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Client Testimonials...

Laura Scott

Psychic Medium, Channel For Healing & Spiritual Teacher

"I have asked myself, 'If psychic mediums allow us to become knowers, what type of spiritual practitioner assists us in going beyond knowing-to a greater depth of spiritual enlightenment?' I believe I have finally found the answer in a woman who recently reminded me of how magnificent a private reading can be. Laura Scott can communicate with spiritual masters and elders to discover your life purpose, life themes and to know your spirit hour of enlightened wisdom that could propel you to a new level within your soulful journey..." ~ Bob Olson, founder,,,,

"Laura was a true delight to have on my radio show Spirit Connections. Her wisdom and guidance to the callers were inspirational, and truly uplifting. Her warmth and compassion could be felt right through the airways, as she touched so many people's lives. I would love to have Laura back as a guest in the future." ~ John Holland,
Psychic Medium, Host of Spirit Connections on

"One of our very favorite guests, Laura is extremely talented at what she does and I would imagine that amongst her peers, and in peer reviews...she's at the top of her field! She regularly leaves our switchboard lit up and our callers on fire asking for were great again today Laura, just amazing! We can't wait to have you back! ~ Jesse Dylan, Nationally syndicated Talk Show Host on Syrius Satellite Radio,

"Laura, you've been an integral part of our lives for the past 3-4 years--my guiding light and force behind the scenes--you have been right on target about so much that it creeps me out sometimes!" 

"...a regular on my talk show...consistently fantastic. She possesses a natural warmth and genuineness that encourages listeners to feel comfortable with her. In addition.....her track record is unbelievable as far as accurate readings she gives people. The combination of her personality, style, and psychic talents make for a great guest we look forward to time and time again!" ~ Mary Jones, Host, The Mary Jones Show,

"Laura has been on...numerous times and always amazes the callers with her intuitive advice. She has gets many follow up calls to tell her just how accurate she is. Her cheery personality and care for people plainly comes across over the airwaves." ~ Wild Bill Hall, Producer The Mary Jones Show

"...wonderful presentation...the ladies loved you and commented on your nurturing and caring personality!" ~ Nadja Piatka, CEO Nadja Foods, Host of The Ultimate Girls Getaway, Bermuda,

I am a psychic and wanted a reading like everyone else. I found Laura and I am so amazed at her gift, compassion and insight. She was accurate and gave me answers that will help guide my lifes purpose. As a psychic I am very descerning. Laura is a shining star. She is the "Psychic's Psychic"! ~ Bee Herz

“Laura Scott is AMAZING! I'm a professional psychic and up until now have not been able to find someone that truly WOWS me. There are times when even the most in-tune intuitives need some guidance, so I'm thrilled I found someone I can trust. Laura is a straight-talking and down-to-earth marvel - who happens to have a crystal clear connection to the ethereal realms. I'm blessed that I found her, and you will be blessed from your experience with her too!” ~ Kari Samuels, Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach

"I'm forever recommending your cds! So much I that I loaned out mine. Grounding and Centering is still my favorite..." ~ Melissa Olson (Bob Olson's wife) 


. . .10/26/17: “The only person I could talk to about this in this way was with you Laura.” ~ Returnee. . .


. . .10/26/17: “I can’t thank you enough for helping me to get clear. I feel better about this already. Thank you so much.” ~ Thankful. . .


. . .10/24/17: “We spoke about ten months ago, crazy to think that went by that fast. A lot has hit on everything before” ~ Healing Veteran. . . 


. . .10/24/17: “You’ve picked up on everything, timewise everything happened in kinda the order that you expected it to, and things that I had hoped would happen did not happen yet as you did not expect them to.” ~ Even Better Now. . .


. . .10/24/17: “You said I’d get a job in spring—I thought there was NO WAY and low and behold it opened up just like that. I got a new job and relocated in the spring. You hit on everything” ~ Happy in the Midwest. . . 


. . .10/24/17: “Last time we talked you said that if an opportunity for a job came to me that was better that what I had, that I would accept it—and I did! And, I’ve now moved to San Antonio!” ~ Grateful For Guidance. . .


. . .10/24/17: “As always it was great talking and connecting with you Laura!” ~ Joyful Returnee. . . 


. . .10/6/17: “Perfect! That’s exactly right!...Wonderful, thank you so much Laura—I so appreciate it. You know just this little bit just gives me that ‘okay’...I really appreciate it!” ~ Blessed. . .


. . .9/22/17: “I thank you so much for what you do, it’s very amazing to me. But I appreciate it, because sometimes you just need to hear things. I will be in touch with you and I look forward to that! Lots of love” ~ North Carolina. . .


. . .9/22/17: “It totally makes sense! It’s definitely me! Excellent, all good stuff. Thank you so much! Have a blessed day!” ~ CC. . .


. . .9/21/17: “Laura, I want to say thank you and that your voice is so sweet to my ears. It was really pleasant to hear your voice at the beginning and through this whole time—I just want to say thank you for that. I know you don’t have any control over it but it’s really comforting to me and it probably helps you in your job. And also the visual examples that you give are really short, sweet and creative and it helped my brain, so thank you.” ~ Healing in the Carolina’s. . .


. . .9/18/17: Thank you for the information! That was extremely kind of Ms. Scott. If you can, I would love it if you could pass on my thanks! All the best. ~ Audrey. . .


. . .9/18/17: “It’s really great to speak with you!” ~ NY. . .


. . .9/18/17: “The last time we talked you gave me really amazing guidance. The most incredible thing was to change the job I had been at. Exactly what you said was going to take place, took place, like the timing, everything was so spot on.” ~ Happy Returnee. . .


. . .9/15/17: “Thank you so much. I appreciate you!” ~ Texas. . .


. . .9/15/17: “Your assistant is top notch, just awesome! Your office is so helpful!” ~ Joyful Newbie. . .


. . .9/15/17: “She is wonderful, tell her thank you!” ~ Happy. . .


. . .9/15/17: “I really appreciate your time” ~ Thankful. . .


. . .9/15/17: “I enjoyed communicating with you, your spirit guides and The Committee” ~ Anon. . .


. . .9/15/17: “I appreciate this experience. Blessings to you! Thank you!” ~ LG. . .


. . .9/13/17: Please let Laura know that the MRI brain scan at end of August showed 7 of the 9 growths no longer show in the scan and the remaining two are less than 3mm in size….Thank you so much for your work and kindness, we are blessed ~ Grateful. . .


. . .9/13/17: This is truly a miracle and blessing! ~ Hawaii. . .


. . .9/13/17: We would like to continue the healing sequencing, please let Laura know about scheduling and our miracle news! ~ Happy to continue. . .


. . .9/8/17: “Thank you so much. This was great great information at a time I really needed it, so this was good stuff.” ~ Jason. . .


. . .9/8/17: “You nailed them right on the head!” ~ Happy in PA. . . 


. . .8/31/17: “(my daughter) reeealllly enjoyed it, she was verrry happy with it, so thank you for that!!” ~ Happy Returnee, gifting a family member. . .


. . .8/31/17: “Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!!” ~ Connecticut Returnee. .  


. . .8/31/17: “You were very helpful to me today and I thank you for that!” ~ Teresa. . . 


. . .8/31/17: “I recommend you to everyone I talk to!” ~ A Faithful Returnee. . . 


. . .8/31/17: “You always help me—Thank you Laura.” ~ Grateful in Montana. . . 


. . .8/30/17: “Thank you!...It’s been my pleasure!” ~ MB. . .


. . .8/29/17: “I thank you very much for your time” ~ Susan. . .



. . .8/26/17: “thanks Laura your insight was beyond a psychic reading. It was a wonderful experience” ~ AP. . .


. . .8/24/17: I want to deeply thank you for your time & wisdom this morning. I am deeply touched by the experience and am attempting to heal and re-build my life. ~ Appreciative MD. . .


. . .8/22/17: “Thank you Laura I appreciate it. ...Thank you sooo much!” ~ EG. . .


. . .8/22/17: “Oh Laura, thank you so much! You really helped me a lot just through this conversation. Thank you” ~ North Carolina. . .

. . .8/11/17: “Please tell Laura that when I ran out of my house and got inside my car the song that came out on the radio station (which by the way is a Spanish speaking station) was "Don't Worry Be Happy" so I got the goosebumps because I know it was validation to what we were just talking.” ~ BZ. . .


. . .8/11/17: “Then as I was entering the parking lot of the high school a white car with one of those newer plates here in California (the color is black and lettering/numbers are yellow) had three letters followed by 777....and I got goosebumps again....” ~ California. . .


. . .8/11/17: “It was wonderful chatting with you Laura. Thank you again!” ~ Arlington, Virginia. . .


. . .8/9/17: “Your work and teaching has been such a practical tool for me.” ~ London, UK. . .


. . .8/9/17: “Your (free bonus) meditation—Success Magnet—has massively catalyzed and empowered my studies and footwork.” ~ PL. . .


. . .8/9/17: “I have made so much progress since using your meditations in connecting with Spirit. During a recent crisis I was able to simply ask Spirit and immediately receive my answers. It was very powerful! You directly contributed to that! Thank you Laura, your work has been such a vital piece.” ~ Grateful. . .


. . .8/9/17: “Since I have been using your (free bonus) Success Magnet Meditation and visualizing, good things are happening live and my vibration is shifted for the better. Thank you Laura!” ~ Meditating Magic. . .


. . .8/9/17: “It does (help) so much. Thank you so much!” ~ CM. . .


. . .8/9/17: “Thank you so much! Thank you so much! Thank you so much!” ~ Happy in SC. . .


. . .8/4/17: “I am happy to report that the small tumor on the muzzle has disappeared and the one behind his ear is shrinking too. The two small tumors on his rear right leg have kept the same. The small ones in his shoulder in front of the big one are getting less inflamed too. I am sure it is Laura’s work” ~ BZ. . .


. . .8/4/17: “FRANK is doing better than he was on the thank Laura for her preliminary prayers” ~ California. . .


. . .8/2/17: “Thank you —this was awesome!” ~ CA returnee. . . 


. . .8/2/17: “Very helpful.” ~ SC. . .

. . .7/31/17 “You told me some things in a private class that I attended of yours in Atlanta ten years ago—things about my acting career, dates about opportunities, bigger projects, good things coming to me 3-4 years from then and I just wanted you to know that you were right—all that happened.” ~ LA. . .  


. . .7/27/17: “Our first reading eleven years ago, you were a catalyst for me to take that step to leave a BAD marriage. Everything that I am today is because I took that step. You helped save my life.” ~ Brooklyn, NY. . .


. . .7/27/17: “I knew back then that you would either give me hope or give me reality. I appreciated the reality because it was needed.” ~ DT. . .


. . .7/26/17: “Thanks a lot — I really enjoyed talking with you!” ~ Lisa, CA. . .

. . .7/26/17: “Thank you, I really appreciate it” ~ CT. . .

. . .7/18/17: “It was really helpful to go through these things — I thank you.” ~ returnee, CA. . .


. . .7/17/17: “This has been very helpful — thank you!” ~ San Jose. . .


. . .7/13/17: “This is incredibly helpful!” ~ MN. . .


. . .7/13/17: “Thank you, it was a real gift” ~ Boston. . .


. . .7/13/17: “Wow. Thank you!” ~ San Diego. . .


. . .7/12/17 “I appreciate her work” ~ KG, Virginia. . .


. . .7/12/17: “ You predicted my next relationship to a ‘T’—I mean you nailed it to a ‘T’!” ~ Happy Returnee. . .


. . .7/12/17: “You’ve told me some really spot on things...I appreciate it. Thank you” ~ Seattle. . .


. . .7/12/17: “This was just so wonderful, thank you so much —I’m very grateful!” ~ G. . .

. . .7/12/17: “It’s funny what you said because it’s so true!” ~ A., Texas. . .

. . .7/11/17: “Thank you very much Laura, it’s been very helpful and a pleasure talking with you.” ~ Jack. . .

. . .7/11/17: “Thank you Laura, that really helped” ~ NYC. . .

. . .7/6/17: “You’re awesome, this was awesome!” ~ D. . .. . .

. . .7/6/17: “...responding miraculously to Laura's distance healing syncing sessions. It's like a storm that's being calmed or wild animal being tamed.Something mysterious at work for which we are tremendously grateful.” ~ Hawaii

. . .7/6/17: I just wanted to share my gratitude for my time with Ms.Scott. What an amazing gift!!! ~ DW. . .

. . .7/6/17: “Thank you for the reading, it was great!” ~ Israel. . .

. . .7/6/17: “You predicted...and it happened!” ~ DR. . .

