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Jennifer Farmer

A Healing Journey How to Rebuild Your Life After Loss

Healing Journey 

How to Heal Grief and Rebuild Your Life After Loss

by Jennifer Farmer

A Healing Journey is more than a book, it is a guided journey through five powerful strategies that bring comfort, heal grief and show you how to rebuild your life after loss.


A Healing Journey gently guides you through the transformation of pain into peace. Grief is the natural reaction to a significant emotional loss of any kind – a loved one, an unexpected or expected change, a divorce, dreams and goals not achieved, things not working out as planned, or early life trauma.

You can transform past and present grief into peace by starting your healing journey through the five powerful strategies presented in this book. 

Feel new inspiration, comfort and courage while reading personal stories and examples of healing grief. Experience relief from painful emotions using the guided meditations. 

You will be gently guided as you rebuild your life one strategy at a time, at your own pace using the exercises included in this book. Experience relief from grief and be comforted knowing you have the tools to help you through this journey.


Love yourself enough to begin YOUR healing journey.

Death is not the end.

It is the start of a new chapter of living.


The Healing Meditation Practice

This guided meditation is designed to assist you in connecting to and activating your own healing power. This guided meditation should compliment any healing efforts in your life.

Track One – Preparing for your healing transformation, 5 minutes. Enjoy this effective and powerful breath meditation.

Track Two – Activating your healing power, 45 minutes. Connect to your Spirit within and bring in what you need in your life.

The Healing Meditation Practice CD
$24.99 USD, shipping included.

The Essential Meditation Practice

The meditations on this CD are designed to be powerful and concentrated. They are shorter in length so you are able to fit them into your busy schedule.

Track One – Connecting to the breath, 14 minutes. Enjoy this effective and powerful breath meditation.

Track Two – Relaxing into your spirit, 21 Minutes. Connect to your Spirit within and bring in what you need in your life.

The Essential Meditation Practice CD$24.99 USD, shipping included.

Supercharge Your Intuitive Connection and Meet Your Spirit Guides!

The meditations on this CD are designed to help you build a closer relationship with your own spirit, balance & center your energy to build a solid intuitive foundation, meet and create a intimate relationship with your spirit guides.

Track One – Introduction, 8 minutes. What to expect when working with Spirit Guides

Track Two – Create your intuitive foundation, 27 minutes. Balance and center your energy

Track Three – Meet your Spirit Guides, 20 minutes. Develop a personal relationship with your Spirit Guides

Meet your Spirit Guides Meditation CD Practice $24.99 USD, shipping included.

Connect To and Embrace Your Inner Super Hero!

These meditations are specifically written to help you overcome and purge feelings of inadequacies, release and transform negative thoughts about your body, and take control of your life and plan a path of success.

Track One – Introduction, 3 minutes Preparing to embrace your Super Hero

Track Two – Super Hero (part 1), 27 minutes. Release unhealthy patterns and move into your Super Hero

Track Three – Super Hero (part 2), 21 minutes. Strengthen your inner Super Hero with affirmations

Super Hero Meditation Practice CD $24.99 USD, shipping included.

Day and Night Meditation Series

Jennifer has designed another powerful series of guided meditations to help you develop a more consistent daily meditation practice. Power up your day with the morning meditation and prepare for a restful night sleep with the evening meditation.

Track One – Morning Meditation Intro, 2 minutes

Track Two – Morning Meditation Practice, 16 minutes

Track Three – Evening Meditation Intro: 2 minutes

Track Four – Evening Meditation Practice: 15 minutes

Day and Night Meditation Practice CD $24.99 USD, shipping included.

Journey into Clarity Meditation Practice

The process of attaining clarity can have a profoundly positive affect in all areas of your life. These guided meditations are designed to help you navigate your way to the space where you can access total clarity.

Track One – Introduction from Jennifer, 2 minutes

Track Two – Clear your Mind Meditation, 11 minutes

Track Three – Introduction to Clarity Meditation, 2 minutes

Track Four – Clarity Meditation Practice, 18 minutes

Journey into Clarity Meditation CD 
$24.99 USD, shipping included.