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Laura Scott

Psychic Medium, Channel For Healing & Spiritual Teacher

Laura Scott works as a psychic, medium, and channel for healing....she has been reading professionally for clients all over the world via phone for more than twenty years. Her clients number in the thousands. From political figures to famous athletes, entertainment figures, CEO's, doctors, and lawyers, to college students, grandparents and your next door neighbors...each one of her clients receives the same dedication, attention, and care.

" integral part of my life for the past four years, an advisor, a healer...helped me through my difficult divorce, a cancer battle, and provided many insights into rebuilding my life..." ~ Diana Tumminia, NY

Laura is a natural born channel. She does not need to be with her clients in order to help them. She 'steps into the slipstream' (as she affectionately calls it), opens up her channel...listens to your questions, accesses your chart information, past lives influencing your present, connects with guides, loved ones, performs health scans, and advises what she and The Committee see coming up. Laura can see inside a situation, and offer you new perspective on why things are the way they are and what needs to happen to help facilitate change. hour of enlightened wisdom that could propel you to a new level within your soulful journey..." ~ Bob Olson, founder,,,,

Laura's work is geared toward empowering her clients, alleviating their stress and helping them navigate their lives. Her readings are known for being thorough, accurate, full of humor, compassion, and inspiration. She has worked with all ages, all phases of life, always seeking to be a Ray of Light for those concerned. Clients often remark on the depth of her knowledge, and range of empowerment Laura shares. She is a natural teacher.

" to clearly explain what had happened in my life and what was yet to come...profoundly grateful to Laura for all her guidance, insight, healing, and support." ~ Carole Scribner

" light and my guide through some very difficult times...highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance from a psychic as she is truly authentic and a genuine gift to humanity. ~ Raquel Perry, Texas

Laura also performs Distance Clearing & Healing work for her clients, drawing on her God given skills as a channel and healer, her decades of professional experience, and ongoing studies. She is skilled in health scans, past lives, Universal Laws, guides, meditation, soul charts, integrative healing modalities, several forms of energy medicine and Bach Flower work, as well as a talented Reiki Master/Teacher.

What is a Channel?

Simply put, a channel is a conduit, a portal for The Other Side.

Channels typically go into an altered, trance-like state. They may relay information in their own voice with no memory of what's transpiring, or let their bodies be used first hand to communicate--resulting in an altered physical appearance, voice change, facial twitching, rocking, involuntary movement and more. Obviously, this requires a great deal of trust and grounding.

"I have the ultimate respect for the service Laura and her guides provide to people like myself...priceless. ~ Rob Lambert, California

Some channels only receive information, while others like Laura are also wired to 'lift off' or move stressful, depleting energy from people, opening the doorway for further healing to come in.

Who is The Committee?

The Committee is the group Laura works with and channels. They are Higher Ascended Beings on the Other Side, who work in service of God. They come together from beyond the Pleiades to offer insight and understanding for soul growth.

"My first contact with The Committee happened during a channeling session I had many years ago. For weeks I had been feeling energetically "pestered,"...I relaxed into a deeper trance...and like a rush of fresh air, there They were, telling me the highest truths about myself...explaining my work as a psychic & channel for healing...reawakening a memory in me from long's been an honor and an incredible adventure!" ~ Laura Scott

With humor, patience, compassion and grace, They generously and skillfully teach the lessons of the soul, stretching us beyond our earthly born ideas of who we are and "how we think things are supposed to be."

The Committee and Laura are regularly connected. Sometimes they will talk to her as if sitting beside her, as she swiftly relays their words and messages. Other times, they will draw in more closely and speak directly with clients. Although she may 'sound normal' during your reading, Laura has little to no memory of sessions. In order to help more people, and preserve Laura's life energy, over the years she and The Committee have developed quite an effective, rapid method for working.

"I have contacted Laura on several occasions, all of which have been exceptional." ~ Geraldine Ferry, Alaska

Laura's Bio

Laura may have a timeless, ethereal voice, however she is by-no-means a young soul! In chock-full earth years, she is (ahem) officially in the over 50 club. Along with her God given talents as a healing channel and psychic, she was born under the Mayan astrological sign of the Cib (keeb). Those born with this birth print have highly attuned intuition and serve as galactic conduits for Divine communication from Spirit. Cibs excel in giving enlightened advice, and in making good judgments for others.

Like many other psychics, intuitives and mediums, Laura was born with her gifts. She learned to 'keep it quiet' in the first part of her life so as not to upset the apple cart...until a series of personal events and tragedies in her twenties and thirties compelled her to step out into the Light...owning these gifts and her role as a channel for healing....working in service of others.

" matter how painful....cancer, heartache, losing those we love, dealing with difficult people...everything is a part of our experiential journey here on many ways I am just like you on this earthly journey...I'm not at all immune to life---more like fully immersed in it!" ~ Laura Scott

For over 13 years, Laura led retreats and pilgrimages into the Bahamas to swim with wild dolphins. Her abilities take her to many interesting cities and countries, where she conducts readings, channelings, events, workshops and more. Her readings and appearances regularly receive wonderful reviews.

Laura's Readings

30 or 60 appointment, over the phone. Your private session is recorded as an MP3 for you. During a reading, clients are often given tools and channeled affirmations to help facilitate their changes, healing and soul growth.

Not all psychics and mediums work the same. Some don't use questions, and give you fragmented pieces of information. Laura is different because she is also a channel and can access many simultaneous areas of information to give you information in depth. She will work off your questions. Readings are like dreams to her, in fact she may 'sound normal' but the running office joke is how altered she actually much so that just minutes after a reading she has little to no memory of what just happened!

Laura's Distance Clearings & Healings

Single or Multiple...helping to shift energy and facilitate healing either for yourself, a loved one or even for a pet! 

Different than a reading...clients simply provide the required information, then Laura goes to work behind the scenes. At the conclusion of your Distance Clearing & Healing work, our office will send you a note from Laura with information on her findings, any additional suggestions she may have to aid in your situation.

Because Laura is skilled in working with Energy, The Light, The Ascended Masters, Ascension, Angels and more, she is able to tap into energy fields to help clear, shift, and release energy, as well as to help promote & accelerate healing.

"...wonderful distance healing and clearing report...I felt my energy shift last week, and it coincided with when Laura did her work." ~ Sophie S.


Media Interests: Television, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Internet, Other


Laura Scott
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