. . .6/27/17: “That is so huge right there what you said!” ~ Connie. . .

. . .6/27/17: “Beautiful! Thanks a lot—I appreciate this a lot!” ~ James. . .

. . .6/26/17: “Thank you so much! You’ve been absolutely so enlightening and amazing!” ~ TB. . .

. . .6/26/17: “Thank you, I can’t say enough!” ~ Anon. . .

. . .6/26/17: “Thank you a million times over! I really appreciate your time. Thank you so much!” ~ Tricia. . .

. . .6/15/17: “The energy you are communicating is just amazing!” It’s like you are inside my head and in tune with me.” ~ Petro. . .

. . .6/15/17: “You are amazing!” ~ London, UK. . .

. . .6/12/17: “I really enjoyed our conversation.” ~ Nicole. . .


. . .6/10/17: "So good to experience you and your great gifts Laura." ~ Anon. . .

. . .6/9/17 “My load is lighter already. I feel...freer!” ~ A.E. . .

. . .6/7/17: “Having Laura syncing distance healing...for us means we are doing all and our best for our loved one to heal and recover. Thank you very much for syncing our beloved’s healing sessions.” ~ Forever grateful. . .

. . .6/7/17: “We know Laura's works on the deepest energetic and spiritual healing levels. Our family has experienced that.” ~ Hawaii. . .

. . .6/6/17: “I really appreciate you being so gracious. I can’t thank you enough.” ~ Grateful. . .

. . .6/6/17: “It helps calm the mind so I can put the energy in the right areas.” ~ CM. . .

. . .6/6/17: “You’re fantastic! You got a great way about you.” ~ Happy. . .

. . .6/6/17: “This has been really beneficial.” ~ Chris. . .

. . .6/2/17: “My anxiety already feels so much calmer. This really helped. Thank you.” ~ A. . .

. . .6/2/17: “As always Laura it’s AWESOME to talk to you! I’m sure I will talk to you again in another 6 months. Thank you SO much!” ~ LL. . .

. . .5/17/17: “I am really excited! Thank you sooo much! Wow” ~ NY. . .

. . .5/17/17: “Thank you Laura, that was awesome! I really appreciate it!” ~ Happy returnee since 2002. . .

. . .5/16/17: “Reading your healing report brings us great hope and calm that this is the right way and best way for our family.” ~ Thankful. . .

. . .5/16/17: “It's uncanny how perfectly you describe our family members setting, activities and behaviors during the day.” ~ Anon. . .

. . .5/16/17: “I....we thank you so very much and give our love and appreciation to you.” ~ Grateful. . .

. . 5/15/17 “My wife spoke with Laura and she was great….highly recommended her.”  ~ Anon. . .

. . .5/12/17: “Thank you I enjoyed this very much” ~ Beau. . .

. . .5/12/17: “I enjoy your sense of humor” ~ Bernie. . .

. . .5/2/17 “A pleasure!” ~ KC. . .

. . .4/27/17: I very much enjoyed my session was Laura. She was great! ~ Debra. . .

. . .4/27/17: “I appreciate everything you’ve done for me” ~ SR. . .

. . .4/22/17: “Please let Laura know that on the Tuesday(s) when she did the healing sessions, the energy throughout the day actually became lighter, cleaner, clearer and brighter. My wife had more energy, strength and enthusiasm. The difference was remarkable and makes an incredible difference for my wife and our whole family.” ~ Hawaii. . .


. . .4/22/17: “We are so grateful for Laura’s healing work, please ask her to continue for us.” ~ EO. . .

. . .4/20/17: “What a lovely reading” ~ London. . .


. . .4/20/17: “Thank you Laura, I have a really wonderful feeling about this reading” ~ B. . .


. . .4/20/17: “Thank you Laura, I knew you would help me get this straightened out. I do feel better, and I know what I need to do.” ~ Happy Returnee. . .


. . .4/17/17: “Thanks, I feel calmer and much more hopeful now” ~ MN. . .


. . .4/16/17 “I'm enjoying my gifts and relistening to my reading. Thank you so much” ~ C. . .


. . .4/11/17: “You are right on target. God Bless you and all your gifts. This has helped me alot. You have helped me alot. I hope to speak with you again in the future.” ~ ET. . .


. . .4/7/17: “I had a reading with her in early February where we discussed my work and my feelings of being stuck in a job and not sure if I should look for something else. Laura said I absolutely should and that she saw the following for me - working at a small company that is new but not "shaky new." She said there might be a coworker there I'd crossed paths with before but it would be a new company to me. She also said they would choose quality over quantity and seemed to be a part of something larger - and that it would happen fast, within 6 weeks from our reading. Well, a friend of mine who I had worked with briefly sent me an opening at her company - the new branded content studio for a major network (a new small company part of something bigger that is very choosy about what they produce). I accepted the job at the end of March and should be starting at the end of April. (She thought the change would be official at the end of the first quarter!)” ~ Anon. . .


. . .4/7/17: “I'm so grateful to Laura for her insight when I was at such a crossroads.” ~ LW. . .


. . .4/7/17: “She had seen some other great things ahead for me this year and I am really looking forward to writing her more thank you notes when it all unfolds.” ~ Happy. . .

. . .4/7/17: “I feel so thankful for this experience and so excited for what's ahead. Thank you thank you Laura!!” ~ Lindsay. . .

. . .4/3/17: “I received my confirmation email. Thanks to both of you. I remember this month last year and I still feel like Laura's help saved my life in a way.” ~ J. . .


. . .3/30/17: “...wonderful as always, simply remarkable and much needed. Tell Laura a special thanks for me.” ~ RP. . .


. . .3/30/17: “I enjoyed so much. My mind is still going mile a minute going back over things. She was so helpful.” ~ Patricia. . .



. . .3/30/17: “Thank her so much for gift. It's much appreciated.” ~ PCS. . .


. . .3/30/17: “I really enjoyed it! Thank you!” ~ Carolyn. . .

. . .3/29/17: “This has been so spot on and helpful. Thank you.” ~ MH. . .

. . .3/14/17 “Laura’s reading was helpful” ~ ED. . .

. . .3/11/17: “I would like to thank Laura for her precious time and energy she put into my case. I notice many positive changes.” ~ Denise, Canada. . .

. . .3/10/17: “I enjoyed our conversation!” ~ Sandy. . .

. . .3/8/17: “I appreciate Laura’s guidance very much.” ~  Matt. . .


. . .3/6/17: “You’ve REALLY helped me and I’ve looked forward to this call.

I was beyond not disappointed—I’m ELATED! You do good work. So thank you!” ~ MM. . .


. . .3/6/17: “Thank you Laura, with great gratitude” ~ Matthew. . .

. . .3/6/17: “It was great! I really appreciate it—I’ll be back soon. Thanks Laura” ~ Amy. . .

. . .3/3/17: “I’m glad I could get an appointment with you” ~ Mel. . .


. . .3/3/17 “Thank you Laura, just wanted to tell you I have found someone locally who has agreed to see me ...for my TMJ/Fibromyalgia! Never would have known about this (treatment) if you wouldn't have told me! Yay!! God Bless!” ~ AL. . .


. . .3/3/17: “I’m very grateful” ~ KS. . .


. . .3/3/17: “I have pages of notes, thank you ...this is a lot to digest” ~ Kimberly. . .


. . .3/3/17: “I was willing to go over—I just wanted to keep talking and get my questions answered which you’ve done beautifully. Thank you so much Laura.” ~ Melissa. . .


. . 3/3/17: “I’m so glad I was able to get the appointment.” ~ Grateful. . .


. . .3/2/17: “Laura is so awesome...with so many great things to tell me!  I should have booked an hour!” ~ Kathleen. . .


. . .2/27/17: “I really appreciate it, thank you. I will probably call you for help again because you’ve been wonderful” ~ AL. . .


. . .2/22/17: “A wonderful session!” ~ CD. . .


. . .2/22/17: “I’m so glad to have found you” ~ Blessed. . .


. . .2/22/17: “I’ll be back” ~ Happy. . .

. . .2/15/17: “I love you Laura” ~ Sober & Grateful. . .


. . .2/15/17: “Miss Laura is pure greatness” ~ Blessed. . .


. . .2/15/17: “Most wonderful reading and very insightful...gave me the tools, knowledge and strength I need for what's ahead...Tell Laura extra thank you” ~ Texas. . .


. . .2/9/17: “This was so helpful!” ~ Grateful in NY. . .


. . .2/9/17: “Really so helpful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel like I really appreciate it! Thank you so much Laura!” ~ LW. . .


. . .2/8/17: “Wow! Thank you SO much!!” ~ Linda. . .

. . .2/6/17: “Thank you so much! This was so helpful, it was really helpful and you gave me some wonderful tools to work with! I will keep in touch, thank you, blessings to you as well!” ~ JG. . .

. . .1/30/17: “Oh Laura, thank you, thank you, I’m going to talk to you again!” ~ A future returnee. . .

. . .1/30/17: “Oh, You’re the best!” ~ C.M. . .

. . .1/30/17: “You have been immensely helpful and I cannot thank you enough.” ~ C.F., Fighting the Good Fight. . .


. . .1/30/17: “Your insights have been really, really appreciated and you’re giving me the extra energy behind my work.” ~ Chris. . .


. . .1/30/17: “You are validating what I’m doing, I honestly cannot thank you enough.” ~ Thankful. . .

. . .1/27/17: “Laura, you were amazingly wonderful! Thank you! I can’t express how grateful I am.” ~ Diane. . .


. . .1/27/17: “You are absolutely so true, you and your Committee of souls! I cannot thank you enough. You were absolutely so right on on every single everything.” ~ D.H. . .

. . .1/27/17: “I will be getting another reading with you in the near future. It was wonderful meeting you and you are just a delight to speak to also!” ~ A future returning client!. . .

. . .1/24/17: “This is why I needed to speak with you, you always know how to help me. I love you!” ~ A happy returnee. . .


. . .1/24/17: “My reading was most perfect, please tell Laura a special thanks for me.” ~ Grateful. . .


. . .1/16/17: “Thank you Laura, you were wonderful as always! Your calming and clarity was very much appreciated!”  ~ CS. . .

. . .1/3/17: “I really enjoyed speaking with you and I’m so glad that we had this time! Thank you so much! Have a blessed 2017! ~ Deborah. . .


. . .12/20/16: “My reading was perfect and exactly what I needed!” ~ Raquel. . .


. . .12/15/16: “It’s so positive, it’s so relieving at a higher level. I’m really happy about everything.” ~ Grateful. . .


. . .12/15/16: “I sure do appreciate all your help and support today. It was good to talk with you and go through all these helped me out tremendously again. Thank you!  ~ AS. . .


. . .12/14/16: “My mom and I have no words to express our gratitude for what Laura has done for our family member.” ~ One happy family. . .


. . .12/14/16: “We thank her (Laura) from the bottom of our hearts for the time and energy she has put into this very severe case!” ~ Thankful. . .


. . .12/14/16: “We owe her everything!!! She is a true gift of God!” ~ Y & D. . .


. . .12/14/16: “The first day she started working with her/soul, we had already felt the shift!!!” ~ Canada. . .


. . .12/14/16: “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” ~ DR. . .

. . .12/13/16: “Please thank Laura for me!” ~ Sally. . .

. . .12/13/16: “Thank you thank you thank you -- this is awesome ---!!!!” ~ SZ. . .

. . .12/12/16: “Really, really helpful” ~ Bridget. . .


. . .12/12/16: “This was more than I’ve gotten through so many other avenues. I feel much better just talking with you.” ~ BM. . .

. . .12/9/16: “ always it’s great to have the insight that you give me because you’re always right!” ~ A Happy Returnee. . .

. . .12/9/16: “Thank you Laura! I’m always are always wonderful!” ~ CS. . .


. . .11/30/16: “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much! I just want to hug, kiss and squeeze you so much!!!” ~ Happy marine. . .


. . .11/30/16: “Thank you for today! I’ll be continuing to watch and listen to you on your YouTube channel and radio station, which help me so much.” ~ Anon. . .


. . .11/30/16 “Your voice is very healing and soothing, it really just put me and my mind at ease.” ~ AP. . .

. . .11/28/16: I had a great session with Laura, thank you so much :) ~ Trina. . .

. . .11/28/16: “Thanks so much, I feel so much peace now!” ~ TB. . .


. . .11/28/16: “Thank you for helping my family member, they really are doing so much better now” ~ Happy in the UK. . .

. . .11/18/16: “My intuition knew it but you helped me understand it. It was good to reconnect with you again.” ~ Happy Returnee. . .

