Aren't Psychics Just A Bunch Of Phony Scam Artists?

by Bob Olson

Mention the word “psychics” to people and many will burst out laughing in a gesture of cynical disbelief. Others will shrug their shoulders confessing that they just don’t know what to believe. And most everyone who does believe will still admit they are selective with whom they talk to about such matters due to the stigma of being a believer.

The truth is: there really are genuine and legitimate psychically gifted people in this world. Unfortunately, it is also true that there are phonies and frauds in the business. Just as when locating a family doctor, lawyer or psychiatrist—or a reputable holistic practitioner—one must do some research and expend a little effort to locate a truly gifted psychic.

Personal recommendations from reliable and creditable sources are always better than choosing a psychic out of the phone book or other paid advertisements. Sometimes (although not always) the best psychics and mediums will have rather high fees ranging from $60 to $200 for a reading. The reason for this is that the really gifted ones are often trying to juggle the demand for their services. Word spreads quickly when you’re blowing people’s minds, and some psychics and mediums find themselves booking months or years ahead. Those fees might sound extravagant to some, but I guess even in the world of the paranormal you sometimes get what you pay for.

To rephrase: Yes, there are phony scam artists out there, but there are also real people with real psychic abilities. Not only do we at know this is true, we are here to educate you about these extraordinarily gifted individuals, and help you locate one that best fits your personal needs.


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