Dream Communication From The Other Side?

by Bob Olson

Did you know that dreams are a common means of communication from our spirit-guides and/or loved-ones who have crossed-over? It’s true. Too often we shrug off these meaningful messages from the spirit world as being mere foolish dreams. Yet it is one of the easiest ways for deceased loved-ones and spirit-guides to convey messages to us. In many cases, we will actually see the face or feel the presence of the spirit visiting us in the dream. And in most cases, they will provide us with an important message.

According to many spirit messengers (psychic mediums), these dreams of communication are more vivid, colorful and memorable than most other dreams. Often, these messages will inform us that they (the spirits) are okay and in a happy place, and that they want us to stop worrying and take comfort in knowing they have crossed-over and are watching over us.

Some people have even experienced dream communication where one dream overlaps another. In this case, the communication is coming from the top dream while the dream that was interrupted continues to go on—and somehow, we are aware of both dreams at the same time. Dreams of this overlapping nature are rare, and are especially important to take note of. In some cases, unexplainable, yet miraculous, healing has even resulted from such dreams.

Try to make a habit out of thinking about your dreams before you jump out of bed each morning. It is also advisable to regularly write down your dreams in a "dream journal." You may be pleasantly enlightened by what you discover.


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