. . .11/18/16: “Thank you so much, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you!” ~ C. . .

. . .11/17/16: “Thank you Laura! You’re wonderful!” ~ AC. . .

. . .11/11/16: “Thank you so so much! This was what I needed and very helpful” ~ Sally. . .

. . .11/11/16: “Thank you so much Laura. I needed you.” ~ AC. . .

. . .11/9/16: “Wow, you really helped me...and lifted things off me that I’ve been carrying for years” ~ Relieved. . .

. . .11/9/16: “You hit it right on the head” ~ JS. . .

. . .11/9/16: “You’ve just explained it perfectly... I am so blessed to have met you.” ~ Judy. . .

. . .11/4/16: “I really appreciate this. Thank you.” ~ anon. . .

10/27/16: “Laura was so wonderful and gave me such great advice. I really appreciate everything. I will definitely be using her services in the future!!” ~ EB

10/27/16: “Thank you Laura, you’ve been wonderful!” ~ Beth


10/21/16: “Everything you have told me in our calls have all taken’s been more beautiful than I could’ve anticipated and you saw this 1 year and 3 months ago.” ~ A Happy Returnee


10/21/16: “You’ve been a major force in my life Laura. I trust you and you can’t replace trust...” ~ SM


10/21/16: “Your insights changed my life. You can know in your heart that you changed a life, because you changed mine.” ~ Anon


10/21/16: “I hold you closely...You will be part of my life until I leave the planet.” ~ Sid


10/21/16: “Thank you Laura—you are a Blessing!!!”~ ES


10/18/16:  “I love talking to you!” ~ AS


10/18/16: “We had a great session last’ve become one of my favorite people!” ~ Al


10/12/16: “Thanks the report.  I appreciate your immediate attention to my request.  We are doing well and I am grateful Laura could perform the much needed healing.” ~ LL 


10/12/16: “Thank you so much for validating so much stuff!” ~ JM


10/6/16: “Thank you so much for all of your help. All I can say is that Laura saved me in so many ways today.” ~ KM

10/6/16: “Pass on my gratitude for the session to her - once again!” ~ KH

10/4/16: “I feel a lot of love for you; thank you Laura.” ~ K., Ireland


10/4/16: “I feel much better after speaking with you today. Thank you!” ~ A., Singapore


9/29/16: “This was wonderful, thank you so much!” ~ Angie


9/27/16: “I wish you could sit on my shoulder all day so I could listen to you and feel strong.” ~ C.


9/27/16: “I knew that you could help me. A lot of the things you said—I feel it.” ~ grateful


9/27/16: “I really needed it and I got more than I asked for.” ~ anon

9/21/16: “Thank you sooo much!” ~ LC

9/21/16: “I want to thank you for everything, really everything you’ve been able to do for me today. It’s been GREAT! You‘ve put so many things together that made so much sense, especially my (health) that was just a major concern of mine but it just makes so much sense that it’s ALL connected. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!” ~ MB

9/21/16: “Thank you so much, I know I went over but this was really helpful.” ~ Colleen

9/15/16: “I enjoyed my session very much :)” ~ KM

9/13/16: “You’re awesome!!” ~ Judy 

9/12/16: “I felt the final release of a lot of pent up emotions and I felt an uncanny feeling of peace after reading your report.” ~ Trish


9/12/16: “I owe you all the credit for me finding myself, learning how to forgive, putting one foot in front of the other and finding peace within myself.  I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for calling on my angels.” ~ TG


8/25/16: “You have helped me over this and pulled it all together, and back into focus for me.” ~ AS


8/25/16: “I know you will know what’s next” ~ Grateful

8/24/16: “I was drawn to you, you have the strongest knowledge. I have a secure feeling from you and about you” ~ Anon

8/24/16: “Thank you, you’ve been wonderful!” ~ HH

8/24/16: “This was just outstanding!” ~ Al


8/24/16: “Coming out of this, I feel real positive. I’ll be back in a couple of months for sure!” ~ AS


8/23/16: “It’s been very nice talking with you, I appreciate all your help.” ~ JA


8/23/16: “It was a wonderful reading.” ~ Jamie


8/22/16: “You’re right. You’re good man! I really appreciated this reading.” ~ MM


8/17/16: “Thank you so much, I can’t tell you how much this meant to me!” ~ Susan


8/17/16: “Thank you Laura, it was wonderful!” ~ CP

8/9/16: “She is does she do that?! Amazing…” ~ Jan

8/9/16: My reading was absolute greatness as always!  It was so wonderful to speak with my trusted and wise life advisor. ~ RP

8/9/16: “You have a lot of wisdom to share” ~ JS

8/8/16: “It’s a pleasure, it’s been wonderful...we’ll do it again sometime...thank you for all, thank you for everything, you’ve really opened my eyes! Thank you thank you.” ~ SB

8/8/16: Best $$$ I ever spent. :-)   ~ Happy Returnee from 2005

8/8/16: “Thank you so much, it was a pleasure!” ~ Terri


8/8/16: “Thank you Laura, you have changed my life.” ~ Happy Returnee


7/29/16: “You set me straight now. Thank you so much, this was really helpful! It was a pleasure speaking with you.” ~ S


7/26/16: “Thank you so much Laura! You were amazing! It was so helpful! I will talk to you again soon.”   AB, India

7/21/16: “Thank you, I will speak with you again soon.” ~ anon

7/20/16: “It’s been amazing! I love it! Hopefully soon I can call you and let’s do it again! Thank you so much!” ~ Brandy

7/18/16: “You’ve always done a great job in the past in helping me feel better and to know where I’m going.” ~ Happy Returnee

7/17/16: Please pass along my heartfelt thanks to Laura.  I am so moved by her efforts on my family member's behalf...  Laura is amazing!!! ~ J. 

7/15/16: “This was awesome! I could do an hour with you easily next time!” ~ B.

7/15/16: “This really helped a lot! Thank you!” ~ LM

7/14/16: My first reading a few months ago was so incredibly healing and helpful. ~ Amy

6/14/15 “Please tell Laura thanks so much...I really enjoyed my session with her and will be in touch for future services.” ~ Jane

6/13/16  “Thank you so much once again for your wisdom and for giving us a sense of direction.  Thank you my dear Laura!” ~ AC, Singapore


6/13/16 “This has been very, very, very helpful, and I certainly appreciate that not only has there been this intense validation...also very reassuring. I hope we cross paths again!” ~ Jeff, Canada


6/13/16 “Spot on with this!” ~ Happy

6/13/16 “Thank you Laura!!'️” ~ Heather

6/9/16  “Everything you said about it (our business) before has been on the mark!” ~ H.C.

6/2/16 “wonderful as always, oh my goodness I so needed some time with Ms. Laura to lift my spirits!  Gosh cannot thank her enough.” ~ R.


5/26/16 “My time with Laura is precious to me.”  AC, Singapore

5/26/16  “Thank you so much Laura, it was lovely talking to you.” ~ R.G.

5/23/16 "I had a reading with Laura on the 18th.  Please thank her again as it was life changing.  Thanks so much." ~ C.

5/18/16  “Thank you so much! This has actually been very helpful and validating for me. Thank you so much again!!” ~ Beth

5/18/16  “Thank you I feel MUCH better!” ~ Cathy

5/6/16 “Thank you. I have felt enormously better, emotionally and physically. Very Energetic where before I could barely move, it seemed. Seriously, thank you. I went so low, and I did not know what to do. I plan to use this program as some sort of maintenance.… I can't thank you enough. I was in a really bad place, and I am not there anymore.” ~ DF

5/2/16  “Laura thank you so much. You’ve really been so helpful. I’m sure I’ll be in touch again down the road…” ~ K.

4/28/16 Hiya Laura you read for me 3 4 years ago..St. Marys, Ont, Canada...everything came true especially things I thought "na" at time so thank you ~ Anne

4/27/16 "I am very grateful for her help... : ) Truly Grateful” ~ anonymous

4/27/16 “Thank you so much for sharing your talents and wisdom. God Bless you. Thank you.” ~ Jan

4/27/16  “Thank you! I will call you again!” ~ JM

4/27/16  “Thank you Laura. What a gift you’ve given me.” ~ Janet

4/26/16  “My reading was wonderful as always and much needed words for me.” ~ RP

4/22/16 “Thank you SO much for my reading today.  It was incredible and I can feel so much shifting already.  I can't tell you how grateful I am to have connected with Laura today.” ~ Mrs. M. 

4/22/16 “It was a wonderful meeting with Laura and I wish I had even more time with her.” ~ A.

4/22/16  “Thank you so much for all you do, and for being there! This has helped me so much! You are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!” ~ Amy

4/14/16: “I want to extend my sincerest gratitude for my session yesterday. I am blessed and slept so soundly knowing Mummy is doing wonderful and is learning a great deal. Even though my heart is broken and I miss her terribly, I'm comforted by the fact that she is with me and continues to support and love me. I can't thank you enough for your help in connecting to my beloved mother and for your advice in general. I send you waves of abundant love and appreciation. Much obliged for all you've done to alleviate my sorrow. Love and light.” ~ Jeanine

4/11/16: “Thank you as always! This was amazing!” ~ Christina


4/8/16: “[My mom] had a reading with her in the past and found it very informative and enlightening.” ~ Doug


4/7/16:  “The reading was great. Thanks a million for the last minute reading:)” ~ Linda


4/5/16: “Please thank her and the Ascended Masters for the Loving insight I believe it to be very helpful.  I will listen to the playback many times” ~ Michael


3/31/16:  “Tomorrow is a new day, a new way for me. A new beginning and I thank Laura for setting me on the right path. I will be talking to you soon. I am at peace.” ~ Mir


3/30/16 “I really enjoyed this! This was so amazing!” ~ JP


3/29/16 “I feel overcome with joy” ~ joyful


3/29/16 “I have a connection with Laura do not know what it was but it is there. She's a beautiful human being.” ~ beautiful soul


3/29/16 “We'll be connecting in the future and I thank you.” ~ anon


3/29/16   “This was really helpful, I feel soo much calmer before my procedure! Thank you so much!” ~ M.


3/21/16 “Thank you, I really enjoyed it!” ~ JR


3/18/18:  “...very validating!” ~ anon


3/18/18: “Thank you, it was a beautiful read!” ~ Dana


3/16/16: “Thank you so much! Please tell Laura thank you as well and I really appreciated my phone call with her! ...Thank you thank you thank you” ~ Carly


3/16/16: “Thank you. You’ve brought some peace to me.” ~ anon


3/16/16: “Thanks Laura, I really hope to talk with you again! It was a pleasure!” ~ G.


3/11/16: “please tell Ms. Laura many thanks and much gratitude and let her know I feel especially lucky as a soul to have her on my team this lifetime.” ~ Raquel

3/11/16: “I appreciate you! Thank you!” ~ Michael

3/9/16 “I thank you for your very helpful reading. I truly feel blessed to have had a chance to speak to you and have a reading with you!” ~ CT

2/29/16: “Thank you. It was a really helpful session!” ~ Laura

2/29/16: “Well thank you so much. That pretty much covers everything! Thank you so much.” ~ L.

