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Welcome to the home of psychic medium researcher Bob Olson's...

Genuine & Legitimate Psychics & Mediums List

On this site, author of Answers About The Afterlife and The Magic Mala, host of Afterlife TV, and former skeptic & private investigator Bob Olson reveals to you a list of the most gifted psychics and mediums he has tested as legitimate! He calls it his "Genuine & Legitimate Psychic Mediums List." These are the psychics and mediums he has personally vetted using his 15-point test. Since 1999, Bob has tested hundreds of psychics and mediums from around the globe. Some readings were lacking, some good, and some were absolutely extraordinary. The people listed on this site fall into the extraordinary category.

There really are people who can communicate with your loved ones in spirit. They are known as "mediums" or "psychic mediums". There also really are people who can intuitively read your energy, such as your aura or Universal energy. They are known as "psychics" or "intuitives." Psychics help people to find clarity and direction in life, while mediums typically focus their readings on communicating with spirits or spirit guides. It's not uncommon, however, that mediums sprinkle some psychic messages and psychics sprinkle some mediumship into their readings.

Bob Olson is a former private investigator who has researched psychics & psychic mediums for over 15 years. He is also the author of Answers about the Afterlife: A Private Investigator's 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life after Death and The Magic Mala: A Story That Changes LivesOnce a cynical skeptic, Bob met his first genuine and legitimate psychic medium in January of 1999. The medium conveyed messages from Bob's deceased father and grandmother that were undeniably accurate, including details such as names, dates and information about his life that this stranger (the psychic medium) could never have known. This spirit-to-medium reading opened Bob's skeptical mind to new possibilities, and he has consequently spent the past 14 years studying and investigating psychics, mediums and life after death. Bob Olson is the only psychic, medium & afterlife expert who is not a psychic or medium himself. If you're a talk show host or TV/documentary producer, visit the Info For Media page.


Bob Olson's Pledge to You

"My pledge to you is that I have personally tested each psychic and medium on my "Genuine & Legitimate Psychic Mediums List." I have developed a 15-point test that allows me to determine if a psychic or medium is legitimately gifted while they give me a private reading. And while I cannot promise that you'll have the same level of experience in your reading as I did in mine -- since there are many subjective factors that determine a successful reading (like your personal reading preferences & expectations) -- I can promise that each psychic and medium listed has proven to me that they are extraordinarily gifted and has the ability to give you a reading so powerful that it can change your life." ~ Bob Olson,, &