Opening Your Eyes To The Possibilities

You Might Be Suprised By What You See

By Bob Olson

Life is anything but boring. If we open our eyes to the possibilities, we might be amazed by what we see. The gurus call this awareness. I think it's a matter of being open-minded.

Two years ago, I entered a world I did not believe existed. I wanted to believe, but I guess I'm basically the scientific type, needing proof before I proceed. As a nonbeliever, I was not in pursuit of enlightenment in the spiritual fashion. It was more my style to explore in a playful manner, without expectations but plenty of hopeful curiosity and a kind of "There's got to be more to life than I'm seeing " attitude. In spite of that, my cynical "I'm no fool" side always won the argument, and the signs that lay before me went unnoticed.

When I accidentally opened the door that divides earthly and spiritual existence, a mere ethereal separation, I set foot in a world beyond my imagination. If my own mother had first made this discovery, my skepticism would have prevented me from accepting her tale. Yet, here I am writing about it, as if expecting someone will read my words with credence.

The truth is that I have no attachment to your opinion of my claims. To get them out of my head and onto paper is a purgative exercise in itself—more of a diary than a public report. Nevertheless, I am without doubt that others will seek and find this information. Whether as a compass toward their own door to enlightenment or as an affirmation to their own similar experiences, I know people will find comfort in connecting with my story.

It has now been three years since my journey began, and I marvel at how my life has changed since January 1999. I feel like I have been on a ride at Disney World. The difference is that this ride is not based in fantasy. While it may sound like fantasy to some people, this is a true story. Yet, admittedly, I occasionally pinch myself to see if I wake up.

On Friday the 15th of January, 1999, my newly published book was released. I'll admit it was exciting. However, a couple days after its release I had a talk with my father. That was a great deal more exciting because my father had been dead for almost two years. And this is where my story begins.  

BOB OLSON is a former private investigator and skeptic who began using his investigation skills to research psychics, psychic mediums and the afterlife in 1999. This research led him to establish www. Magazine (2000), (2011), www. (2001) and www. (2007), three of the most trusted and influential sources for understanding and locating trustworthy psychics and psychic mediums.

Today Bob Olson has tested hundreds of psychics and psychic mediums around the world and has become a leading authority on the subject with TV, movie and documentary producers, journalists, book publishers, event promoters, as well as law enforcement agencies and private investigators. Bob’s achievements in psychic and psychic medium investigation and testing has further allowed him to evaluate and isolate the key components that set apart the best psychic medium readings from the mediocre—leading him to create his famous (although secret) 15-point test.

Bob has documented his findings in a multitude of articles. He has authored the Forewords for three books: The Complete Idiot's Guide To Communicating With SpiritsConsult Your Inner Psychic and The Complete Idiot's Guide To Divining The Future. Bob has also been quoted as an expert in How To Get A Good Reading By A Psychic Medium and Empowering Your Life With Angels.