2/25/16: “I truly appreciate your help in all of this. I knew the moment you did the clearing because I could feel it.” ~ Tom

2/24/16: “Everything you told me when we spoke last time was ridiculously accurate.” ~ Sidney

2/24/16: “So uncannily correct in a way that someone cannot guess.” ~ SM

2/24/16: “You’ve profoundly changed my life!” ~ Anon

2/24/16: “You’ve nailed it! I can’t thank you enough! You’re a Godsend to me!” ~ A returning client

2/22/16: “I look forward to talking with you again some time, I really do. Much appreciated.” ~ Rich

2/22/16: “As always it’s a pleasure connecting with you!” ~ LL

2/17/16: “Infinitely, you’re flooring me. You’re absolutely phenomenal. I’m just floored.” ~ Jack

2/17/16: “I will take all this to heart...I’ve really enjoyed it, thank you Laura. It was good and affirming. You’ve made me get grounded and I really needed that.” ~ CT

2/12/16: “My session brought me so much joy, hope, and feelings of love.” ~ JB

2/12/16: “I loved this. It felt so good! You’re so great!...I send you love and a hug for what you gave me for this hour and a half. Wonderful!” ~ Jody

2/12/16: “I feel love for you. I will talk with you again.” ~ Grateful

2/12/16: “We spoke about 1.5 years ago and we had a good session. I listen to my recording every few months and still get new things from it. Thank you for today...I’m sure we’ll talk again!” ~ Robert

2/11/16: “Thank you for everything. Thank you for being there most of all.” ~ Debra

2/11/16: “My reading was wonderful as always and insightful, and amazing, and peaceful, and spiritual.  And I could go on.” ~ A happy client

2/11/16: “Thank you, I love you!” ~ Trish

2/4/16: “I really appreciate your time Laura, it’s been great. You’ve given me a lot of information and stuff to think about so I really appreciate that.  Thank you so much for all of the excellent advice. My life would not even be half as wonderful as it is today if I had not taken your advice the first time we spoke way back when—so I cannot thank you enough for that, I really really can’t.” ~ Michelle

2/4/16: “I’m sure I’ll be calling you again.” ~ anon

2/4/16: “The first time we spoke years ago you told me I would rise out of this like a phoenix and just as you said...I am. Thank you.” ~ J

2/4/16: “I love you! Thank you for this! Blessings!” ~ Jan

1/26/16: “My reading was so, so wonderful as always...Ms. Laura puts me in such a better space!” ~ RP

1/21/16: “That was an awesome reading! You’re super to talk to! I feel like I just got a reboot in my soul!” ~ Heidi

1/15/16: “This conversation was definitely very helpful to me.” ~ Dan

1/14/16: You understand this better than anyone else has, and finished this for me where other people left me hanging. ~ anon


1/14/16: Better than I ever thought!!! ~ Happy

1/13/16: You have no idea! You’re empowering me again and that’s what I was looking for and hoping for! Thank you isn’t enough! ~ Grateful

1/13/16: Thank you to you and your wonderful assistant for all of the kindness you’ve shown me. I appreciate you both so much! ~ USA

1/13/16: You get me, you really get me! I know there is value here and I can feel in my heart a great peace coming over me. This is exactly what I prayed for. ~ E.

1/8/16 Thank you for the wonderful reading again. ~ Jessica W.

11/24/15: “Thank you so much for your insight. I really enjoyed our reading and I think you’re very honest and sincere. You are truly gifted. Thank you for helping me.” ~ S.


11/5/15: “My reading was simply awesome!  Oh my gosh I needed it so badly...I will be back soon” ~ RP

10/16/15: “I just finished my call with Laura, it was amazing.” ~ Carmen

10/15/15: “Please thank Ms. Scott for an amazing reading...I greatly appreciate it!” ~ MR


10/15/15: “Thank you so much! I really appreciate your words of wisdom and guidance.” ~ Michelle


10/15/15: “That was very good, I thank you so much!” ~ C.S.

10/13/15: “ mom wanted me to tell you that her yellow house is doing much better.  Not so many disturbances.  She says the men who do work there aren't running back telling her stories, and the men working there are less scared.  Not one has quit yet.  She says thank you” ~ MS

10/12/15: “ reading was wonderful.  She is amazing!” ~ Stacey

10/8/15: “You are amazing Laura, you are really amazing! Thank you” ~ SB


10/8/15: “You were correct about the new job, I ended up moving...and I’m pretty happy” ~ L.


9/23/15: “I would like to thank Laura again for the wonderful reading she gave me. I got a lot of inspirations.” ~ Jessica, Hong Kong

9/17/15: “Thank you so much, you will hear from me again.” ~ HC

9/17/15: “You are very talented. Thank you so much.” ~ Marcia

9/11/15: “Thank you for introducing the (healing tool) to me last year. I started to do it more frequently this year...and I feel it working. So thank you...It’s really come into play significantly in my life.” ~ Happier in NY

9/10/15: “That is very helpful, thank you. I am very, very grateful, it feels really on target.” ~ H.


9/10/15: “Thank you. I hope we speak again soon.” ~ N.


9/10/15: “You are awesome! You have saved me so much time and money. My energy is improving, my sleep is improving, and I’ve gotten some things off my plate. Things are feeling much better...Thank you!!” ~ Mrs S.

9/3/15: “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Laura! God Bless you!” ~ Sarah

8/28/15: "As always, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" ~ C.S.

8/24/15: “You’re wonderful! You’ve been really helpful. Thank you.” ~ Michelle

8/20/15: “Everyday I sing your praise! You are wonderful!” ~ K.

8/20/15: “Thank you so much for the nice reading Laura” ~ D.


8/20/15: “I am very impressed with Laura because what she told me resonates very deeply and her information corroborates another reading that I had done some time ago (by someone else)...She works at a very different level because she seems to experience it in 3D or almost 3D...Her information is quite detailed. I will definitely have another reading very soon. Thank you so much Laura and to Kimberly for your excellent work. Before I go have to tell you that the person who help me discover this new dimension of life is (physicist, Consciousness expert, and author)Tom Campbell.” ~ JLC, Mexico


8/20/15: “Thank you Laura, I’ve had other Akashi readings and this was right in alignment. I will be calling you again.” ~ J., Mexico

8/14/15: “It was really great to talk with you!” ~ Kathleen

8/7/15: “I carried your messages with me in my heart for many months. Thank you.” ~ T


8/7/15: “Her insight was tremendously helpful and I am very grateful for the unique opportunity to receive her advice.” ~ AR

8/7/15:  “I will use what you have said. There was a lot here for me. I feel inspired. Thank you Laura.” ~ A

8/6/15: “I got a very good job one week after we spoke last time, and everything you said came through!” ~ SD


8/6/15: “I feel so much stronger now, thank you for all your help.” ~ S.


8/6/15: “You have been a pleasure to talk to!” ~ C

7/30/15: “ let you know on the job - it was a slam dunk just as you said and I'm starting with Intel... Yay yay yay! There's your validation lol.” ~ anon

7/30/15: “This was invaluable! You definitely have a gift! ~ Rebecca

7/23/15: “I can’t believe how much money you’ve saved me in my business! Thank God found you!” ~ Happy Camper

7/23/15: “You are such a Godsend!” ~ Anon


7/23/15: “I love you so much! I really need your incredible help to get through this transition!” ~ K.

7/23/15: “You were spot on with that, too. That feels right in my heart.” ~ D.

7/20/15: “My reading was fantastic. Please thank Laura Scott again for me.” ~ Erica

7/17/15: “My reading was pure greatness!  Tell Ms. Laura an extra thank you for it today...:-)” ~ Raquel


7/16/15: “You’re awesome! You’ll probably be hearing from me again!” ~ K.S.


7/16/15: “You’ve given me some wonderful, wonderful pearls of wisdom and this was so worth my time today. Thank you. God Bless you.” ~ Karen


7/13/15: “You’ve really changed my life for the better. Wow. I can’t thank you enough.” ~ S.


7/13/15: “As always, thanks for putting things into focus.” ~ Anon


7/13/15: “This may be the best reading ever had!” ~ Name Withheld

7/2/15: “You are a godsend.” ~ name withheld


7/2/15: “This was freaking awesome!” ~ Anon


7/2/15: “You don’t know how good someone is until you get on with them. This has saved me thousands of dollars and been incredible. Thank you Laura.” ~ Anon


7/2/15: “You’re amazing, you just saved my life!” ~ name withheld


7/2/15: “I’m so grateful for you it’s ridiculous!” ~ K.


7/2/15: “I feel so much at peace after talking to her.” ~ Anon

6/29/15: “It’s been a gift to work with you! Thank you!” ~ Kelly

6/15/15: "Your work surely makes our lives and this world we live in the happier and healthier place it can be! Aloha and Mahalo!" ~ E.O.


6/15/15: "Thank you so much! It was very insightful, it was wonderful, very, very helpful. I really do feel much better, and it’s given me peace...much peace, thank you so much Laura." ~ Suzanne


6/15/15: Thank you for all your insights and support!! It was a beautiful reading and I am so happy to have met you! ~ S.G.

6/12/15: “It was an amazing session, and I am still trying to process it all.” ~ D.B.

6/12/15: “Thank you, I am at a good place now.” ~ D.


6/12/15: “Thank you Laura, this has been an amazing experience! I really, really appreciate all the insight & feedback. I’m going to take all your advice….and when need a tune up will call you!” ~ Debbie

6/11/15: “For the first time in years, I am happy—these are the happy tears!” ~ T.


6/11/15: “You and Kimberly, with everything that you’ve done, and encouraged me—you all have been an immense help to me in this and I thank you and love you both very much.” ~ T.


6/11/15: “I”m ready to start this new chapter!” ~ Trish


6/11/15: "My reading was amazing and magnificent as always! Much love and many hugs!" ~ R.P.

6/10/15: “I’ve followed your advice, Bach Remedies and all...and I feel better! It’s super working!” ~ R.A. 


6/10/15:  “I’m very pleased with how well I’m doing since we last spoke.” ~ Ruth

5/27/15: “Laura was amazing so happy found her. Her reading has helped me and this is what I needed.” ~ Tania


5/27/15: “Thank you so’ve been wonderful! It’s been a blessing finding you on the internet!”


5/21/15: “As always Laura, you were WONDERFUL! This helped me so much!” ~ C.

5/18/15: “Laura has cleared me before, she can work wonders” ~ KG

5/13/15: “My reading was incredible and magical and just the very insight and boost need to traverse safely with love in the next few weeks~  Tell Laura thank you and God bless her because I am a lucky soul to have found her, my guide and squire.” ~ R.P.

4/24/15: “Thank you so much for the session. It’s been super helpful. I really appreciate it. ...I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Thank you Laura” ~ R.E.

4/23/15: “Thank you is insufficient. You know you’ve given me so much direction just like the last time. I feel so reassured after speaking with you—that’s the most important thing. I feel confident that I can handle this big step that the family is taking in the next three months.”  ~ Aditi, Singapore


4/23/15: “My reading was simply magical!  Oh my goodness tell Laura thank you.” ~ R.P.

4/22/15: “I've just finished a lovely call with Laura. Thank you so much for arranging this appointment with her at short notice.” ~ A.


4/22/15: “Please let Laura know that I truly appreciate her...We feel very blessed to have her guidance and protection. I truly appreciate the clearing, especially during this time when my emotional health will be linked directly to the little ones well-being. It is a gift that I truly am grateful for receiving from her.” ~ J.L.

4/20/15: “Thank you so much Laura” ~ anon


4/20/15: “I can feel the connection with you very strongly even over the phone.” ~ A.C.


4/8/15: “The class was amazing...I had an awesome experience. Just to meet Laura was overwhelming, then the reiki put my experience over the edge! I send Laura a thousand thanks and all the love a soul can muster. Namaste.” ~ Danny W.

4/7/15: “You take care sweetheart, thank you so much—you are gifted! ~ Susan

3/30/15: “The entire experience was simply beautiful and incredible. Ms. Laura was amazing ~R.P.


3/28/15: “Thank you so much!   It was wonderful….It was such wonderful experience and class ...Again, thank you for all of this.”  ~ RP


3/28/15: “Thank you for everything you have done for myself and for my daughter. We really really enjoyed it, and I learned so much. Anytime you have another class we want to come! We will come. This was really something good, amazing, and important to know... You have done so much for my daughter I was excited and happy to meet you, and now I see why.” ~ Nong


3/28/15: “My mother and I enjoyed this weekend with you Laura, much more than the “You Can Do It” tour by Hay House. Thank you for your time and for teaching us Reiki. I am so grateful my mother and I got to attend your last Reiki class. Thank you for all that you do. We feel very blessed! The space you chose, and the way things flowed was perfect. Thank you.” ~ Melissa Saeng-On


3/28/15: “This was an amazing experience. My original intention was to attend the class in order to meet Laura as she has been my spiritual guide for many years. However much to my pleasant surprise, the class blew my socks off! Literally. I basically learned spiritual energetic healing from a Master. And my spirit shifted during this experience. I now have a new level of awareness. My soul remembered to come here and learn what it already knew. As Laura said, it is enlightened engraving. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who feels drawn because your soul is calling because it remembered and wants the switch turned on.” ~ Raquel V. Perry

3/20/15: "I enjoyed your lovely & very informative website." ~ S.L.

3/20/15: “You were right on about my son—once he turned 30 he’s doing great! Independent, bought a house, focused.” ~ K.


3/16/15: “Thank you very much for the work that you did for my mom, I mean just incredible. A large part of her is alive again. That was just very fascinating to see.” ~ Anon


3/13/15: “Most fascinating was to see the level of your work, and the work that you did...the depth of your clarity or your truth or this Higher truth—was just amazing. It’s like when you see a great masterpiece or great master do his work and you are just in awe—like wow, I didn’t know it was that involved, that deep….and you don’t know how they did that. The work that you’re doing is just beautiful and deep. It really made me think about and affirm that my life is about to go forth. I am ready. I am willing.” ~ Eric


3/13/15: “Whenever I get a chance to talk to you, things become clearer.” ~ Anon


3/12/15: “The way that you talk is so loving. It’s so powerful. It’s so loving—that is so powerful. The power of love is so profound. I was astounded at how you do it. I know I am learning with a Master.” ~ E. O.


