earth. Jennifer not only had the messages right; I knew she had the exact words that my father was speaking to her.

Believe it or not, this was only a fraction of my reading with Jennifer. She gave me so much more. As a few examples, here are some other valuable things that came through in my Intuitive Reading with her:

  • One uncle who Jennifer identified by name (who had never come through in my hundreds of readings) showed up and gave me several messages, including many details about his life and how he passed. He even called me a “whipper snapper.” I hope that’s a good thing.
  • Another uncle came through and was identified by name. He, too, had never come through in any other reading. Jennifer described his physical appearance and personality perfectly before giving me his messages of guidance.
  • Jennifer knew I was about to begin jogging again (which was true), but spirit recommended that it wasn’t a good exercise for my body. Great timing on that message, as I was just about to start; and I have no doubt that the advice is wise (I’ve tried jogging many times over the past 20 years and always had to stop due to physical injuries).
  • Jennifer relayed the message that I needed to learn how to be comfortable with not knowing the outcome of things to come. (Someone up there knows me too well.)
  • One loved one in spirit recommended I learn how to be happy in a lower gear, that I tend to be going, going, going all the time. Likewise, I need to learn how to relax. (True, true, true!)
  • Jennifer passed on messages about a dog in spirit who was present at the reading and who’s passing due to cancer took a toll on me in my youth. I remember that dog and his passing well. It was one of my early grief experiences that prepared me for this work, I’m sure.
  • And there were some future predictions given, though I won’t identify them here specifically, as I’m still not a big fan of predictions (they are too often wrong with any psychic or psychic medium). Nevertheless, Jennifer passed along what she was getting.

Once again, I should point out that the spirit communication in this reading was not for the purpose of contacting deceased loved ones; it was about the guidance and advice that those spirits had to pass along. And Jennifer was in contact with both deceased loved ones AND spirit guides (angels or ascended masters who watch over and guide us). So she was giving me advice from all levels.

This reading really made me feel as if Jennifer Farmer was able to see right into me. The advice that came through both psychically and via spirit was so perfectly matched with what my own intuition knew I should be doing that there was no question in my mind that Jennifer’s messages were precise and reliable. This is the key question: Does it resonate with what your own intuition tells you?


I was already giddy with excitement over my reading with Jennifer, but then I listened to the recording of my wife’s reading, which Jennifer gave Melissa just ten minutes after my own. Because Jennifer knew virtually nothing about Melissa, hearing Melissa’s reading really validated what I was already feeling—that Jennifer’s Intuitive Readings are extraordinary and outstanding.

Jennifer knew things about Melissa, her past, her personality, her relationship with me, and Melissa’s relationship with herself that nobody else, including friends and relatives, knew about her. She knew what kind of work Melissa had been doing spiritually, emotionally and physically to improve herself, and she knew how long she’d been doing those things. She knew her likes and dislikes. She knew her strengths and weaknesses. And she had solid, practical advice for Melissa that made sense regarding how to grow spiritually, emotionally and physically.

While my reading was very focused on my work (most of my readings are), Melissa’s reading was more about her health and wellbeing. And the advice, once again, was in line with everything Melissa felt using her own intuition. In fact, Melissa told me that what she’d learned from her reading was a valuable confirmation that she was moving in the right direction with the way she eats, exercises, makes choices, treats people and lives her life. She felt very peaceful after her reading with Jennifer.

As if my reading with Jennifer was not already remarkable, listening to Melissa’s reading with Jennifer confirmed my feelings about her gifted ability to help people positively change their lives. If you are struggling in a relationship, have questions about your career, wish to improve your health, are having difficulty finding your way in life for one reason or another, an Intuitive Reading with Jennifer Farmer could be the perfect tool for guidance.

If Jennifer Farmer can impress me this much after having hundreds of readings in more than 11 years of researching psychic mediums (since 1999), then I’m sure she’ll impress you, too. Jennifer offers readings by phone to anyone around the world or you can set up an in-person reading by visiting her website at Tell Jennifer you read about her session with Bob Olson and you want the same kind of reading.


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"An Intuitive Reading with Jennifer is not focused on contacting deceased loved ones, but rather on receiving ANSWERS and GUIDANCE from both SPIRIT and ENERGY. An Intuitive Reading assists us in dealing with our personal and professional concerns from all levels—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. " ~ Bob Olson