3/10/15: “That was wonderful! Thank you very very much!” ~ Mr. O  


3/10/15: “I feel you have helped me and I trust you more than any one (counselor) I have seen.  It is a shame insurance doesn't cover your cost.  Maybe they will some day. “  ~ T.

3/9/15: “I received the MP3 and was able to download.  It will mean so much to me to have it.  Thanks again.” ~ Tricia

3/9/15: “You’re very, very good at what you do.” ~ T.

3/4/15: “I had a reading with you a couple years ago, and you got the timing and dates right on things you said. Also you had told me I’d find info about my family of origin. You were right. I just couldn’t see how, I’d tried everything, but it came true like you said...and I was very grateful.” ~ Anon

2/25/15: “I had a reading with her a couple of years ago...things that she said came true. I will have to tell her that when I have my next reading.” ~ T. W.

2/25/15: “My reading was wonderful and much needed and supportive.  Tell Laura thank you so much.” ~ R. P.

2/23/15: “I really appreciate everything you said, it felt in alignment with where I am at.” ~ Allison


2/23/15: “I appreciate the reading.” ~ A. M.


2/22/15: “Thank you for your wisdom Laura. You are a wise woman.” ~ Dr. N.


2/21/15: “I should have saved myself a lot of heartache the last two times if I had just listened to you from the beginning. Not going to risk it this time. I need an appointment!” ~ Anon


2/20/15: “I enjoyed my reading.” ~ Kristy

2/18/15: I really enjoyed my session with Laura...Many thanks again for all her help

2/17/15: Thanks so much...Tell Laura that I was particularly struck by the allegorical portrait she had of my daughter.  It sounded just like her right down to the ...colors that she wears. Thanks again ~ Anon.

2/13/15: “My reading was exactly what I needed.  Tell Ms. Laura thanks a million.” ~ R.P.

2/9/15: “God Bless you, you’re a sweetheart!”  ~ K.

2/6/15: “Can I just tell you how much I love you?” ~ Anon

2/6/15: “You’re going to be hearing from me a lot more because you’ve been extremely helpful to me. Like extremely. I mean not just on a small level of validating things that I already felt, but giving me a lot of advice, and insight, and homework that I know is gonna help me. You’ll hear from me again.” ~ Patti


2/6/15: “God Bless you and what you do. It’s inspiring...You have your purpose and what you’re doing here in the Universe here for the greater good for other people...and it’s just unselfishness of your many blessings and love to you, I really, really appreciate you.” ~ P.H.

1/27/15: “Thank you for everything. It was really great talking to you...I’m like tearing up now. Thank you so much again.” ~ F. 

1/26/15: My reading was wonderful and much needed!  Thank you and much love and many hugs to you and Laura both! ~ R


1/26/15: “You are so reaffirming! All the tips you’ve given have really helped since last time we spoke. I’ll be back for more clearing work soon.” ~ LL


1/26/15: Thank you so much! I so appreciate your time and your gifts! ~ R


1/22/15: Laura I really appreciate you talking to me, and your time, and your sensibility, and your caringness. Thank you so much. ~ A.M. 


1/22/15: Perfect! Thank you so much...Laura I really appreciate you, thank you for your work and God Bless you. ~ Alfonso 


1/16/15: Please thank Laura for her time, it was very informative. ~ J.L. 


1/15/15: My reading was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Lori 


1/7/15: “I appreciate your time....very helpful.”


1/7/15: “I talked to you probably about ten years ago, maybe less, and you said some things that were just amazing! It was very helpful to me back then.  I changed my business after that conversation and lots of good things happened. It was very helpful. It was good. Thank you!” ~ Debra


1/7/15: “That was enormously helpful! I feel lighter!”


1/7/15: “You said ‘you better get out of it, your adrenals are low, you’re going to get

sick and someone’s going to go postal on you.’ So I started making changes. And it wasn’t 6 months later when one of my client’s husband’s killed her, and called me. I got out. You even taught me how to handle conversations with difficult people by... ...I got out. It was a smart decision. You were very helpful! Hopefully I’m going in the right direction. It was really good to talk to you then and now. Thank you so much!” ~  name withheld


1/7/15: “A big thank you to Laura - it was a lovely and very useful hour.” ~ Jennifer W.


1/7/15: “I know I ran over by a lot but it was worth it!” ~ Danielle 

1/6/15: “I really appreciate the motivation and concern, I believe Laura is an authentic and genuine talented with a pure soul.” ~ Tom


1/6/15: “My reading was wonderful as usual, very insightful and validating for me. Tell Laura many thanks again and much love and many hugs to you both!” ~ Raquel

1/5/15: “Thank you so much Laura, I enjoyed this and it was very useful.”  ~ John


12/23/14: “ Tell Laura thank you so much for her time, she is the best "shrink" around.”  ~ T.G.


12/22/14: “Thank you so much, I know I am going to make it. God was very right in His choice of giving you the gift that He gave you.” ~ Trish


12/22/14: “Laura as always, Thank you Thank you Thank you! you in a couple months!” ~ Christina

12/20/14: Hi Laura, Since your multiple healings, my Mom, Sister and me have become very united, strong and in alignment as a deeply loving family. This is also being radiated out to my wife and children. I see many changes in myself that have made me a much more loving person both in my family and in professional life. Relationships have deeper meaning and are communicated with much more caring, acceptance, acknowledgement and kindness..... Light and Love! Thank you very much Laura, ~ Eric

12/18/14: “I really needed this. I knew you could help set this right...and me right. Thank you Laura.” ~ T.

12/15/14: “You have made my day! You might be an angel” 

12/15/14: “Thank you Laura” ~ Sue  

12/12/14: “You’re my guardian angel!” 

12/2/14: “You are exactly right on! You helped me so much! I will call you again in a few months!” ~ Patricia

11/17/14: My reading was great! Will you thank Laura very much. very much looking forward to receiving my MP3” ~  J.B., author

11/17/14: “You were awesome! Thank you!” ~ Jill


11/17/14: “Thank you so much!  I really enjoyed my reading and feel so much better and am looking forward to the future. Blessings,” ~ Carol


11/14/14: you were right on the money...Thank you for caring” ~ Jan


11/13/14: “You did excellent! I just felt I was meant to call you and I was right. You did a lot for me today and I will remember you in my prayers.” ~ Teresa


11/13/14: “I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed talking to you. It’s been amazing and you’ve just so helped me, and I was so nervous and you’re so calming. I’m so grateful to you for helping me in this way. Thank you so much. I want to talk to you again in another time.” ~ M.A.


11/12/14: “You’ve hit every nail on the head. I’ve had a wonderful session, and you’ve helped me tremendously.” ~ Thomas


11/10/14: “Fantastic! Thank you so much, this was so helpful! It was just wonderful! And I feel so much better!” ~ Dr. C


11/10/14: “I thank you enormously for all of your time, all of your wonderful ideas and kind words, I’ve got a lot to digest now!” ~ K


11/6/14: Thank you so much for my healing and report, it was so beneficial and so gifting.” ~ Anon


11/5/14: “I had a fabulous session thank you so much” ~ Linda 


11/5/14: “I was so impressed with all that you’ve done with (anon), and all that you’ve given, and done ...thank you!” ~ anon


10/29/14: I was so impressed that I've listened to my reading many times over. Laura has a special gift. If you are stuck in your life and are looking for serious advice / guidance, Laura is worth your time. I will never forget her words and look forward to another session in the near future. ~ Robert


10/21/14: “This has been a great reading! Thank you so so so much! This has been very meaningful and very inspiring, and motivational to me. I appreciate your work!” ~ Emilie


10/17/14: “Gratitude for the last healing session.” ~ Jean


10/16/14: “I’m very grateful for the work that you’ve done so far. I want to thank you and ‘your Team’ (of Masters) for assisting me up to this point—for all the work I’m aware of and not aware of, and not even beginning to know things you’ve done on my behalf, and for all the work that you’re doing for the world in general. I am very grateful for this opportunity to make your acquaintance…Thank you.” ~ Jonathan


10/9/14: “Thank you so much!” ~ A.


10/9/14: "Please express my gratitude again to Laura, She has a beautiful gift." ~ R.Q.


10/9/14: “It’s been a great, great help. You’ve been awesome. You seriously helped.” ~ Robert


10/9/14: “Thank you SO much Laura, really, I can’t begin to tell you how much better you made me feel.” ~ J.D.


10/6/14: "I just heard the recording for my last reading.  Please thank Laura for me for keeping me in her prayers.  I am grateful and look forward to talking to her again before the year ends." ~ Anonymous

9/30/14: "My reading with Laura was incredible. I'm much more happier now. My regards to Laura. She is indeed a friend and a helper." ~ Q. -Nigeria

9/14/14: "You are a very special person and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading as it meant so much to me. You were "spot on" throughout the reading and I will recommend you to all of my friends. It feels so good to know that my loved ones are watching over us and that you brought them to me." ~ Micki

9/10/14: “I appreciate you so much earth-angel” ~ L. -Hawaii 

8/25/14: "...listened to the recording 3 times Saturday.  He said you made a believer out of him.  He will never question my judgment on consulting a true psychic again.  He really didn't know there were people who could see, feel, and hear this kind of information. Kudos to Laura!!!!!!!!"

8/25/14: Laura, I am so glad I found you!

8/18/14: You guys have become very much a part of our extended family.

8/12/14: Laura Scott is the REAL DEAL!!! I just had an hour reading with her and could have stayed on the phone forever. She was so incredibly accurate! It was so nice to hear from my dad and there was no doubt that it was him right there communicating with me! I will absolutely be calling her again! Thank you so much Laura :) ~ Kim in SC

7/23/14: Thank you so much! It was so wonderful! Thank you with all my heart! Thank you! ~ Celia F.

7/21/14: I appreciate you! Thank you! You made me feel so much more at peace. So I appreciate you, thank you. ~ Lydia

7/14/14:  “Thank you so much. I gotta say this has been the best reading I’ve ever had. This is like—you’ve helped me so beyond my wildest imagination, this is fantastic! And I heard about you from watching Bob Olson...he put you on Best Psychic (Mediums) Directory and so his assessment was totally spot on of your ability. I give you big hugs through the phone! ~ Lianne, Massachusetts

7/9/14: I had a much needed and wonderful inspiring reading with Ms. Laura, my goodness it was greatness!  - Raquel


6/30/14: “You have a beautiful voice. It is so soothing and so pure. You have been such an inspiration for many many people and certainly for me. I love you dearly, and someday when I see you I will give you a big hug!” ~ Mark


6/30/14: “I can’t say this is the last time I’ll be talking to you because I really got a lot out of it! So you will be hearing from me again.” ~ DD


6/15/14 Simply at peace.....that is how I feel each and every time I finish a reading with Laura. Laura has the natural knack of making you feel at ease the moment she says hello. After my first reading-I felt I had been awakened out of a fog; I had clarity of who my soul was. Questions were answered that I didn't even know I had, until they were spoken to me by my guides. I continue to contact Laura when I need more insight and light on situations, and each time I am smiling a little bigger and brighter knowing that I am on my way to my spiritual destination! Thank you, Laura, for sharing your beautiful gift and loving energy! ~ Amanda in CT


5/1/14 My reading was empowering and thoughtful. ~ Anon


4/28/14 I am so grateful for you, I was just reflecting on that. You have been such a positive force in my life and you’ve been so wonderful…You are always such an inspiration. You illuminate my spirit! ~ AC


4/28/14 Thanks. I very much enjoyed the reading today. As always Laura was informative and funny. Best, Jerry


4/22/14 This was an amazing session with Laura, absolutely amazing. I wish I could express how much it means for me to have Laura as a guide this lifetime. The universe brought me to her many years ago and it was and has been a true gift for me. What do they say? When the student is ready, the teacher will appear? Yes, she did indeed. ~RP


4/20/14 Dear Laura, Thank you so much for the time, energy and love the Arc Angels and you have invested in the Distance clearing and Healing. My home and family is blessed to have received this. I can feel the shifts and I am hoping to be able to make the most of the opportunities that will arise because of the releases I have been privileged to receive.
I am sure doing this requires tremendous reserves of energy from you and I thank you for your care, concern and large heartedness. With my love and deepest regards to you. ~ A., Singapore


4/1/14 You’ve helped me a lot really and truly. I do appreciate it.


4/1/14 Thank you Laura. I have read about you alot and you were exactly like what I have read. ~ Anon


3/26/14 This was so excellent! You’re amazing! ~ L


3/26/14 Thank you so much Laura. It’s so lovely to speak to you. I didn’t expect that you sound how you sound…I really enjoyed this conversation. It’s wonderful. It’s helping a lot, it’s helping in so many ways. I don’t know how to explain it. I suppose it’s because of who you are — your energy, the beauty of your voice, your humor, your everything. Thank you so much! ~ Z., Indonesia


3/13/14 You feel like an old friend, and yet this is the first time we’ve met! ~ D.


3/12/14 You did wonderful. It was really, really helpful. Thank you ~ Julie


3/12/14 This was amazing. I really got so much answered. Thank you. I feel so much more relaxed now. This was so enlightening. ~ Jennifer


3/11/14 I could talk to you forever. You have a lovely voice and you’re just very, well…and I bet your aura is lovely ~ RJ


2/19/14 Thanks Laura, you are a star! You are an absolute star! Thank you very much! And keep doing what you’re doing! Cheers! Lovely! ~ Aisling


2/18/14 I feel like I just got a bounty of direction and validation, and information…I feel like I’m prepared…for anything. Thank you ~ MH


2/10/14 Laura was amazing and fabulous as always! Tell her thank you so much! Again, thank you and much love and hugs ~ Raquel


1/28/14 WOW…..Thank you so very much for the beautiful journal, what a pleasant surprise! I appreciate the reading you gave me, I was really locked into your kind and genuine voice. Your awesome!! Big Hug..Love N Light ~ Nani


1/22/14 My reading was wonderful as usual. …tell Laura a great big thank you for me!


1/17/14 “I’m sure I’ll talk to you again. It’s been a joy. Thank you from the bottom of my healing heart. You’re the very adequate and possibly even better replacement from a man named Ron Scolastico who did some wonderful channeling work for many many many years and was a friend of mine, and he passed away…and I think other people from him are coming to you.” ~ Larry


1/13/14 I have just finished my 60 minute reading with Laura and it was a wonderful and blessed experience. Subsequently, I have also just made a purchase of a multiple Distance Clearing and Energy Transmission package. Best wishes ~ A.


1/1/14 Thank you and most importantly thank Laura for her kindness and guidance as I get ready to take on 2014!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!


12/30/13 Thank you so much! …the reading was wonderful as always, I have so missed Laura…R.


12/27/13 Thank You so much for all your help i cannot articulate in words what it has meant to me! I look forward to talking to you in the near future. ~ Pat


12/23/13 I just have to tell you that it was absolutely uncanny, not that I didn’t believe you before, but some of the things you said would happened EXACTLY, VERBATIM, as you said they would! It was uncanny! It was like you were talking out of this person’s mouth! ~ Amy


11/15/13 Thank-you so much for the excellent job you did on my reading! I was so ready to hear all that you had to say. Its like I’ve been sitting on my sled waiting for someone to come along and give me a nudge sending me down the hill , and you are the one who did it! Thank-you, I believe I’m on the downhill side now!!. Thank GOD! and I certainly do have a new quality called resilience!
I think this reading was perfectly timed like you said, cocoon opening and butterfly emerging. I’m very excited to get into my homework and finally get moving again.
I’ve attached the ring tone that my (deceased) dad mentioned. You got a kick out of how I described it, I bet you’re really gonna really laugh when you hear the whole thing. What was significant for me was that I never told him about the ring tone when he was here with us in the physical. He never knew about it. I only recently told my mom about it a few weeks after he died. This just further cements my belief in our connection to the other side. Amazing, thank-you ~ Dana


11/14/13 I can not begin to articulate what a blessing it is to have found Laura and the guidance and clarity she has given me, I truly do not know how i would have handled the hurdles that have come my way. Please give her the warmest thanks for sending this (complimentary gift) to me again as i continue to try the best that i can to find my way through this maze that we call life. Many Thanks ~ Pat


10/29/13 Thanks so much! Tell Laura I appreciated her words of encouragement and feel I’m in a much better place since the reading. She was dead on about the people in my life. She truly has a gift. ~ Lisa




10/7/2013 Please send my gratitude to Laura. Sincerely, Heather


10/3/13 It was a special experience and I enjoyed every minute! Thank you! ~ Katie


9/23/13 Thank you so much. I definitely feel much more clarity now, so I really appreciate it. ~ D.


9/18/13 “Thank you for your thoughts on the natural disasters happening in our state and your concern for our well being.” ~ H


9/17/13 Thanks so much for your assistance, and please give our thanks again to Laura! ~ Sue B.


9/13/13 Thank you for all of your effort to help me!!! Sincerely, S


9/13/13 Thank you!!! ~ Juan, Argentina


8/14/13 you have the most beautiful voice…it’s just melodic to listen to your cd! ~ Barbara F.


7/29/13 I got all the answers I was seeking and I am so grateful. You are amazing! Thank you again! Warmly, Mike


7/26/13 Laura, I’ve been taking the Bach remedies that you suggested and that’s helped ramp-up my healing…. I think it was the reading with you on July 11 and the Bach remedies that compelled me to step forward. Thanks!!  ~ J


7/22/13 I had a reading with you a few years ago that was very helpful and would like to have another. Many thanks. ~ O


7/16/13 Thank you, so much. Please tell Laura how much I appreciate her. ~ BM


7/10/13 I look forward to calling you again some other time! ~ A


7/5/13 I truly enjoyed talking to you ~ B


7/2/13 I have a lot to face, but I am feeling calmer now. Thank you ~ M


7/1/13 I found you on Bob Olson’s website and clicked on your video message about “I believe in you”. Your smile released a flood of tears and envy (in a good way!) of your joy. I was strongly urged to sign up! ~ J


6/27/13 I’m requesting house energy clearing because whatever you did for the office was wonderful. Breakthroughs with everything and all positive! There is beautiful movement at the office. I’m hoping for the same for home energy. ~ Anon


6/24/13 Talk to you again next year! ~ N


6/24/13 …wow. I thank you so much for what you do. It truly is a gift. I am really grateful and I can’t wait to put things into practice. ~ S.


6/3/13 It was so nice talking with you and getting peace. ~ D


5/29/13 Thank you so much. I really enjoyed my reading with Laura and I’m really thankful I got to meet her. Please tell her a big thank you from me. All the best, Ellen


5/29/13 (Note from a Distance Healing Client) I’m so happy that T. is doing so much better. I do see a difference in their demeanor. They are noticeably calmer and seem much more at peace. Today I especially noticed how they just looked lighter. I cannot express my gratitude to you justly for T’s healing as well as for my own. Love, Anon


5/24/13 Thank you for facilitating a great session with Laura for me! She was wonderful. Thank you very much. Amy


5/21/13 I really enjoyed Laura’s teleclass last week. It was very informative and the meditation was awesome! I felt so peaceful afterwards.:) Sincerely, Sophia


5/16/13 I was on the call for the Global Teleseminar on 5/15/13. I thorougly was enlightened by the presentation you shared and look forward to another class with you in the near future! Sincerely, Vetta


5/15/13 I enjoyed her class very much, all the meditation tips will come in handy!
Thanks so much, Adielle


4/16/13 …I expressed my appreciation briefly and ended the call without telling Laura how much she, and her guides (and mine as well) helped me and how, for the first time in a very long time, she gave me piece of mind and direction. I am so grateful. ~ Lisa


3/20/13 The things you said about my previous relationship came true several years ago, so I knew it was time to contact you again and check in about some recent relationship changes… ~ Anon


3/14/13 I feel calmer than I have since my loved one passed. I will be calling you again. ~ A.


3/5/13 I enjoyed this very much, you were wonderful! ~ B.


2/22/13 My life has improved so much since we spoke a few years ago…Thank you for the help and Light you brought through that dark time. It is so wonderful to be in touch with you again! ~ G.


2/21/13 I had such a wonderful and amazing reading with Laura! I have missed her so…oh my goodness. Thank you…I will be in touch soon to get my next reading. ~Raquel


2/17/13 My reading with Laura was nothing short of amazing. She is a beautiful person and gifted beyond belief. I can’t express enough gratitude for the work she has done in this clearing and how she helped me to understand the situation in such a profound way while outlining ways in which to support her work. Thanks for everything! ~ Sophia


2/14/13 I feel so much calmer after we speak!!! ~ Anon


2/6/2013 I must thank you for all your (distance healing & clearing) work with A(and me too!). I cannot express how much comfort it has brought to me during these difficult months. When I read your words they resonate so clearly with me and all makes sense with what is happening in our life. The guidance is pitch perfect and the metaphors incredibly meaningful to me. My heart sends you the deepest gratitude.
I feel we are making incredible progress and will continue. Once again thank you…you are a most special spirit and I feel honored to have this connection. Warmly ~ C.


1/25/13 Thank you for the guidance on these sensitive topics. Your words ring true and I know I am ready. I know I can trust you as I have with so many other important things. Thank you for your prayers. ~ Anon


1/22/12 Thank you for the fantastic reading…it was truly incredible! I finally feel that I know what to do next… I am so grateful for this God-given talent that you have and that you use it to help people like me! ~ Sandra


1/16/13 My time with you was most enjoyable, thank you! ~ M.


1/14/13 I know I just met you, but you feel like a dear friend I’ve known my whole life. ~ Stan


1/14/13 Happy New Year! I feel good and Laura was right. After reading her (personal) message, I felt giddy and still in disbelief…she was right about this being a blessing…Laura is one of the best, it’s true. What separates her is her specific choice of words. When you’re in a reading, you need to take notes and pay special attention. It may seem impossible and even sound ridiculous, but the things she says come true. It’s so crazy. She’ll tell you words others will say and months later they do say it. That happened to me and I did a double take. Really, you need to give her a go. Her advice never fails.~ S.


1/4/13 I could feel your compassion & hear the sincerity in your words as I read your note (after my FIL’s passing)~both brought me a sense of strength & peace that I hadn’t felt in weeks! Thank you so much for that & for ALL of your support during the past two weeks, I will always remember your kindness & patience!! I printed your note to keep with my daily journal~I have two other notes that I keep with it to read when I need to be ‘lifted up’ & reminded of all the goodness in the Universe!! Thank you again & take good care ~Kel


12/15/12 I am grateful for the generosity of your time, as teacher and guide on my spiritual journey. Your advise and encouraging words are always welcome as a kindred soul and mentor…I am grateful for your wisdom and spiritual insight. ~ Gerry


12/4/12 Sending you holiday wishes (+cookies!) and my gratitude for helping me reach my 5 year cancer-free milestone! Much love.~ Diana


11/11/12 I received your notes on the most recent clearing and am so deeply appreciative of your work. I am seeing the changes happening and my heart is lighter…your work has given me strength and hope. my gratitude is beyond measure and I will have you do another clearing soon. Thanks so very much. Warmest regards ~ C.


10/10/12 …a pleasure as always, I will contact you again next year! ~ Charles


9/18/12 Having a reading with you is always an amazing experience, but this reading was especially powerful and moving…it was all I could do not to start sobbing right then and there ~ Anita


9/4/12 We haven’t spoken in two years and I want to commend you…your accuracy is uncanny. You’re amazing! ~ Rachel


8/30/12 Great as always! ~ V.


8/15/12 …regret that I didn’t request an hour with Laura. She is lovely to speak to and I felt so much better after her counsel. Very much appreciate both of you. ~Deborah


7/27/12 Again…she totally called it. If she wants bragging rights, tell her that …details to a T. ~ S.S.


7/14/12 …boy was she right…She mentioned medicine and I honestly didn’t believe her. I just couldn’t figure out how I would cross over to that field without expertise. Now I’m an assistant for these people who work in the governance/healthcare/human services area. How crazy is that? Please pass this message to Laura for me. She can laugh at me now. She totally called it. ~ S.


7/2/12 Thank you so much for the kind gesture from Laura. I am so touched….I am tearing up… all are so beautiful!! Please let Laura know that she has changed my life so much…I am so happy and feel like life is truly worth living after hearing Laura’s reading.
Again, please pass on to Laura how much she means to me and how I feel like a prisoner who has now been set free to live life. Love you so much and many blessings, Carmen


7/2/12 I really did enjoy my time with Laura — and it was worth the overage! :~) ~ Mary P.


6/19/12 Please thank Laura for me, I really appreciate her time and generosity! ~ Betty


5/2/12 I read the work done by Laura on my (Distance) healing & clearing and i am very happy with it. I feel really good at this time, it’s incredible!! I feel great!! A thousand thanks to Laura and much love I will contact you again soon!! Blessings, A.


4/27/12 Just more thanks…I took Laura’s advice…found a therapist from Upledger who is THE BEST! After 5 years and many many many different treatments..she KNOWS..yes, it’s painful and emotional but I can feel the changes…NO ONE has had the power to read the body like her. I am sincerely grateful for all of your help! And I truly hope you feel that… The story is crazy but details are just details…but she is the one. Bless you for this amazing gift of finally being okay, something I have felt I was never going to be again. Big-O-Appreication to YOU!!!! Rachel-Racquel


4/3/12 Wow. Please send my thanks to Laura…bit by bit I am “getting it” … It is interesting how things get stirred up when you are not hearing what you want to hear. I saw that in me. But things are shifting for the better and I know the call had something to do with it. So please, thank her for her time, patience and sweetness (and to you). Many blessings to you both. Sincerely, S


3/6/12 I can’t stop crying tears of joy and hope for this incredible (Distance Clearing &) Healing process that she has done for Nicole. …my absolute gratitude that just can’t be measured in any way! May God bless all of you (as I know that he has already done so)! I send prayers and much love for this most precious act & gift. Thank You – Thank You – Thank You!!! We are Forever Grateful for you being an Angel to us on this earth at such a crucial time in our lives! God Bless! ~ Joe C.


2/26/12 …1000% accurate about the new job – I absolutely love it and it has the exact support system you said that it would and I mean exactly likely you described! Ha! Thank you for being here and being my guide…and bless and thank the universe for bringing me to you so many years ago. ~ Raquel V. Perry


2/9/12 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Laura Scott is truly kind, loving and the best!!! Best regards, Ania


2/8/12 My gratitude to Laura…many thanks and appreciation for yours and Laura’s time and efforts on “D’s” clearing. ~ Anon


2/2/12 Just a note of gratitude for Laura Scott’s reading…very remarkable certain issues she revealed to me. - God Bless, Myra


1/23/12 After the reading I was bouncing off the walls (in a good way) it was such a lift and gave me great, clear energy. A real gift. ~ Nina Egli


1/19/12 It was a great reading.. Thanks Laura.. ~ Lil D


1/15/12 In my darkest hours, when I lost our unborn child after several years of infertility treatments/surgeries and then having my husband walk out on me because he could not handle the stressors anymore, Laura was the sole person that helped me remain here today!

When I gave up hope on not being able to be a mom, Laura reassured… Last year, I delivered our first son and continue to feel the blessings that Laura bestowed upon our lives.

Laura provided her (distance) energy clearing to literally get me thru the pregnancy and protect our unborn child… I know her protection was the only thing that helped us get thru the pregnancy given the stressful circumstances surrounding my life.

Even though I purchased a multiple clearing session during the pregnancy, Laura went above and beyond the normal time frame…to ensure that our son would be protected and safe. A mere “thank you” pales in comparison to the gratitude our family feels for being guided to a blessing such as Laura.
- Anonymous


1/4/12 Laura Scott was recommended to me by a friend. I have been to several psychics over the past 10 years, but never over the phone. She was amazing and really helped guide me through some difficult decisions and helped me see a clear path for the upcoming year. I would highly recommend her to anyone. ~ Betsy Kenwood


12/10/11 I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Laura. Through the Commitee, all my quetions about my gifts, purpose and direction were answered and I feel complete for the first time in my life and work. I have a new found confidence and excitement about the coming year and beyond. Laura is herself, quite gifted and in tune with the higher realms of wisdom and compassion. ~ Mary Velez


11/28/11 Thank you!! That is the nicest thing anyone has done for me in awhile! My reading was very enlightening and helpful and I will call for another in a few months! ~ Leslie H.


11/16/11 “I just wanted to thank you again for the reading this morning. Please know how very much its appreciated. I had several emotional questions regarding a friend’s death. Police ruled it as suicide, although the surrounding facts didn’t support this. After speaking with Laura, my dear friend came through and knowing him as family, everything Laura stated ‘rang true’ and I immediately recognized it in my heart as truth. Laura is a gift to humanity. Thank you.”

~ Jill Rose


11/16/11 “She was lovely!” ~ Lauren


11/9/11 “I Just wanted to let you know how much Julianna and I enjoyed our reading with Laura today.” ~ Michelle Luciano


11/8/11 “I love your website. I thank you for your help. God Bless” ~ Ann Maje Raider, Canada


11/5/11 “I could only talk for 30 minutes so it was of utmost importance that I got all I needed to address in that time. This turned out to be a very practical reading which I knew on an inner level was exactly what I needed to hear in order to do what I needed to do. It was right in my face. Thank you Laura. Sincerely,” ~ Niki Brown


9/26/11 “She was great” ~ Sema Singh


9/15/11 “Thank you, Laura! It was a good reading and all my questions are answered.” ~ Chirag Menon


9/6/11 “I asked questions over several aspects of my life. I know in my spirit or soul that she was right on target. I have to do something that will be difficult but necessary. I have to trust the outcome will be the best for me. Thanks Laura. I loved hearing from my dad.” ~ Don Armstrong


9/1/11 “The information Laura provided on the gold coins that my deceased wife misplaced led me to them the very next day.That was a lifesaver. Many thanks and much gratitude. I highly recommend her.” ~ Frank Ortwine


9/1/11 “Laura was an immense help and I am very grateful to her. (I slept through the night for

the first time in many months.)” ~ Denise Yuu


7/25/11 “Thank you for all you have done for me, for how nuch you have cared, and listened… for your support, prayers and love” ~ Janey


6/29/11 “So many things you told me to do and predicted were very helpful” ~ Pamela Miller



6/22/11 “Thank you Laura, for staying so positive. The thing I remember the most from your reading was your positive attitude. In Europe now but I will contact you in the fall.” ~ Marc Mourier


6/20/11 “I consulted Laura primarily because I wanted clarity about a few things going on in my life. She was pleasant, sweet, warm and insightful and she has a great sense of humor. She zeroed in on everything that I needed her to zero in on, in a natural and intuitive way. I am grateful for her guidance and would re commend her to anyone who needs guidance from beyond.” ~ Pamela Mariasine


6/20/11 “I have heard really amazing things about you…You have touched the hearts and souls of some very dear people. I thank you for that.” ~ Bianca Lee, Bahamas


6/20/11 “Thanks for listening…You helped…tremendously.” ~ Jerry M, GA

6/6/2011 You just channeled my mother! That alone was worth everything! ~ Marvin Rosenthal, NY

6/1/2011 ...very detailed...full of insightful information ~ Maebh ni Mhathuna, Ireland

5/31/2011 You're good! ~ Wendy Gless, California

5/31/2011  I want to commend you , I love listening to you... you have good eyes...
~ Pamela Mariasine

5/31/2011 You are very good ! ~ Joe Mendoza

5/24/2011 This has been wonderful and very helpful! ~ Donna McManus, NY

5/24/2011 You were phenomenal! I will be calling you again! ~ Lisa Saxby, Canada

5/24/2011 I really appreciate all you and Laura have done to support me these last couple weeks. I am feeling a little more settled (but still sad) following the traumatic and sudden loss of my father. ~ Karen Daniels, Massachusetts

5/19/2011 ...just wanted to thank you. I bought a couple of your CD's and I love them. You have a lovely and soothing voice...keep up the good work :~) :~) ~ John Fleig

5/10/2011 . . . . thank you so much for everything! I look forward to receiving the recording and to booking another reading in the near future ~ Joan Nordhagen, Miami

5/4/2011 . . . of the highest vibration! I wanted to know about Journaling, you have a book for that. I wanted to know just about connecting and you have a C.D. for that too...~ Kathie Jackson

4/11/2011 Very worthwhile ~ Paula Smith

4/5/2011 You hit everything on the head ~ Ryan Shrout 

3/25/2011 Laura is kind, sweet, smart, well descriptive, and very connected. She receives information from what is surely a higher place, she is truly gifted and she uses that gift to help others. I'd like to describe her as an Angel living on earth. The accuracy she had was astonishing. I will know in the near future if her predictions were as accurate as her knowing of my past. It's comforting to know that someone understands your situation and can give you the missing pieces to the puzzle. ~ Bonnie Malaczynski, Wisconsin

3/24/2011 Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease and answering all of my questions ~ Kimlee Cunningham

2/9/11 Wow! ~ Pat Arcano

1/3/2011 Laura has been our secret weapon for over three years now...she has saved us an ungodly amount of money, time and grief, bu giving us the heads up...and HONEST tough love truth....She has been our guiding light, for my personal life, my career, my business and numerous projects we are working on . If you seek a competitive advantage in working with someone that straddles numerous worlds and dimensions then LAURA is for you....highly recommend her x rob ~Roberto Velez, New York

12/10/2010 I read about you on-line through Bob Olson and just knew you were a compassionate healer. ~ Steve Garrison

12/08/2010 ...You have been so on target about so many things! What you said would happen, me goose bumps... ~ David Becker, CA

12/02/2010 I feel so relieved! ~ S. Jouw, Indonesia

11/29/2010 ...met with Laura about 8 years ago...a private reading that was phenomenal! ~ Sherri DiReda

11/16/10 ...Words cannot express my gratitude. I feel a sense of peace that I am on the right path...I have had many readings over the course of the last few months....spent money on readings that should have been better spent...Your reading, however, was a were authentic. Honestly, I did not get this sense from the other readings to the same extent as with your readings. Your integrity, kindness and compassion also indicated that you are doing this for the greater good. Thanks for giving me hope and trying to help me stay on the path that my soul is being guided to. ~ JD, Canada

Nov 2, 2010 If you wish to cut a new pathway, realize your highest potential, and experience life as a joyous adventure in any way, Laura is an indispensable, dynamic guide. The (mp3) taped session is also invaluable because repeated listening reveals more riches and deepening understanding...honest and wise...helpful specifics abound. I am very grateful to have this trusted, loving source to consult. ~ Shirley Myers

Oct 27, 2010 My aunt went missing, I was desperate to find answers & started searching for a psychic median & found Laura. She was the answer to my prayers & helped with this difficult time providing answers & confirming that my aunt had been murdered. Every detail she told me has been in truth, not only did she provide answers but comfort, I can't thank her enough. I have had an additional healing with Laura & she has helped me see the light in my life again...God Bless Laura & her beautiful gifts. ~ Diana Jepson

Oct 15, 2010 I have been a client of Laura's for three years. I have had numerous readings with her and she has never been wrong in her predictions even when I wished that she were. She has been my light and my guide through some very difficult times... I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance from a psychic as she is truly authentic and a genuine gift to humanity. ~ Raquel Perry, Texas

Oct 14, 2010 Several years ago, during a particularly difficult time in my life, Laura gave me the first of several readings. She was able to clearly explain what had happened in my life and what was yet to come. She guided me across some trecherous life pathways and challenges. I am always amazed at how dead on target she has always been. She showed me the way and led me to happiness and contentment. I am profoundly grateful to Laura for all her guidance, insight, healing, and support. ~ Carole Scribner

Oct 13, 2010 I have had other psychic readings from well-known psychics, but the one I had with Laura was much more relaxed, compassionate, accurate and 'loving'...I plan to have another reading with Laura soon! ~ Kathleen Robson

Oct 12, 2010 Laura has been an integral part of my life for the past four years, an advisor, a healer, and dare I say, a friend, who helped me through my difficult divorce, a cancer battle, and provided many insights into rebuilding my life after these two major events. A reading with Laura is a gift that I give myself in the beginning of every year to guide me and sustain me through all the joys and difficulties that year may bring. ~ Diana Tumminia, NY

Oct 12, 2010 Gratitude is the first word that comes to my mind. I have the ultimate respect for the service Laura and her guides provide to people like myself...The intuitive gifts, the energy and the compassion that Laura brings to the session have been instrumental with facilitating my spiritual growth....priceless. ~ Rob Lambert, California

Laura is a loving soul with insightful readings that are truly accurate and were very helpful. Introduced and inspired me to become a Reiki Master. With a giving heart, she created a beautifully informative book with journals and intuitive guidance cards. Her CDs provide fantastic visual guidance into deep meditations and healings. ...Truly an amazing woman who has a warm loving heart. ~ Joy Riddle, California

I have contacted Laura on several occasions, all of which have been exceptional. Her staff makes the experience transpire with ease due to their efficiency, and kindness. I had a long term health problem which Laura helped to resolve, and the many ways that she has helped me involve both my physical and spiritual life. I have also benefited greatly from her CDs and journal. One of the best decisions I have made is to seek her support in my life journey. ~ Geraldine Ferry, Alaska

09/09/10 Your website is far and above better than any of the others I've seen; it really drew me in and caught my attention. ~ Karen Warren

09/09/10 Had my reading with Laura this morning and she was wonderful! ~ Monica Lundgren

09/07/10 I had such a helpful session with Laura! ~ Shirley Myers

07/28/10 I am sure I will be calling you again, Laura was a big help to me...cannot wait to listed to the recording over and over, for I am sure I will get more insight every time I listen... ~ Lorraine Cavolina

07/22/10 Thank you for the wonderful distance healing and clearing report... I feel it is in my best interest to keep these distance healings/clearings going for a while. I felt my energy shift last week, and it coincided with when Laura did her work. ~ Sophie Sentebale

07/12/10 She was a joy and source of inspiration. ~ Karen Chester

06/09/10 My daughter loves listening to Laura's guided meditation CD! ~ Sue Zimmerman

05/26/10 I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful reading you gave me. I found comfort in what you had said...I felt like you really put yourself in my thoughts and heart... I was so amazed with your gift... ~ Rachel Franco

05/04/10 The reading was exactly what our heart and soul needed... ~ Krystynia Lee d'Arville, Bahamas

04/16/10 It was very nice to talk with Laura. She is a wonderful person. I just need to say thank you very much! I am feeling much better now!... ~ Rossana Costa

03/26/10 I can't wait to listen to the recording again to really cement what Laura told me. Thanks for all your help. ~ Judy Varley

03/02/10 The reading was a positive experience for me and it will most certainly help my attitude. ~ Tim Bove

01/25/10 Laura was wonderful as always! ~ Raquel Perry, Texas

1/24/10 Wanted to thank Laura for the reading once again. She gave me a lot of good advice. ~ DT

01/19/10 You sustain me for a whole year! ~ Diana Tuminia

01/05/10 Thank you're a gem, a jewel. ~ Janet Carroll

12/30/09 My reading with Laura was wonderful - she truly gave me peace in my heart for the new year! ~ RP

12/30/09 We have had sessions before and they have always been incredibly inspirational and helpful. ~ MC

11/17/09 The intuitive gifts, the energy and the compassion that Laura brings to the session have been instrumental with facilitating my spiritual growth. ~ Rob L

11/17/09 Thank you...a blessing...Laura had taken her time to really have a good sense of my questions and the best approach to move in a positive direction. Rob Lambert

11/14/09 I am very pleased with my reading with Laura. I am already promoting her to my friends. ~ Kathleen Robson

09/01/09 The reading was terrific as always. ~ Raquel

09/21/09 As always, your support and Laura's guidance is much appreciated! ~ Bonnie Guhl

09/30/09 My reading with Laura was as insightful, guiding and accurate as in the past. What a blessing she is for the earth plane! Thank you and Laura for the work you do every day! ~ RP

08/11/09 Your loving kindness uplifts me and helps me through each next moment ~ Carole Scribner

08/19/09 ...fabulous...! Raquel Perry

08/29/09 Thank you for...being in my life....thank you Lord for...goodness and love! ~ C.

08/29/09 Thank you my dear friend for easing my worries and giving me to motivation to look ahead, be positive and keep the dream! ~ Mabelline Bondi

06/04/09 My reading with Laura was quite helpful and gave me a lot of hope. ~ Diana Jepson

06/09/09 She was wonderful! ~ Barb March

06/27/09 I just wanted to tell you how very much I'm enjoying your cds -- I have all of them, along with your divination cards and journal. I've been going through some very difficult times over the past year or so, and they have given me much peace and hope for the future. I've gifted some of your cds to other members of my family, and everyone agrees that you're doing a wonderful job bringing peace and love to your "fellow travelers"... thank you again for providing us with such inspirational, calming and loving guided meditations. Keep up the good work!! ~ Shirley Tallman

07/29/09 Wonderful reading. Can't wait to listen to it!! ~ AP

05/22/09 I had my reading last night, and it was truly amazing, truly one of the most moving things I've ever experienced!! Laura's empathy, genuine care and affection certainly shone through,...her predictions in my hour reading were very profound...I've had all these readings with famous, more expensive, more exposure on the internet type of readers...Laura is truly a wonderful, wonderful reader. ~ Brent

04/07/09 I know we just "met" but I felt compelled to send this on to you. I also wanted to say a HUGE thank-you for your patience and insights. I have a lot to absorb. ~ Bonnie Guhl

04/28/09 She was fabulous as always. ~ Raquel Perry

03/26/09: I wanted to first pass along my appreciation to Laura for such a great experience last month with my time with Laura was very precious...very healing for me following Mom's passing. ~ Catherine Godwin

03/29/09 I so enjoyed my reading...thank you for your kind heart and the guidance and support that you provided me :) Indeed, I felt 'lit up' after our session and I am so greatful for the information that I recieved. I'm excited about things again and moving forward on my life's path....I look forward to working with you again in the future. ~ Thomas Regenauer

02/04/09 Please tell Laura she has helped me so very much. I felt very comfortable with her and she gave me a feeling of peace and comfort. ~ Jackie Shupe

02/09/09 Dear Laura, thank yo so much for the reading and talk! It is great to have another person in my field to talk with! I hope all is well in your world and thank you again for your insight! Warm Wishes. ~ Bee Herz

02/11/09 You are a source of warmth and light. ~ Joy File

02/11/09 ...what you said DID come out exactly as you said it would. WOW! ~ Mary Ann Conover

02/17/09 I would like Laura to both know how much I approved of Laura's advice for Donna. I have always told her that she is better suited to working with younger children. She is working diligently toward her goal. ~ Michelle Smithka

02/26/09 I had an excellent reading from Laura...It was amazingly helpful and just what I need to know right now...thank Laura for the good work she is doing for people here on earth. ~ Paula Meeker

01/02/09 I so much appreciated talking with Laura. ~ Mary Jane Malinchak

01/26/09 Thank you very much and know how much I appreciated communing with Laura and friends. ~ Diane Click

01/30/09 Laura, boy were you ever right! ~ Tom Griffith

10/26/08 I just heard Laura's session with John Holland from a while back in the Hayhouse Radio archives. I wanted to say how awesome and inspiring it was for me, and to say thanks for that. ~ Haley Overland

10/24/08 I appreciate you and your words so very much. I feel my energy has been much stronger this past week than it has in 3 months. Thank you...your words are forever with me. Love, Courtney Cox

10/13/08 Oh my gosh! I just love Laura. Now I know what it would be like to have a sister! I could talk to her for days.....I looked over to the clock and could not believe the time. ~ Mary Ann Applegate

10/09/08 What a great session! Please thank her again for a wonderful and healing session! ~ Tony Pringle

07/22/08 ...a wonderful, loving, kind, sincere person...thank you from the bottom of my heart...more than I ever expected. You addressed all my concerns from all different angles...just talking to you was blanketing me in love and compassion and all those feelings of despair washed away. You made me feel hope, something I have not felt in GOD knows how long. I can't thank you enough for your guidance...I have had many readings in the past, but none like this. I had a reading with Sylvia Browne, whom I an author :o) but failed to get any personal guidance or answers. You have done more for me than I can express to you without crying...the messages you passed on from my Father were priceless. You are an angel sent from heaven. I will be in touch again. ~ Mabel Bondi

5/13/08 Ša warm thank you for a very motivating and confirming reading this morning. It is truly an amazing uplifting feeling. I feel 20 years younger! I believe in my dream once again and that is priceless. ~ Rob Lambert

"I heard you on the Mary Jones Radio Show... I really loved your energy!! Great website!" ~ John

04/09/08 I truly enjoyed my experience with her and am very grateful for her advice as well as her reassurance that I am not delusion and that my instincts to remain steadfast was on track. ~ Jennifer L.

04/08/08 Thank you, dear Laura, I really enjoyed talking to you! Cheers, I hope we talk again ~ Liz Segal

02/19/08 She's extremely insightful and often time clarifies my doubts. Amazing woman! ~ Sheryn Hew

02/07/08 My time with Laura was, as always, absolutely incredible! ~ Dee Vickers

02/23/08 ...what a fabulous reading I had with her. I've had four readings with Laura so far, and in all the readings, Laura has always been very accurate in describing the situation and the person in question's personality and headspace. She has the most soothing voice from any psychic I've met and by far, the most right on and helpful. She's always very compassionate and understanding of my problems and helps in many ways. I always come out of a reading with Laura feeling a lot "lighter." Thank you Laura for all the help you've given me. ~ NG, Canada

"Laura's guidance is much appreciated!" ~ Bonnie G

"As insightful, guiding and accurate as in the past. What a blessing she is for the earth plane!" ~ Raquel P

"Your loving kindness uplifts me and helps me through each next moment." ~ Carole S

"Thank you my dear friend for easing my worries and giving me to motivation to look ahead, be positive and keep the dream!" ~ Mabelline B

"Quite helpful and gave me a lot of hope." ~ Diana J

"My time with Laura was very precious." ~ Catherine G

"Thank you for your kind heart and the guidance and support that you provided me." ~ Thomas R

"Please tell Laura she has helped me so very much. I felt very comfortable with her and she gave me a feeling of peace and comfort." ~ Jackie S

"...a source of warmth and light." ~ Joy F

"Thank Laura for the good work she is doing for people here on earth." ~ Paula M

"Fantastic reading today, thanks. You are just as accurate as Sylvia Browne (whom I also love) but the hour instead of half hour is much more helpful. I will be calling you again. I really resonated with you and I just cannot say enough about how much I appreciated the reading." ~ M.G., LA

"My retreat with you was even nicer and more fulfilling than I could have imagined. Your kindness, guidance, and help were wonderful...It was a remarkable experience!" ~ Olga F., IN

"Thank you for an excellent reading...because of your words of encouragement, custom mixed flower remedy and prayers I have not had a cigarette in almost ten weeks (after 30 years of smoking). God bless you." ~ L.K., USA

"I can't even begin to thank you for the reading I had with you... It was the most amazing experience of my life! I've had many readings in the past from psychics, but nothing came close to the level you took me to. You showed me the path that I have to take. You have given me a sense of peace. I was so impressed with the reading that I have given my sister an early birthday present - a reading with you! Thank you for this gift that you are spreading with your talents. I look forward to another reading with you in a few months." ~ Mary B., NJ

"Thank you for the enlightening reading in April...your kindness and gentle guidance helped me through a painful realization. The Bach Flower Remedy you recommended has given me much needed relief. I am grateful our paths crossed." ~ Denise B., CA

"The session you did for my teenage daughter and I helped our relationship tremendously. Thank you." ~ D.B, IL

"Laura is a kind, generous and insightful soul. Her powers of insight are highly accurate! She was able to diagnose a medical condition for me before the doctor's were able to. Her connecting with my grandmother was powerful and moving. Her custom remedies have helped not only myself but also my animals. I am grateful for her nurturing spirit, insights, and calming influence." ~ J.P., CT

"Laura's support and advice is truly valued. I honor her clear channel. She is a true sister of the light." ~ Jenny C., UK

"I've been to many workshops and classes, but I have to say that Laura's was the best. She is a natural teacher, the material is very organized, and she has a friendly personality. She shares a lot of her personal stories and experiences, so you KNOW she has walked the walk!" ~ Diane S., NY

"Just being in her presence, you know that you are in the company of something magical, special, joyous and Divine." ~ Paula M., MN

"I think that Laura is the next Edgar Cayce of our time. Her strength and wisdom are a treasure to us all!" ~ Helen G., PA

"Her work is amazing. It's as if she sees inside the situation, and explains it to you in a whole new way. I no longer am stressing about the things I used to. Knowing you has changed my life!" ~ Joyce H., CT

"Boy oh boy how you read my mail!" ~ Michelle T., AZ

"My session with Laura changed my life. I've been to many others, but experienced nothing close to what I did with her. She told me my truths, and gave me many tools to work with." ~ Steve H., FL

"Laura is a natural teacher. She is so open and honest. Her workshop was amazing! I learned so much and appreciate her organized presentations!" ~ Chris D., MA

"I am so thankful that our paths have crossed and for the information/insight that your healing work has provided me." ~ Mary S., CT

"Laura is a true humanitarian; selfless and giving. Always ready, willing and able to lift your spirits and your soul. Your total being is lighter and happier as a result of her great gift." ~ Joyce W., CT

"When my life seems to be heavy and my path foggy, her words and readings help me to see the Light. She reminds me of the bright light that I am. Her flower essence counseling, and the growth I have experienced from this, has amazed me." ~ Jill F., IN


Laura Scott
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